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French Foodie in Dublin
Originally from the Loire Valley in France, I moved to Dublin in December 2004 and never left because of love.
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Website Reviews » There are 77 reviews on French Foodie in Dublin

Martin Quigley
17:57 PM October 27, 2012

Great reviews and observations on the Dublin food scene through the eyes of a French foodie. Love this blog!

Natasha Peters
22:35 PM October 29, 2012

Such a great blog. Incredible reviews, makes me wish i lived in Dublin so i could experience the same. Always makes me hungry the way this fantastic blogger goes on about food!

09:26 AM October 30, 2012

This is finally the fine blog recipe that open your senses to modern and classic cuisine. This is the new trend and the ideas that come out of this blog are fantastic! Great comments and pics and proud to be French abroad! Thanks again for this foodie adventure!

09:29 AM October 30, 2012

Excellent tips from Ketty, and we can feel that she is so pationate about it ! She usually left some good adress, places or events where it worth to go. Thank you Ketty for creating this blog. yec'hed mat !!

09:30 AM October 30, 2012

Ketty's blog is very well done! If you want a good adress or if you are looking for something special, she always has good ideas. All the best for you Ketty !

09:42 AM October 30, 2012

Very interesting foodie tips, blog stories, and yummy photos! Glad I discovered this blog!

09:43 AM October 30, 2012

A great foodie blog! For people arriving in Ireland to live here or to visit, and for people in Ireland obviously, it's a great place to find lovely reviews, and automatically to also find a nice place where to eat in Dublin.

09:45 AM October 30, 2012

It's hard not to be enthused by Ketty, her love all off things French is contagious, she's been opening doors into "French Dublin" for me for a couple of months now and I couldn't do without my fix! Keep up the good work! :)

10:05 AM October 30, 2012

Beautiful and so "tasty" blog ! Bravo !!!
10:08 AM October 30, 2012

Sumptuous photographs, mouth-watering recipes and a joyous approach to showcasing French gastronomy and culture while also highlighting foodie gems in her adopted city of Dublin - what's not to like? My new favourite blog by a long shot.

Ruth McKenna
10:16 AM October 30, 2012

I have only recently discovered this gorgeous blog and I love it. I recently left Ireland for Sweden, but adore France and French food, so reading Ketty's blog is the perfect mix of Dublin and France. Keep it up, wonderful :-)

12:10 PM October 30, 2012

Foreigners living in Dublin are grateful ! This blog was needed and gives us great tips. Ketty has an artistic soul.

13:02 PM October 30, 2012

A well thought of blog, helps all (not only expats) to discover new places and new food. Always handy to have....Love it!!!

15:02 PM October 30, 2012

Great blog!!!The post are always well written,with lovely and mouth watering pictures!As a French girl living in Dublin myself,and food lover too,I really enjoy reading it!Thanks for making me discover such nice places where to eat in Dublin!

16:38 PM October 30, 2012

Great blog. Excellent reviews and recipes. Makes my mouth water

17:03 PM October 30, 2012

Gnammy blog!

18:20 PM October 30, 2012

Great blog, well written. Love the pictures as well.

21:12 PM October 30, 2012

This blog gives you really good adresses on where to go for food in Dublin. Can't wait to come back in Dublin and try some of these places! Thank you French Foodie!

06:26 AM October 31, 2012

Really cool blog with excellent tips.

18:43 PM October 31, 2012

I agree with the lady above who said that this blog is the perfect mixture of Dublin and France affection for both places shines through and the writing is terrific ....witty and interesting. She always makes me want to try the places she visits. I can truly say that I LOVE THIS BLOG!

07:56 AM November 01, 2012

Great blog and excellent reviews !!! I enjoy eating out and I am always looking forward to the next recommandation of a place to head to for a wonderful dinning experience. I love the photos too. Thank you Ketty and keep up the good work !!!

La Dublinoise
08:43 AM November 01, 2012

Thanks Ketty doing all the 'hard work' of trying all those restaurants, I have discover that there are some good places to eat in Dublin. Reviews are honnest, well written and pictures are great teaser for what to expect.

Virginie Richard
10:43 AM November 01, 2012

excellent blog! Ecriture très agréable et belles photos! tout ça met l'eau à la bouche! j'adore!

20:53 PM November 01, 2012

I love this blog. The reviews are excellent!Good job!!!

12:30 PM November 02, 2012

Fantastic and well written blog, you can feel how passionate Ketty is. Since I discovered it, I always rely on it to try out new places. I love the fact that the reviews are always diverse and I also love the pics. Well done !

10:13 AM November 04, 2012

I love this blog and had the pleasure to try the places Ketty reviewed during my stay in Ireland. Thanks for sharing your tips and pictures.

17:05 PM November 04, 2012

Found you by chance on facebook and I liked the blog and I still like it! I'm French too living in Dublin for 4 years and I miss good food in Dublin. Dublin is a great city though and it's great to see people involved it making it a bit better or helping to promote or develop the good sides of the city! Thanks Miss French Foodie in Dublin and continue with the good work!

Armelle's Kitchen
15:44 PM November 06, 2012

From the recipes to the reviews and travels, reading your last post is always a breath air French Foodie! It looks absolutely fantastic!! Best of luck with the Expats Blog Award, it would be very well deserved ;) Bisoux de Kilcullen Co.Kildare ;)

09:39 AM November 08, 2012

One of my favourite blogs ever! Ketty shares wonderful reviews, eating tips and recipes. Having lived in both France and Dublin J'adore how Ketty combines her love of food with all things Irish. It's a winning blog and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves.

18:46 PM November 10, 2012

I love this blog, it is full with great reviews! I really enjoy to read and try the tips and recipes. It is a great source of information to find nice places to eat in Dublin. I also hope that French Foodie In Dublin gets the recognition it deserves. Please keep up your good work and make us discover more great places and recipes, many thanks

18:53 PM November 10, 2012

I love good food and this blog is a real inspiration and a great source. Great blog!

Linda Kiely
12:18 PM November 12, 2012

What a fantastic blog: well written, informative and what beautiful photographs! A must for anyone who loves food

22:15 PM November 21, 2012

Great blog altogether! Fantastic reviews and yummy pictures. Thanks French Foodie!

14:46 PM November 22, 2012

Love all the pictures and places you can find there. Just open our appetite !! Keep it deliciously yummy ... :)

Elaine Walsh
17:56 PM November 26, 2012

French Foodie in Dublin is a magnificent blog concept, the writing is both informed and well formed. I cannot wait for The French Club review every week! I think the best approach to a country's culture is through it's food and music, and to see Ketty's writing on our Irish food helps me understand my own country's food culture even more. I find Travel or Expats food writing within my own country exceptionally interesting, it's essential social history documentation. Love frenchfoodieindublin xxxxx which is 5 stars by the way

08:41 AM November 27, 2012

I find this blog brilliant, full of useful tips and foodie information, and as a French man I love the inside track French Foodie gives to Dublin restaurants.

11:43 AM November 27, 2012

Great ideas, nice pictures ond advises!!! I hope I'll be back soon in Dublin!

12:20 PM November 27, 2012

Ah Ketty, elle est exceptionelle! I love her blog. While reading it I usually end up starving or homesick!! Well done and keep it up!

12:54 PM November 27, 2012

My favorite resource for Ireland. Ketty brings her French passion for food to the increasingly sophisticated Irish food scene. Love her power for storytelling, mouthwatering photos and insider tips!

14:11 PM November 27, 2012

Whouah....what a great blog, good insight on what to expect on each restaurant, great, great idea, at least you wont waste your time going to the wrong place....

15:45 PM November 27, 2012

I can't wait to get back to Dublin to try these places, yum yum!

Dan Keogh
19:02 PM November 27, 2012

Amazing insight, lovely style of writing

19:08 PM November 27, 2012

Great classy/ beautiful/ tasty blog! Love the range of food French foodie uses!

Niamh Cassidy
19:14 PM November 27, 2012

Great woman doing a great job filling in us native Dubliners and where the good places to eat actually are!

Eithne Kavanagh
19:16 PM November 27, 2012

Really makes me want to go to these places.

Rhonda Donaghey
20:31 PM November 27, 2012

Thanks again Ketty for making my town the best

20:44 PM November 27, 2012

Really enjoy this blog. Well written and informative

Colin Cork Cuisine
20:50 PM November 27, 2012

Love the Blog, keep up the good work......

20:56 PM November 27, 2012

Great Dublin Food Blog! I discovered so many nice Dublin spots thanks to this, a must read!!

21:08 PM November 27, 2012

Super blog, bien construit, articles pertinents. J'Adoooore

Pierre Lacave
21:24 PM November 27, 2012

Excellent reviews, good job !

22:48 PM November 27, 2012

Well done

Brian OConnell
23:27 PM November 27, 2012

Great blog! Love the quality abd depth of review! It has taken me to new places.

07:47 AM November 28, 2012

Great blog, following on the Tweet monster also!

Serge Et Irène Roudaut/Herreman
08:05 AM November 28, 2012

Un super blog plein de conseils supers et qui met l'eau à la bouche. Continue à nous faire découvrir et rêver !

16:11 PM November 28, 2012

very nice kisses from France

19:44 PM November 28, 2012

Super blog, je l'adore, miam miam

Ray Marusyk
15:43 PM November 29, 2012

Loved it (the blog and the memories of enjoying the meals at the same restaurants).

17:31 PM November 29, 2012

Merci Ketty for sharing your passion with us and giving usefull tips and adress out of the beaten tracks!

TJ Fitz
00:01 AM November 30, 2012

Huge range of foods and venues covered and all with a pleasant and positive vibe.

05:54 AM November 30, 2012

Bravo, félicitation pour le blog.La présentation est bonne c'est goûteux et bigarré

14:07 PM December 04, 2012

I actually discovered this blog thanks to expatsblog, and I fell in love! Ketty combines perfectly 2 of my fav ingredients- love for food and for travels! She shows Dublin from a tasty point of view and I will definitely try some venues she recommends.

Antonio Radici
12:35 PM December 07, 2012

Impressive blog, I really love the description of her tours in Paris and she's really competent. Love it!

17:26 PM December 09, 2012

Love this writers style, I will read her regularly I think, I hope !!!

13:22 PM December 10, 2012

What a fabulous blog. Full of great recipes and places to eat. Especially love the french point of view on Irish food culture. Well done!

17:22 PM December 10, 2012

Very interesting blog with loads of tips to get the proper French food everyone deserves! Love the pictures. If you're French and homesick in Dublin, this is the blog to read. Feel the real French touch :)

10:14 AM December 11, 2012

Great foodie blog! Really enjoyable to read, great food and scrumptious looking photos!

10:44 AM December 11, 2012

Ketty is a great ambassador for our French foods and culture !!! Next time I'm in Dublin, I'll know where to get great food ;) Keep up the good work !

Colm Maguire
11:10 AM December 11, 2012

Absolutely addicted to this blog!

11:20 AM December 11, 2012

Excellent blog full of fresh tips on how to find the right French stuff. Either if you are homesick or you have an appetite for French cuisine, this is THE resource to keep handy when in Dublin.

11:21 AM December 11, 2012

Great job from a person who really love french food !

16:03 PM December 11, 2012

Ketty's blog is a great mix of recipes, pics and reviews... inspiring for someone missing Dublin

17:41 PM December 11, 2012

Great blog , well written , nice pictures....This blog looks like Ketty! Bon appétit!

Lollie Dolly
17:49 PM December 11, 2012


18:02 PM December 11, 2012

Can't believe I can find better recipes in English than in my grand-mother's old books! Boeuf bourguignon, duck leg confit... Everything we love in France now availabl around the world thanks to you!

18:43 PM December 11, 2012

go Ketty ! flippin fantastic. all out awesome.

22:30 PM December 11, 2012

Good to know where the goodies hidden are!!!!!!!! Thanks to Miss K!!

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