Mumbai on the Slow Local

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Mumbai on the Slow Local
Elise's honest thoughts about living in Mumbai, living a slow life, living with an Indian boyfriend, and happiness in general!
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Website Reviews » There are 54 reviews on Mumbai on the Slow Local

06:36 AM November 29, 2012

I love this blog! Gives a frank, humorous & insightful view into the life of an Aussie Expat in India.

Ratnesh Sharma
08:54 AM November 29, 2012

A blog written from the heart with a chidlike curiosity at the wonder that is India. Love it..

09:07 AM November 29, 2012

LOVE IT! Totally resonates with me after living in India for a few months. The Chai Masala recipe is the best thing that has ever touched my lips.

Claudia Gee
09:10 AM November 29, 2012

great! daily life of Mumbai, with humor and cultural understandig! love it!

09:52 AM November 29, 2012

An insightful and a incredibly honest look at life in India. This blog always brings a smile to my day.

18:01 PM November 29, 2012

This blog is so relatable, it makes me feel not so alone in India when you read someone else's similar expiriences. Especially how brutally honest she is about her ups and downs in this chaotic country!

Fred Bear
20:06 PM November 29, 2012

A wonderful blog that mixes humour and a western observation on Indian life with some serious life issues and general information. You never know what's coming at you next with this blog, which is what makes it so special. Thoughtfully and well written, but not afraid to go to places that you'd otherwise be hesitant to go to. A must for anyone curious about life in India.

06:07 AM November 30, 2012

I love love love this blog. I have never been to India - but I almost feel as though I can imagine exactly what it'd be like, just be reading the words that Elise has carefully crafted. I love how honest she is about how experience, and how she is growing to love the place. It really does inspire me to travel to India.

06:23 AM November 30, 2012

A wonderfully written blog that is both informative and heart warming. It provides readers with a beautiful but realistic view of life in India- definitely worth a read.

09:02 AM November 30, 2012

A blog bringing life's little joys back to your mind =)

16:23 PM November 30, 2012

I love this blog because it's thought provoking, intelligent, and personal as well. It gets my vote as it really stands out from the usual blogs about India!

05:01 AM December 03, 2012

Love this blog...not only this gives a fresh perspective on things we do in India 'Indian style' but also it traces the simple joys in life we forget to think about in everyday mayhem....Finally something straight from the heart

06:35 AM December 03, 2012

Excellent blog!!

Sunil Singh
07:00 AM December 03, 2012

Neither Snobbish, nor detached. A straight from the heart blog from someone who is making a very clear cut effort to be happy. a conscious effort, be it through exploring chutneys or by noticing the various types of places for answering natures call...

13:38 PM December 05, 2012

I admit I have only recently started following this one, but i love the grounded nature this blog presents. I appreciate that it is well thought out and tries to present more than a superficial observation!

13:52 PM December 05, 2012

Elise is fun loving and genuine!

13:55 PM December 05, 2012

simply superb. i love the pictorial representations across the blog which makes it even more closer to the real experience

14:27 PM December 05, 2012

Nice portray of feelings, specially whenever is going to catch Mumbai local for first time. Loved it

14:36 PM December 05, 2012

Interesting read

Jenny D
14:53 PM December 05, 2012

I came across this blog while doing some unrelated research about Mumbai's history & have kept on reading ever since! Elise is leading a very interesting life in Mumbai with her boyfriend has a really interesting way of sharing her thoughts & experiences with others. 100% recommended!

Eliza Khan
14:53 PM December 05, 2012

I laugh, I cry but most of all I really enjoy reading this blog. As a transplanted American, I feel such a connection and appreciate the fact that I am not alone in my thoughts and experiences.

15:05 PM December 05, 2012

Words seem to flow from true experiences and from the heart.......................not made up at all! Interesting read!

Rahul Rajput-dongarjal
15:59 PM December 05, 2012

i have recently started following this blog. .i can feel the connection here. .the things that i experience here are told from the heart. . the life that we all live and this all is explained with a great understanding. . .

Sandeep Balan
16:04 PM December 05, 2012

Simple, lucid style of writing and the excellent narrative keeps you hooked! Loved it!

16:11 PM December 05, 2012

Just Gr8 and Grounded !!!

Ramya Raghuram
16:36 PM December 05, 2012

Nice !

16:45 PM December 05, 2012

A cool blog not only for other foreigners but also for homegrown Indians. It is quite fascinating & entertaining to join Elise on her journey to understand this country's people & places & find happiness living here. She's not afraid to admit what she doesn't understand, shows a genuine desire to open up to the place and share from a realistic perspective. Great stuff.

16:59 PM December 05, 2012

Definitely an interesting read, written with a heart for sure.... great work!!

17:19 PM December 05, 2012

Love the style. You can identify with it.

17:35 PM December 05, 2012

I usually read a lot of blogs by expacts to get a feel of what they feel about india? How they see it? How they like it? How they perceive it? and this is one of the best piece of writing I have come across.

Rakhee Ghelani
17:47 PM December 05, 2012

Love it! Such honesty and told in an entertaining way.

Vaibhav Garg
18:45 PM December 05, 2012

Awesomeee...and so much insight..u read it in one shot and realized that its overrr....wish i can continue more with such wonderful blogsss :)

Khyati Sharma
18:48 PM December 05, 2012

great blog .. love it..!!

18:48 PM December 05, 2012

The best part about the blog is that it puts a mirror in front of you. A fresh perspective on Mumbai from a totally new person makes you realize a lot of things about your own city that had taken the backseat in your mind. Insightful writing with crisp words and a dash of some aussie humour makes it a perfect read during your boring monday mornings.

20:01 PM December 05, 2012

The only expat in India blog I read!

Antara Kundu
04:21 AM December 06, 2012

Love the aussie take on everything's funny, heartwarming and sensitive without ever being snooty or cheesy. P.S - Frankly, the blog had me at "orange nappy" :)!!

04:50 AM December 06, 2012

As a travel agent, this has been my reference & resource not only for my own knowledge, but also for my clients. Each time I read an article, the more enticed I am to also travel to India. Love it!

Arjun Singh
06:30 AM December 06, 2012

really very nice ..

07:51 AM December 06, 2012

My favourite Blog, full of little insights , quirky and fun! and toilets. I love the toilets blog :P

08:06 AM December 06, 2012

I love this blog! I can also relate to many experiences she has in Mumbai even though I'm all the way in New Delhi! It's wonderful to read sharing that is so genuine! Love it!

Mehak Aneja
08:39 AM December 06, 2012

The way her feelings have been expressed is amazing. The simplicity of the blogger is what i love the most. Carry on the great job! :) Goodluck.

08:49 AM December 06, 2012

Too good!! Simple, witty and captures in true sense " THE LIFE IN INDIA" Great Job Elise!! Keep it up :-)

08:51 AM December 06, 2012

super awesome bolg.....

09:53 AM December 06, 2012

Nicely done!

10:00 AM December 06, 2012

Brilliantly written!

Mrigna Chawla
10:50 AM December 06, 2012

It's always amazing to read something that you can relate to! Very well written! Way to go! :)

10:58 AM December 06, 2012

Have been hooked to this since morning.. very real and some bits are so easy to identify with - specially the ones about food, loos and local trains! Looking forward to reading more..

15:02 PM December 06, 2012

Well written.. Good job.. Your point of view is really interesting.. :)

Arushi Sahai
15:24 PM December 06, 2012

Very nicely written. Its always good to read new ideas and opinions. All the very best. Continue this great work.

02:54 AM December 08, 2012

Elise has done a fantastic job with this blog. It's a great 'morning coffee' read to get the brain ticking, or start the day with a smile. A refreshing & thoughtful blog that looks at the little things and the big issues in an open, conversational manner.

10:44 AM December 09, 2012

This Blog is just amazing!!! And I really enjoy to reading it!!! Definetly deserves 5 Stars!!!

09:20 AM December 12, 2012

I've been following this blog since Elise started writing three months ago. Its a wonderful reminder of those little daily joys and observations that we take for granted. Excellent stuff.

08:23 AM December 13, 2012

awesome blog. Love her work!

19:31 PM April 28, 2013

Wonderfully written. Can clearly see cultural and social differences between Aus and India emerge so nicely through your writing.

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