Delhi Bound

Delhi Bound
An American family moved to New Delhi, India. They are now moving from India to Singapore, with a stop in Florida.
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11:50 AM December 04, 2012

Love that she has helped so many people prior to their move to Delhi, and those of us in Delhi, still, continue to enjoy reading! Witty, realistic and helpful, what more could you want?!

12:37 PM December 04, 2012

Delhibound was helping me before we ever set foot on Indian soil. Glad to say that she became a friend. Three years later I am still reading and enjoying Delhibound :)

13:15 PM December 04, 2012

Love reading her blogs! They're full of funny, genuine and thought provoking insights into living abroad as an expat.

14:26 PM December 04, 2012

This blog provides those of us left behind in the U.S. a connection not only to the family we love and miss, but to life as they live it abroad. This blog is educational, jam packed with need to know info and lots of real life humor. Love it!!

Jennifer Passey
18:35 PM December 04, 2012

There is an unknown world to many. The world of families who pick up and move to a variety of places around the world. For those of us who are a part of that world, the Internet has made the world seem a lot smaller and a little less intimidating. DelhiBound does just this for those who are taking a closer look at Delhi, packing our bags for Delhi, currently living in Delhi and even those of us who choose to reflect on our experience of living in Delhi. India is a wonderful place to learn, grow and become a better person. I appreciate all that DelhiBound does to make this known.

22:50 PM December 04, 2012

This blog is the manual for visiting or moving to Delhi!!! Helpful and thought provoking!

10:22 AM December 05, 2012

Love this blog. Makes me enjoy Delhi even more and remind me to keep a sense on humor when I have an off day. Will continue reading when I leave.

Trudy Matchett
10:56 AM December 05, 2012

Thoughtful ,empathetic helpful words of wisdom and the odd bit of irreverence thrown in for good measure.

11:09 AM December 05, 2012

As a fellow expat, I loved reading about Naomi's adventures from packing up her house in the States to moving overseas. She documents the highs and the lows with style and grace. A must read for anyone traveling to Delhi or contemplating an international move!

11:30 AM December 05, 2012

I love this blog not just because I lived in India but because of Naomi's humor and perspective and pragmatism. She weaves in her intuition and changes up the topics so well that it's a fantastic read for interested people anywhere! Big thumbs up!

Sonali Morris
11:59 AM December 05, 2012

Love how Naomi keeps it real. Life is an adventure and Delhibound captures that perfectly!

13:00 PM December 05, 2012

Honest and funny and thoroughly enjoyable! Naomi's passion for understanding the world is unparralled and her gift for insight is a treasure!

Daniela Swider
13:01 PM December 05, 2012

This blog was invaluable resource of information about Delhi and India before our family moved to India.

14:13 PM December 05, 2012

Love Naomi's blog! Her gorgeous photographs are a feast for the eyes and her insightful observations about everyday life in Delhi and her thoughtful reflections about self, family and community are food for the soul.

14:25 PM December 05, 2012

Was wonderful to see Delhi through the eyes of another ex-pat! the details and pictures made me feel like I was with the family on their many adventures! A wonderful writer....and amazing friend! x

14:39 PM December 05, 2012

Love this blog so much - her writing is thoughtful and provocative!

15:08 PM December 05, 2012

This is such a great blog! I've learned a lot and I've laughed a lot through reading Naomi's posts over the years. Delhi Bound rocks!

15:36 PM December 05, 2012

Delhi Bound is one of my absolute favorite blogs! Naomi's wit and charm blend perfectly with the information given...which makes this blog a joy to visit.

15:54 PM December 05, 2012

Anyone moving to Delhi needs to consult this blog (we did!!). Naomi writes with humor and honesty and gives readers a sense of what it's REALLY like to live in India. Thanks for the laughs and advice, Naomi--you are a friend all who read what you write!

Elizabeth Adams
18:43 PM December 05, 2012

I started reading Delhi Bound before I moved to Delhi, and then happened to meet the author and we ended up good friends. I used this blog to help myself and my family for our transition to India, and then as a guide to navigate the city and the country, and finally as a way to celebrate all that is unique, wonderful, maddening and complicated about India. The blog is written from the heart, with an open-mind and a sense of humor. Love it!

22:06 PM December 05, 2012

Naomi never fails to "tell it how it is". Making you see and feel all of expat life. Her blog never fails to make me smile:)

23:44 PM December 05, 2012

Naomi sunk her teeth into Delhi like no other ex-pat. Her blog portrays the diversity and awesomeness of India with the nuances and subtleties that make a place real to the reader. And did I mention the incredible photographs?!?

03:56 AM December 06, 2012

great blog and a great perspective on Naomi's take on life as an expat!

Marina Marangos
04:07 AM December 06, 2012

We started our together and explored so much en route. Naomi has embraced being an expat whole heartedly x m

07:58 AM December 06, 2012

As with many before and after me, Naomi's blog helped me prepare for the big move to Delhi. What would I have done without her?? Now after leaving, I still tune in to see her beautiful images and get a funny and thoughtful reflection on that incredible place!

12:20 PM December 06, 2012

I started reading Naomi's blog when I met her in Delhi. I've continued because I love the way she makes me think - sometimes I wonder how she got inside my head to see things I didn't realize were there! Naomi's observations often make me look again at things I've become used to after living here for so many years, and remind me that not everyone sees the same things. Now I'm enjoying her reflections from a distance, and her explorations of her new home!

Jesse Cruz
19:31 PM December 06, 2012

I love this blog. I have never been to India and there is no hope of my moving there anytime soon. And yet I can live vicariously through the utter beauty in every single post. She has the most amazing ability to extract beauty out of the mundane. You can feel her enthusiasm across oceans.

Candy Whaley
20:37 PM December 06, 2012

I SO look forward to reading Naomi's Delhi (and her Singapore) blog! They are like a treat for me when I get to read them. Naomi's writing skills amaze me by painting perfect pictures, tastes, and even touches in my mind, her photo's capture more than I would ever "see" even in person... I could go on, but simply put... I love her blogs!!!

07:13 AM December 07, 2012

Love this blog (and the wonderful Naomi who writes it!),

16:33 PM December 09, 2012

If you like to go places in your dreams --read Naomi's blog. Her "Incredible" detail and description of Delhi gives one a visualize sense of that to expect when moving there or just having an astonishing vision. PLUS, her astounding eye for photography makes her stories come alive!

13:48 PM December 10, 2012

Love this blog. Naomi has a gift for keeping it fresh and fun.

15:34 PM December 11, 2012

Thoughtful, witty, honest...Love Delhibound!

15:39 PM December 11, 2012

Love your blog, Naomi! Beautiful writing, great pictures and helpful tips!

17:00 PM December 11, 2012

Love this blog and being able to live vicariously through the adventures of Naomi and her family!

Connie Janke
17:06 PM December 11, 2012

Naomi, I love catching up with your family on this blog! You capture the spirit of real life no matter where in the world you are! Hugs to Tony, especially :)

18:06 PM December 11, 2012

Love this blog, It inspired us to move to Delhi, It soothed my sanity when I first arrived and continues to be enjoyable witty, thought provoking, and colourful, writing. Love you Naomi.

22:57 PM December 11, 2012

Naomi your amazing!

03:21 AM December 12, 2012

I really enjoy reading the blog. It is nice vibrant and it reflects very nicely our experiences of leaving abroad.

06:22 AM December 13, 2012

Of course I love this blog - I get to keep up with my family.

15:27 PM December 14, 2012

I like her blog! I like her insightful writing and nice photos!

Cathie Driscoll
11:37 AM December 21, 2012

Vivid descriptions of the India experience, sums it up for all of us who don't quite get around torecording our own thoughts. Tremendous and always interesting and inspiring!

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