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Under the Abaya
An American Girl learning to survive while living in Saudi Arabia (by undertheabaya)
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  • Knock Knock 2 years ago Hello, Readers. It’s been three years. Sorry to have kept you hanging. Coming back here is kind of like visiting a house I don’t live in anymore; it feels simultaneously familiar and foreign. But I do miss my neighbors from time to time and I do often remember my blogging days and how this...
  • The Annual 5 years ago I’m back with my annual craving to get my thoughts out into the world. I always feel this way as my anniversary of living in Saudi and my next birthday both approach. And I’m always drawn back here, to my old blog, where the new me was born so many years ago, to plant my feelings […]
  • Changes 6 years ago Tomorrow marks one year since I posted on this blog.  This month marks 10 years since I first moved to Saudi. Was it a coincidence that I felt the urge to write this evening, or was it my remembering how writing used to help me make sense of my inner world and to relieve certain […]
  • There are some things about life that you can... 7 years ago There are some things about life that you can never truly understand until you have experienced them first hand. I’ve always heard people say that grief never goes away, you just get used to living with it. We grieve many losses throughout life. Marriages end, once special friendships fizzle out,...
  • Visiting Myself 7 years ago I was going through old blog entries today, visiting myself like I often do, trying to figure out who this woman was who started writing here five years ago, when I ran into this. Most days my previous marriage no longer crosses my mind. Sometimes I actually forget it ever happened. At best it...

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  • Top 5 Reasons why Living in Saudi Arabia is great! Writing Contest March 2013 I'm sure I'm not the first Western expat who's ever gotten the stink eye when I mention that I live in Saudi Arabia. When I meet someone new and tell them where I've chosen to live, the conversation goes a something like this: Them: You live...

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Website Reviews » There are 40 reviews on Under the Abaya

Jenna Everson
12:18 PM November 25, 2012

I love this blog! I've been reading it since its creation and appreciate that the writer can and will go through the gamut if emotions and share them with her readers. Its like sitting down and talking with an old friend.

12:53 PM November 25, 2012

Undertheabaya writes honestly and her trials and experiences in her mixed married life are very helpful and informative for others living in similar circumstances in Saudi Arabia.

13:19 PM November 25, 2012

This is the ONLY blog I follow on a regular basis. As a fellow American living in Saudi, I can relate to many things this blogger goes through. Thank you for all the information and efforts you put forth to help others better understand this part of the world. Keep the posts coming!

13:52 PM November 25, 2012

I just discovered this blog recently and love it. The writer takes you along for the ride on her personal journey, making you feel like she is a long known friend. She also hits the reality check button for people who think they are alone in their own fight with life.

13:58 PM November 25, 2012

This is a heartfelt & honest journey through the amazing life of a very strong woman...a must read

14:03 PM November 25, 2012

This is the first and only blog I have read because it gives me hope that I can learn to deal with what is given to me no matter the circumstances.

14:56 PM November 25, 2012

I love this blog, and admire the blogger so much..her story and those sacrifices she makes are inspiring... I always look forward to your blogs.

15:16 PM November 25, 2012

Following this blog since the beginning, thank you for sharing with us all your emotions and part of you life.

15:49 PM November 25, 2012

The best blog ever. Very honest, informative and helpful advises from Amercian girl married to a Saudi guy.

21:06 PM November 25, 2012

UnderTheAbaya is an awesome blog. She has a brilliant writing style and a great sense of humor. Plus she takes some risks by addressing some very real issues and situations out there putting them in a very eloquent manner. Overall very real and full of life. Great energy and vibe (: keep it going always.

22:15 PM November 25, 2012

Best blog ever. The only I follow on a regular basis!!

00:09 AM November 26, 2012

Came upon this blog while reading other blogs about Saudi. I think that she is a very strong and brave woman in the way she has handled the breakdown of her relationship. Great blog!

01:33 AM November 26, 2012

The day i found this blog i read it from top to bottom in 1 sitting and i can't get enough of it till now. I check it constantly waiting for the next piece to arrive. I think there isn't a blog like it especially concerning an american muslimah in saudi married to a saudi. Its almost as if she is taking her readers on the emotional roller coaster ride with her..(in a good way) like when you read an amazing book your just cannot put down. But at the end of the day this is her real life and i respect her for having the courage to tell all and make no apologies about it.

Robinette Glenn
02:33 AM November 26, 2012

I stumbled across this blog in my internet travels and was hooked from the first read. Not only does she address the things women go through, she addresses the unique challenges of being an American in a foreign culture, embracing a lifestyle not many are familiar with. She is honest, heartfelt, humorous , strong and enormously talented

03:19 AM November 26, 2012

This is not just a blog about the her personal life, this blog give the reader what it is like to be an outsider in a foreign country. Great blog!!

03:41 AM November 26, 2012

Being an American married to a Saudi, I enjoy reading Under the Abaya's point of view. The writing style is refreshing and light when referring to very serious life events.

04:55 AM November 26, 2012

I have recently discovered this blog and I am hooked. It is a heartfelt journey that I can easily relate to as it talks about dreams, heartaches, triumphs and everything in-between. Humorous, reflective and poignant. Thank you for sharing your journey. All the best and keep strong!

Abdul Mujeeb
06:14 AM November 26, 2012

I have been through many blogs however this Blog touched me deeply cause of the reality that's in it,this Blog helps people discuss,help others emotionally on various issues.The Blogger emphasis on every thing that she comes across in her life which teaches us lessons based on her experience & warns us before taking certain steps/dissension in life.I bet till now she has touched each and every point about the country & her personal encounter..the way she puts it here is just beautiful..I know for sure this women got a lot of Guts to share her life over here,and i salute her for doing so.I wish i could marry a girl with that talent,however she should censor me out LOL

Om Lujain
06:44 AM November 26, 2012

An AMAZING blog by an AMAZING lady! She has so much life wisdom to share with the world.. and I love reading every little bit of it...

12:26 PM November 26, 2012

Love American Girls blog!!

Above Zero
14:43 PM November 26, 2012

"Under the Abaya" is unique in the way that she can show you her soul through her friendly, simple, and warm language. I predict (God willing!) this exceptional woman will be writing books in the future and by that time she will have an army of followers hungry for her writings :) I wish she were physically close to me, so that we can be best friends and do fun things every day of two.

21:47 PM November 26, 2012

Simply put American Girl is an amazing writer. Her honesty is refreshing and inspiring for all of us no matter what circumstances we are living under. All you have to do is read just one post and you'll see exaclty why she was nominated and why she should win.

07:00 AM November 27, 2012

I really enjoy reading your blog, it's very motivating!

08:58 AM November 27, 2012

She has wonderful writing skills & I am really surprised that she is not a professional writer. The stuff she writes is filled with honesty, emotions, humor sometimes & a true life experience. I must say that she is a highly tactful writer who describes the situation & emotions that you at time feel that you are an invisible person who is just sitting next to her. One thing what i have found in her blog is the respect which she gives to the local culture which probably most of us expats don't give. That's probably because she herself is a genuinely good person.

17:17 PM November 27, 2012

American Girl has an amazing writing style, I was hooked from the first post . I have laughed and cried through her journey. American Girl rocks!

Noon Khawaja
18:04 PM November 27, 2012

Under the abaya has one the most amazing blogs! Since I came across her website, I read through all of her entries and she has such a way with words: filled with raw emotion with heartfelt touching experiences. She writes in a way like I am listening to my best friend. She's stronger and braver than she gives herself credit for. I look forward and savour each and each blog entry. I wish to see all her dreams come true in the near future. She is in my thoughts! She deserves the best blog of the year award!

20:18 PM November 27, 2012

A very insightful blog for everyone.

21:58 PM November 27, 2012

Very great blog and personal perspective of a woman's life in Saudi Arabia and beyond!

02:47 AM November 28, 2012

A very brave woman - I enjoy reading her blog :)

14:09 PM November 29, 2012

Amazing, bright and courageous woman with exceptionally fresh and sometimes comical views on life and makin the best of a tough situation. I have read her every post and can't wait to see what she has to say next!

10:20 AM December 02, 2012

love her style of writing..!all the elements are there..!

12:33 PM December 02, 2012

American Girl's perspective makes even the worst situation seem managable.

Sonia Richmond
12:54 PM December 02, 2012

I love reading her blog. It gives those of us that are back in the USA a look at her life in Saudi and an understanding if the challenges she faces as an American woman there. Love it!

12:34 PM December 03, 2012

Can't wait for the book!

18:51 PM December 03, 2012

Been following it from the start .. its Great!!

20:17 PM December 03, 2012

Great blog and great lady.

14:56 PM December 04, 2012

This is a great blog, She writes from her heart. I will always be in her corner to cheer her on.

20:04 PM December 06, 2012

Been following your blog some time and enjoy reading your comments love your honesty may all your wishes come true hope you win good luck love you

12:32 PM May 24, 2018

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Abaya Market
08:09 AM December 26, 2018

I have read this post it is Great post! inspire all girls, women and also all people Under the Abaya is such a painful condition for an American lady.

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