Life in the Food Lane

Life in the Food Lane
A food blog by an expat gastronome with a culinary degree and a passion for food, travel, wine, and cooking. After leaving Amsterdam 15 years ago, home has been New Orleans, Cairo, Miri, and currently Dubai.
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Website Reviews » There are 72 reviews on Life in the Food Lane

Carina Bristow-Fakas
14:24 PM October 21, 2012

As a fellow food lover, I really appreciate your love of food and thoroughly enjoy following your travels through the gastronomic experiences your regularly share with us on your blog.

14:43 PM October 21, 2012

I look forward to every post from Life in the Food Lane - cocky, witty and very very tasty!

Tammy Kyle
16:56 PM October 21, 2012

I love this blog! I love the pink ribbon for breast cancer! I love her recipes! I love her pictures! Stellar!!!

17:24 PM October 21, 2012

Francine has the ability to take you with her on her journey through the world of food. She writes passionately with lots of interesting details and always leaves you with a real desire to experience her food. Luckily recipes can also found and you can try out for yourself ! I Love it!

19:02 PM October 21, 2012

I've said this before and I'll say it again. Life in the Food Lane is the Larousse of the food blogging world. Francine's encyclopedic knowledge of all things food makes for delicious and addictive reading.

20:44 PM October 21, 2012

absolutely unique in writing style (very knowledgable and still funny), worthy of a huge EGO, but stays so pleasantly down to earth. I can't decide: do I read it for the food or out of curiosity for the originality and creative language?

Rebecka Dakers
04:47 AM October 22, 2012

This blog stays true to the saying "You eat with your eyes first". The photos are aesthetic and beautiful just as food should be served. Mixed with curious pictures of the people and the environment from where the food originates, the blog is also a travel diary of culture and society. The text is often witty and easy to read with a tongue in the cheek kind of humour.

Wil Ijpelaar
06:56 AM October 22, 2012

Francine has a very clear, witty and unique writing style. I love her recipes and her pictures. She keeps haute cuisine very down to earth. I look forward to her gastronomic travels.

Marielle De Winter
13:09 PM October 22, 2012

I only read this blog for diner ideas and have thrown away all my cookbooks!!! 5 stars please!

05:02 AM October 23, 2012

Life in the food lane is a pleasure to read, not only because the recipes are delightful, but also because of the beautiful photo's and the additional information. Should not be less than 5 stars....

Niki D
06:31 AM October 23, 2012

I love Francine's quirky take on life as an expat as much as her wonderful recipes. Beautifully presented, wittily written - this blog is a gem and helps showcase the finer aspects of life in Dubai

Natalie Bowler
08:33 AM October 23, 2012

Love this blog! Francine is inspirational as a person and in her writing. It's like I'm there with her when she writes about food, and her recipes are original and extremely appetising. Looking forward to many more posts...

Elisabeth Guddingsmo
18:05 PM October 23, 2012

Love it! Love it! Love it!! A huge inspiration, beautifully illustrated and so well written.

Kath G
19:26 PM October 23, 2012

Fabulous, interesting and informative, great recipes great food and great writing!

Trevor Nunes
20:38 PM October 23, 2012

So much more than simply a food blog! Inspiring words to get even the most unadventurous chef thinking about their kitchen and the most homely of people to pack a bag and taste the world!

21:12 PM October 23, 2012

Love the writing, the pics, the insights. Everything! Deserves to win hands down!

23:55 PM October 23, 2012

Love to read the funny and mouth watering gastronomic experiences.

07:10 AM October 24, 2012

I love food, but I'm not a great cook. Love the blog and get inspired by it. The combi food and fun appeals to me. Thanks Francine

13:40 PM October 24, 2012

Francine inspires me to try something new every time! Lovely blog, should definetly deserve the Blog Award!

01:14 AM October 25, 2012

Francine's blog is an inspiring journey into the culinary world during which one learns not only about fabulous food but also about the culture and country itself. I love reading this beautifully presented blog as it shows Francine's exuberant approach to life.

Michael & Mary Foley
10:37 AM October 25, 2012

What to do with some of the crazy ingredients you find around the world or how to improvise where perhaps you just can't find that key ingredient (even if its the wine). Francine will always have you laughing to a solution. Great blog!

Sandy Low
23:25 PM October 25, 2012

Love reading your blog it's so amusing, colourful and inspiring. Keep it coming, Fabulous Foodie Francine!

Christine Klein
13:10 PM October 27, 2012

Francine is not only a wonderful chef and great photographer, but also a talented and entertaining writer. Love her blog and love her!

Nienke Salomons
16:37 PM October 28, 2012

This blog is absolutely mouthwatering... Not only very diverse recepies and wonderful pictures, but the extended descriptions make you 'taste' the food by only reading and watching. Chapeau!

Ginger And Scotch
06:58 AM October 31, 2012

Beautiful and talented writing that just conjures up the exact taste and image of what Francine intends for us!

Elise Molenaar
12:26 PM October 31, 2012

Inspiring and oh so funny...this culinary wizard sprinkles her cooking with magic. Traveling and food are passions that mix so well if only we could all write so eloquently about it!

06:40 AM November 03, 2012

We love food and we love Francine her deep passion for making life so rich and delicious.

14:46 PM November 03, 2012

Francine's food is an inspiration and experience in the richness of all flavours! Not only for the taste sensation but also for the eye, mouth and nose!!! Delicious!

Noor Verwoerd
16:23 PM November 03, 2012

By following Francine's blog, I feel like I have been taken along on her food journey to all different corners of the world. Her down to earth writing style is very refreshing and honest and makes you want to indulge in all that glorious food!

05:51 AM November 04, 2012

What I love about this blog, is the originality. It's always something different, and not something you'll find in a recipe book. And I also love how she uses her travels to share different ingredients and flavours. Great read.

Raymond Franssen
11:29 AM November 04, 2012

5 stars for passion, quality and originality. Deserves to win 2 hands down.

Cath Spindler
17:31 PM November 04, 2012

I love this blog.

Mirjam Verreck
19:09 PM November 04, 2012

Francine takes me with her recipes on an great journey round the world! Love Life in the Food Lane!

Sandra Gevers
10:16 AM November 05, 2012

Love here !! Francine writes passionaltaly about food...she always makes me hungry!! 5 stars please! She is the best foodblogger ever!!

Dirk Jan Broertjes
21:33 PM November 05, 2012

With every blog I take big step in the foodlane. I hope I wil never reach the end.

Andy Spindler
08:54 AM November 06, 2012

Love the blog and always always always love the food. Long may it last.

22:01 PM November 06, 2012

I really, really, love this blog...............

00:38 AM November 08, 2012

Francines’ blog is so wickedly appealing and so I stumbled again across her beautiful blog this morning, and literally dropped my entire afternoon to read it all the way down almost through the archives to the beginning. Yet again!! Just.. gorgeous. So unpretentious and effortlessly classy. I can’t wait to see more and more!! thanks Francine!

08:02 AM November 17, 2012

Lovely style of writing, great recipes including beautiful photos , very informative

Jade Perez
11:05 AM November 21, 2012

The best one!

11:26 AM November 21, 2012

I love Francine's blog, funny written and of course her knowledge of food is inexhaustible.

Jo Earl
13:01 PM November 21, 2012

Love Francine's blogs they not only inspire but I also feel she is still in my life miss our days together in Miri definitely deserves the Bolg award

Holly Friesen
13:53 PM November 21, 2012

Fantastic blog! Love following Francine around on her adventures in and around food all over the world!

18:35 PM November 21, 2012

Francine is a culinary queen! Love from Geja X

Jennifer Ciapparelli-Andel
06:08 AM November 22, 2012

Your tantalizing descriptions of not only Dubai culinary experiences but all your edible holidays cause all to subconsciously lick their fingers as if there beside you. No other foodie can invoke the aroma, taste and passion for food as you do...a read of Life in the Food Lane should include WARNING: Readers will drool and feel they have consumed a five star meal (without the calories:). What differentiates you from other bloggers is your true passion for food, not only as a consumer but as an inventive chef whose love of different cultures can be seen in every dish you create and share with us. One does not simply read your blog, one is transported and can taste each delictable morsel with you and wishes they had a Life in the Food Lane!

15:20 PM November 22, 2012

I absolutely love Francine's blog. The Sarawak Black Pepper Sauce is fantastic and brings back such wonderful memories! Thanks Francine!

07:55 AM November 23, 2012

And the blog is as good as the food she cooks!

15:16 PM November 23, 2012

Great blog: intelligent and witty. I rank this as #1 blog in the U.A.E.

Melissa Drumm
21:40 PM November 24, 2012

Best foodie I know of personally and coming from a native New Orleanian that counts as a double thumbs up.

T. Van Epen
08:40 AM November 25, 2012

Five star blog, so much fun to read Francine's adventures! Big LOVE deserved!

Nika Salvetti
16:22 PM November 25, 2012

I have tasted some of these fantastic culinary experiences in Cairo and Dubai also in a kitchen in flames..... Indeed y disserve to win a special award!

Dirk Schoenmakers
12:28 PM November 26, 2012

My daily food!

Tanja Crabeels
14:45 PM November 27, 2012

Love this blog !!!!

Bart Elias
16:09 PM November 27, 2012

Time to shut down the work computer and head home. I am starting drool over my keyboard after reading this excellent blog.

Marleen Peeters
16:42 PM November 27, 2012

Am missing Francines company, wit and cooking, but her Blog keeps her close, love it!

Michael Kooren
21:24 PM November 27, 2012

Top notch blog, inspiring!! I LOOOVE this blog!

00:04 AM November 28, 2012

Francine your blog is interesting, funny and inspiring. Just fab!

Els Mallander
07:08 AM November 28, 2012

Mouthwatering funny blog!!

10:34 AM November 29, 2012

Great blog!

Loeky Hubner
04:06 AM December 01, 2012

Love Francine's her cooking blog!!

Agnes Underwood
13:46 PM December 01, 2012

great food, great recipes....great!!!!

14:34 PM December 01, 2012

If you love food, you love life.. Great blog!

14:52 PM December 01, 2012

Great blog, funny written and delicious recipes!

Gary Ingram
15:47 PM December 01, 2012

Mmmmmmmmmmm x 100

15:54 PM December 01, 2012

Funny and mouthwatering blog!

16:00 PM December 01, 2012

No blog like Life in the fast lane! You must have so much fun wriiting this.. We have sooo much fun reading it! Keep bringing us your fab recipes and fun stories!

16:37 PM December 01, 2012

Good food, good life, good people! Toppie

Eric Van Der Hoeven
17:54 PM December 01, 2012

Inspiring invitation to increase engagement with food!

Elaine Van Ravesteijn-Scott
02:53 AM December 03, 2012

Yummy! Love it! :)

13:15 PM December 03, 2012

Beautifully written and illustrated, insightful, fun, and delicious!

15:12 PM December 09, 2012

Love her blog and her recipes and culinary skills...

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13:43 PM October 19, 2014

thank you مدير موقع مؤسسة التنظيف الدوليه

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