Girl in Czechland

Girl in Czechland
A British woman who decided to fall down the rabbit hole and experience the strange yet oddly familiar world that is Czechland.
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  • Man surprised by a sausage - Being Girl in Czechland Writing Contest October 2012 Why did I move to the Czech Republic? The answer is simple. It’s a love story. My tale is not unusual: woman meet tall dark foreign stranger and is whisked off to his homeland to live a new life. Or at least it seemed that way judging from a... Expat Blog Awards 2012: Czech Republic Silver Award!

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09:17 AM October 25, 2012

Amazing blog witch express perfectly that you can fall in love with Czech republic and Czech people so easilly :) Thanks for it

09:32 AM October 25, 2012

This blog has everything - it's entertaining in the first place, informative on local events that other expats have yet to discover, brings insight into the Czechland culture in both, insider and total stranger perspective, thanks to the author's Czech husband and her British background. Popular among Czechs as well as other expats.

09:59 AM October 25, 2012

I enjoy reading expat blogs, but this is no regular blog. This girl has style and humor. A must read!

10:02 AM October 25, 2012

Girl in Czechland is both entertaining and informative for expats as well as Czechs. Expats can learn what it is like to come to the Czech Republic and start a new chapter of your life there. Czechs, on the other hand, can learn a lot about themselves from a fresh point of view of an expat. Cultural differences are definitely something worth exploring, especially with an open mind and sense of humor, like Girl in Czechland does.

Sandy Zuko
11:24 AM October 25, 2012

Girl in Czechland is absolutely brilliant. She's lived in Prague for many years now (deserves a prize just for that) and continues to write entertaining articles. Not one of them has been a dud. GIC arrived in Prague in 2009 around the same time I did and amongst all the negative sniping and bitching on expat sites, she was one of very few to offer a funny and critical (but always positive) take on life in Prague. This GIC definitely deserves to win the Expats in Czech Republic Blog Award. Even if it's only so she might finally reveal her secret identity.

11:26 AM October 25, 2012

Always entertaining and well-written. For someone living in Prague, she has a knack of expressing the culture differences experienced by expats on a daily basis... with the added bonus that she almost always manages to put a positive spin on them. Witty and informative. Keep it up, GIC :)

13:48 PM October 25, 2012

Great in both style and content. Although I spend a fair amount of time among anglo-expats and therefore most of GIC's observations are nothing new for me, it is always a refreshing and enjoyable read. There is nothing more satisfying than finding out that someone else feels exactly the same about some completely random cultural thingy (such as the advertisement for Kostelecké uzeniny, for example ;). With GIC, this satisfaction is even greater thanks to her witty language. The posts related to the life of an EFL teacher are hilarious and very, very accurate. And of course I wish there were more than 2-3 posts per month but at the same time, I am glad that quality prevails over quantity. Keep up the good job!

17:58 PM October 25, 2012

This girl describes Czechland through the looking-glass and writes what she's found there with fresh and witty style. It is useful to find out how do foreigners perceive our wonderland from the other side of the mirror.

21:45 PM October 29, 2012

Ms. Girlova's witty blog has always provided my Czech partner and I with much mirth and conversation as we read all about her observations of 'back home'. Can't believe its been going for 3 years. Of course the observations and topics have changed with time, but it just keeps getting better! As evidenced by all the comments she receives. Keep up the good work!

17:40 PM October 30, 2012

As a girl living in Czechland myself I love the fact that I can directly relate to GIC's funny tales. Not simply just a good read but an assurance that there are other GIC's out there who experience the same wonderful/terrible/crazy things as me in this beautiful country. Thank you and keep writing!

21:06 PM November 18, 2012

Great blog!! I love all of the cultural differences between CZ and England. It keeps me laughing. Keep up the great work.

Ricky Yates
13:02 PM November 26, 2012

There is nothing more pleasing than when an email drops into my Inbox to say that 'Girl in Czechland' has a new post. GIC writes with wit, insight and care for detail, as she describes her expat life living with Czechman in Czechland. I particularly enjoy reading about her experiences of visiting the 'Village People' aka Czechman's relatives. I've recommended GIC's blog to a number of people all of whom have been delighted to discover it.

20:11 PM November 30, 2012

As another British girl with a rather similar story, it's lovely to read Girl in Czechland's blog featuring many of the same thoughts I've had, as well as introducing me to things I've not yet come across. She writes brilliantly and it's lovely to see a Brit writing about real Czech life, not only touristy things.

20:19 PM November 30, 2012

Girl in Czechland is truly a great observer. It is amazing to have the opportunity to read about how a person from other country sees ''us''. This blog enables me to reflect on Czechs personality and sometimes genuinely pleases me, especially when it speaks positively about life in Czech Republic. I would even say reading ''Girl in Czechland'' should be mandatory for all the Czechs in order to raise our national self-esteem and help us be a better people.

Mike In Bohemia
07:37 AM December 01, 2012

As a long-time English expat in Czecho I regularly read Girl in Czechland for her intelligent, witty, respectfully humourous and balanced observations of Czech life and culture. It has helped me to make sense of life in CZ. I also enjoy the debates the postings stimulate. Altogether a blog well worth spending time on.

10:24 AM December 01, 2012

smart and funny, useful mirror.

12:48 PM December 01, 2012

A really great blog. I love the insights into Czech life and, since I am also a Brit living in Czechland, there's a lot for me to identify with. Read this blog!

10:40 AM December 02, 2012

I'm always looking forward to every of new GIC's posts. I know it would be funny, smart and enlightening for me, a local Czech :-)

13:08 PM December 04, 2012

(Simple-sad-daily-czech)-life-changing blog! I don't have much of love left in me, but I do all gladly leave it here for this blog.

14:21 PM December 05, 2012

Ms Girlova's comments are actually helping me understand London better:-)

11:15 AM December 06, 2012

The blog is funny, well written and educating at the same time. I really enjoy reading about Czech customs and characteristics from a different viewpoint.

19:15 PM December 08, 2012

The blog helps me to understand where I live :-) I love the fresh perspective on everyday things Czech.

10:18 AM December 12, 2012

I found this blog few months ago, I had a newborn son, baby blues and breastfeeding crisis. It was funny and witty and made me think about other things than motherhood, which very few things could do at the time.

14:21 PM December 12, 2012

Actually this is the only blog I read regularly. It´s not just funny but for me (as a czech girl) very educational.

15:42 PM December 12, 2012

Excellent,funny and nice. But above all it is truthful mirror for us Czech. I like it.

Russell Roe
21:32 PM December 12, 2012

Girl in Czechland writes brilliantly and always has an interesting and well thought out take on events. I particularly enjoy reading about her encounters with the Village People and the extent to which Czechman (dis)approve's of the blog post content... Furthermore, I think Girl in Czechland writes very well about the benefits and irritants of life in the Czech Republic. Often, readers like to find out how expats see their country and I think Girl in Czechland gives readers a very reflective but equally amusing account of how she finds life in the Czech Republic.

22:56 PM December 12, 2012

For me just the fact that the author is British woman blogging about living in the Czech republic is interesting. But moreover, all articles are extremely great written, one can find a lot of interesting topics and observations from different areas. Also some "intimate" articles from author's personal life help to get almost personal relation to the blog :)

19:08 PM December 13, 2012

I have followed this Girl's adventures for quite a long time, and really enjoy reading them. I open them as soon as I spot them in my inbox, because as an expat in the Czech republic myself, I can empathise with almost all her blogs. They never fail to bring a smile to my lips. :-)

John Smith
21:14 PM December 13, 2012

A good read. Thank you GIC.

09:48 AM December 14, 2012

Funny, witty, excellent blog. Always makes me laugh. Thanks a lot.

13:45 PM December 14, 2012

Great insight to Czech nature! Always makes me realise new things. And kudos for learning czech!

19:36 PM December 14, 2012

I've discovered the blog just a few months ago and she had me hooked at first post I read. Blog Award would be well diserved.

16:46 PM December 15, 2012

Funny, poignant, occasionally even educational - as a Czech person I simply love reading it!

17:22 PM December 15, 2012

Highly entertaining and relevant blog that covers Czech Republic, people and culture.

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