Brazil Road Trip

Brazil Road Trip
Belgian motorcycle and outdoors sports enthusiast. Moved to Brazil in Jan. 2009. My wife encouraged me to share my stories (from the road or other) here. Some are more adventurous than others, but they are all real.
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Rio Designs
13:19 PM October 14, 2012

Great blog and highly interesting! Congratulations!

Dave V In Boston
14:26 PM October 14, 2012

One of my favs, Raf is living the dream! :)

14:30 PM October 14, 2012

I like this blog very interesting, useful, fun!

14:30 PM October 14, 2012

Very informative resource on one of my favorite countries: Brazil. And lots of ideas for off-beaten destinations.

14:55 PM October 14, 2012

One of the best resources indeed.. Raf definitely deserves it

14:59 PM October 14, 2012

love this blog, lot's of useful information, nice writing :-)

Erna Van Rillaer
15:01 PM October 14, 2012

I really enjoy this blog. It's very well written and covers a variety of topics, great blog ! Congrats Raf :-)

15:02 PM October 14, 2012

Very informative.

15:17 PM October 14, 2012

Five stars, well deserved!

15:41 PM October 14, 2012

Raf's stories are not only entertaining, but also informative. I found his blog invaluable to me as I prepared to visit Brazil for the first time.

Simon Witvrouw
15:55 PM October 14, 2012

Raf is living his dream, and It seems to be a great one :) ! very nice to read ,makes you hungry ta make a Brazil moto road trip ! congratulations raf, keep on going :) !

16:24 PM October 14, 2012

Keep up the good work !

16:43 PM October 14, 2012

Great information about getting around Brazil!Good stuff for who is planning a trip and wants to experience the most of it

Geert Biesmans
16:47 PM October 14, 2012

Great blog with a wide angle view. Keep up the good work, Raf!

17:10 PM October 14, 2012

Hope to get there one day....

René Hutsebaut
17:38 PM October 14, 2012

Maybe a trip to Brazil.

Jeff Titelius
18:41 PM October 14, 2012

Fantastics tips my friend. I have never been but I know where to come when I do plan my trip. Thx for all the helpful information!

19:05 PM October 14, 2012

Great blog!!!

19:08 PM October 14, 2012

Goog job, Raf!

Alain Lodewijckx
19:28 PM October 14, 2012

Stunning pictures, makes me want to explore Brazil!! Good job Raf!!

Bieke Willems
19:35 PM October 14, 2012

Nice blog. Very informative reviews.

Conti Marcelino
20:02 PM October 14, 2012

muito muito muito bom, 5 estrelas não é suficiente.  very very very good, 5 star is not enough. molto molto molto buono, 5 stelle non è sufficiente

20:11 PM October 14, 2012

Great blog! How inspiring :)

Rose Farias
21:47 PM October 14, 2012

Great Blog! Very informative and interesting! Inspiring! Congratulations!

22:09 PM October 14, 2012

I have found in this blog more than i could expect! Great experience!

Giovânia Giogio
23:09 PM October 14, 2012

I just love this has all info and tips about unique places in Brazil together with the author's feelings about's like "hit the road jack...but coming back". Congrats!!

11:31 AM October 15, 2012

Awesome blog and awesome experiences. Apart from being informative, Raf takes the reader into his World (Biking/Hiking) by his writings! Way to go Raf... Good Luck! Jois.

Divya Cherian
16:15 PM October 15, 2012

Muito bom!! 5 estrelas! 5 Stars for a fascinating and informative blog about life in Brasil! From an artist who back-packed around this beautiful country, sketching & soaking it up in the summer of 2011 - having returned to life in Tokyo, Raf's blogs make the saudades all the sweeter! The biking blogs smell of adventure! Looking forward to getting back over next year and exploring it on 2 wheels! Thank you, muito muito obrigada Raff - Brasil is never so far away with your blog! Beijosssssss! DC x

George Thomas
16:42 PM October 15, 2012

This blog is, as far as I know, unique in the field of Brazil travel blogs. This guy puts his ass on the line by going around the country on motorcycle, and going places even most Brazilians never think about visiting. This is not a namby-pamby, lily-white, hotel-bound kind of blog. This is down-and-dirty, first-hand collection of narratives to places that are, as Kiss notes, largely unmapped. It is this kind of travel writing, mixed with journalistic narrative, that provides the real meat that travelers need when planning visits to off-the-grid places. Kiss is mapping uncharted waters here, and for that reason he falls squarely in the tradition of the great 19th century European travel writing. Highly recommended, and the shape of travel writing for the future. ** Added 19/10/2012 ** This is supplement to a review I made earlier today. I wanted to give further specific reasons why I believe Mr. Kiss's blog has broken new ground in the field of Brazilian travel writing. What I have found especially important is Mr. Kiss's careful noting of ethnographic, geographic, and linguistic information on the places he has visited. 1. With regard to geography, Kiss notes (perhaps alarmingly) that the current state of cartographic data on many places in Brazil is incomplete at best, and simply wrong at worst. The lack of recent survey information adds to the difficulty and challenge of his trips, and is a factor that cannot be discounted. In many ways, Brazil is still vastly unexplored and documented, and Kiss's blog fills a much-needed gap in the record in this regard. One hopes that Kiss's blog will serve as inspiration and point the way to more work in this field. 2. Kiss, a native of a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual nation, is a keen observer of people speech patterns. His powers of observation combine the requisite objective detachment and human warmpth required for the "rubber-meets-the-road" travelogue of this sort. His linguistic observations on the incorporation of English words to specifically Brazilian speech registers is fascinating, and bears comparison to similar articles written in recent years on "Chinglish" observed in China. 3. And, finally, Kiss is no judgmental prude. Like the great travel writers of the 19th century before him, he freely notes the reality of corruption and other local practices encountered in his journeys, and how the realities of human affairs are an outgrowth of local historical and climatic conditions. His comments on Brazilian love motels and police corruption elicited some prudish reaction, but those readers who have traveled in remote areas of the world will at once recognize the tang of an authentic experience, honestly described. And finally, it is clear that Kiss is a sensitive soul, attuned to the plight of the smallest roadside spider he observes, even though it be poisonous. Such a combination of character traits--finely attuned sensitivity combined with a fearless willingness to plunge into rough travel conditions--have made this travel blog a very special thing.

Maria Alexandra Laborde
16:52 PM October 15, 2012

Great blog about expat life and Brazil adventure travel. Useful, up-to-date information. Raf does a wonderful job!

17:46 PM October 15, 2012

very nice pictures, would like to share it, well done Raf

19:04 PM October 15, 2012

Great site. I lived in Brazil for 3 years and met Raf there and was lucky enough to get to go on a ride or two with him. Maybe not so lucky to go on a hike with him as I was not really in shape for it. LOL. Raf told me things about Brazil and the history of the places we were that my Carioca (Brazilian) wife did not even know! Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with everyone. Hope to see you there again.

Marco Loureiro
23:53 PM October 15, 2012

Congratulations Rafael....Fantastic blog!

Alexandre Hernandez
18:15 PM October 16, 2012

Raf's blog is the best!!!

Rodrigo Salomone
18:50 PM October 16, 2012

Excellent Blog !!

12:12 PM October 17, 2012

Even being Brazilian, I love reading the Raf`s blog. Raf has a different look about the Brazilian way of life and seems to have well adapted to my country. Cheers.

Mark Eveleigh
12:47 PM October 19, 2012

I've travelled and trekked with Raf on two magazine assignments in Brazil. He knows his stuff and the blog rocks!

21:32 PM October 19, 2012

Excellent! Interesting Blog.

Adnan Kekhia
21:37 PM October 19, 2012

I have been planning for my trip to brazil for a while now and the blog helped me getting a lot of information and insights about what to expect in Rio and brazil in general. Raf was really helpful in getting my inquires answered and recommended things to do that can enrich my travel experience.. Great Blog. Congrats

21:45 PM October 19, 2012

Very informative blog! Photos are real, w/o too much post processing what I like the most.

05:40 AM October 20, 2012

A great blog for traveling ideas & advice when going to Brazil

Jasper Kiss
09:14 AM October 20, 2012

very nice blog voader, hope you win keep up the good work

George Hamilton
09:15 AM October 20, 2012

This blog is more than a travel blog, it gives a great insight into Brazilian life and culture, and comes with awesome photos.

12:36 PM October 20, 2012

Never miss a post! Always fabulous..

Alcenir Brum
14:59 PM October 20, 2012

Such very nice blog. Well done Raf. It's really great! Congratulations

Rui Rebelo
20:18 PM October 20, 2012

Only great people make great blogs! Congrats. Abraço {

Fernanda Carvalho
21:41 PM October 20, 2012

great blog. Very Informative! Congratulations.

01:04 AM October 21, 2012

I like it!

09:31 AM October 21, 2012

Fantastic Blog !

15:29 PM October 23, 2012

Excellent blog with some great photos!

20:32 PM October 23, 2012

Great blog! A very usefull manual for they who want to explore Brazil in a safer, yet learnfull and fun way. I'm sure that there's been put a lot of time and energy in this blog, respect! With regards, Niels

08:55 AM October 24, 2012

Amazing. Always looking forward to the next post.

Tomas Pujol - Xicoy
09:25 AM October 24, 2012

This blog is amazing!! Great job Raff!! Big hug from Barcelona!

10:25 AM October 24, 2012

Raf, I'm really glad I found your blog. All your post are very informative and entertaining :P I bookmarked several pages of your blog actually! I will surely be a regular visitor :)

John E. Field
00:07 AM October 25, 2012

A very interesting and clever way to share information.

Alison McGowan
20:23 PM October 26, 2012

One of my favourite blogs and really useful info. You deserve to win, Raf!

17:27 PM October 27, 2012

Fantastic blog!! When you read the stories and see the pictures you want to go and explore Brazil :)

Simon Flood
08:06 AM November 01, 2012

Raf covers Brazil better than my duvet covers me at night! Top blog! Deserves to win!!

16:21 PM November 01, 2012

Great blog man, congrats :D

18:19 PM November 01, 2012

'Coz you rock too my nephew!

22:06 PM November 01, 2012

Real road trip adventures and informative country guide, historical & cultural, all in one. Raf is living it and writing it! Thanks for sharing.

Jan Rummens
12:36 PM November 02, 2012

Simply the best!

Joris Op Deb Beeck
20:37 PM November 02, 2012

the best info to travel brasil

Andrew Creelman
18:18 PM December 07, 2012

Raf is clearly passionate about travelling, and this passion translates seamlessly into his blog. So what you have is an informative, funny and insightful guide on Rio with a personal twist. Great blog, and a worthy winner!

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