Family Life in Spain

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Family Life in Spain
British family living in Mijas in Malaga, South of Spain. Legal and General Advice, including information about relocating and all aspects of living, working and enjoying family life in Spain.
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Website Reviews » There are 39 reviews on Family Life in Spain

Carol Byrne
13:34 PM October 04, 2012

A total 5 star blog! The author knows her Spanish Onions!Not just great reading, but an absolute MUST read for expats in Spain - really well researched and useful information for your family life in Spain!

Sue Sharpe
13:35 PM October 04, 2012

Enjoyable, witty and, more often then not, essential reading for people like me who have chosen to live in Spain. Keep up the good work!

Pete Clark
13:36 PM October 04, 2012

Constantly amazed at the breadth of info on this site, from what paperwork the bureaucrats will insist on, and how to get them, to places to go, and how to get there. Found some recent info there that is going to save me some money this winter! Keep it up, we need you!

13:44 PM October 04, 2012

A blog that provides both a good read and essential information for expat families in Spain. An excellent and enjoyable resource.

Steve Hall
13:54 PM October 04, 2012

One of the best sites on the web about Spain. Period. .....and I say that as somebody who owns a 1200 page portal that could be considered a "competitor" to this site.

Ali Meehan
14:15 PM October 04, 2012

If you want to know about living in Spain before, or after arrival, this blog is a fabulous resource. Every day questions are covered and what affects an expat in Spain as you live your family life here.

14:42 PM October 04, 2012

This is an absolutely brilliant, diverse and enjoyable site. Don´t move to Spain without studying it.

Maya Middlemiss
14:50 PM October 04, 2012

This blog cleverly combines an amazing wealth of factual vital information with great warmth and engaging readable stuff for families, you learn such a lot without it feeling like heavy going... Living in Spain is wonderful but there are many ways you can trip up, being able to learn from the intelligent experience of others is an amazing benefit, this is one to bookmark!

15:13 PM October 04, 2012

Excellent blog about all aspects of living in Spain, essential reading for all expats here!

Anne Manson
15:36 PM October 04, 2012

I was lucky to find Family Life in Spain. It has helped answer some questions I've had in a totally straightforward and logical way. It has offered me a way to understand issues that have otherwise baffled me. It's a fun site too!

John Kramer
15:38 PM October 04, 2012

Looking to relocate to Spain? have a family? Your first point of call should be the Family life in Spain site. Full of useful information and insider tips. Highly recommended.

Fiona Flores Watson
18:32 PM October 04, 2012

A blog with an amazingly comprehensive and in-depth wealth of information on everything from paperwork to kids' activities, with personal views about living in Spain which are honest and funny. If you're moving to Spain, it's a must-read.

Jess Lewis
18:45 PM October 04, 2012

You do sterling work to keep expats up to date & in the know - not an easy thing here in Spain!! :-)

Lynsey Drake
18:45 PM October 04, 2012

Great, informative, fun, honest - A family life in Spain, after reading this blog who wouldn't want one ? :).

Tracy Davies
18:51 PM October 04, 2012

Great Blog , Up to date and informative , Very helpful on all aspects of family life in Spain. A definate must for anybody living in Spain or considering moving to Spain.

Jackie Cruz
20:36 PM October 04, 2012

This blog is a great resource for information, with the kind of insider details you won't easily find elsewhere. Very helpful, interesting and well put together!

Alex Bramwell
20:44 PM October 04, 2012

Everything you need to know about moving to Spain and fun to read as well.

Debby Evans
20:48 PM October 04, 2012

THE best blog for expats on the Costa del Sol. All the information is 100% accurate! Even after living here 20 years I am always amazed at how quickly rules and regulations change so a quick reference back to the blog updates me as to the required paperwork, regulations, easier ways to cope, the list is endless!

Victoria Twead
20:57 PM October 04, 2012

This blog should be bookmarked by every expat. Light-hearted, but packed full of essential and interesting information. I'd give it 6 stars if I could. :)

Yolanda Solo
21:02 PM October 04, 2012

Great mixture of official information and real life experience that is so useful when you live here.

Joe Cawley
21:30 PM October 04, 2012

Superb resource for anything family-related when it comes to visiting, or living in, Spain. Well written, well researched and well trusted!

Gaile Griffin Peers
22:25 PM October 04, 2012

Quality information, well presented and constantly updated - great blog - thanks :-)

Maxine Raynor
07:06 AM October 05, 2012

Very informative and entertaining at the same time, whether you're looking for useful info or just want to read on another expat's experiences in Spain. Would recommend to anyone either already here or thinking of coming to Spain.

Sandie Ashing
07:54 AM October 05, 2012

We love reading your blog, really keeps us up to speed with all that is going on, from the serious to the funny. Anyone thinking about coming to Spain or already living here, this is the one to read.

Simon Harris
07:57 AM October 05, 2012

This really is an excellent site with strong content indespensible for anyone thinking of relocating to Spain spiced up with guest contributions from top-notch expat bloggers. Highly recommended!

Bernard Alexander
08:35 AM October 05, 2012

Great site for authoritative and accurate information based on real life experiences, always a good place to go for advice on how to deal with issues that affect us all

10:07 AM October 05, 2012

For families setting out on the Great Spanish Adventure, Lisa’s the ideal ‘next-door neighbour’. Learn from her experiences, get the legal lowdown, have a laugh – her door is always open and the coffee’s on!

Katya Christie
10:44 AM October 05, 2012

Great Site for information ! Love the diversity !! Keep up the good work xx

12:46 PM October 05, 2012

Relocating to Spain or considering the idea. You must read this site. Real advice from a family that have done all the paperwork themselves. Great advice

Luke Morris
13:01 PM October 05, 2012

Highly recommended blog for all expats to read. A great resource for keeping up to date with issues and events in Spain.

Tim Knaggs
14:31 PM October 05, 2012

Great website and really nice clean and inventive design.

Martin Rawlings
20:12 PM October 05, 2012

I only came across this site recently and must say that I´m very impressed with what I´ve seen and read so far. I´ve lived full time in Spain for 11 years now and do think it´s important to keep informed about what´s going on in the country, especially during these particularly challenging times. Thank you very much for providing such a useful service.

10:32 AM October 08, 2012

Excellent content and bursting with information for anyone with a family thinking of relocating to Spain. Five star blog!

Nick Snelling
15:08 PM October 10, 2012

Well done, Lisa! You have acreated an authoritative and useful blog - an invaluable tool for anyone thinking of moving to Spain.

08:48 AM October 12, 2012

Always informative and giving valuable advice and information. Keep up the good work...knowledge is power

09:02 AM October 12, 2012

Nice website full of useful information and always up-to-date.

Fiona Catchpowle
10:01 AM October 12, 2012

I love the way this blog is formatted and the design is really easy to navigate

10:49 AM October 13, 2012

Lisa is so helpful and an absolute mine of information! LOVE love the website and the wealth of information there....I like that they are not biased and do not put anyone off moving there........after all people will do what they want to do in the end....Yes Spain has it's problems BUT it's up to you to make it work at the end of the day and they are always supportive unlike some of the Spain Forums who are just negative!! We are "trying" to live our dream and if we fail, so be it...You will NEVER know if you don't go etc etc BUT "Family Life In Spain" make no judgements....Well Done Lisa :)

Matthew Hirtes
16:38 PM October 14, 2012

The family is the most important institution in Spain and Family Life in Spain the most significant guide for expats relocating with their kin.

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