Chef and Steward

Chef and Steward
We are a husband and wife team on an epicurean journey. Life is bland without good food and good times. As much as we are intrigued by gastronomical delights, we are trying to balance both the kitchen and bath scales.
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Minna Herranen
14:13 PM October 29, 2012

Hi Chef and Steward, Following your blog, I really like the video clips you have added, it really save my time, I am bit impatient reader, I start always with photos and continue reading if they catch my eyes, video is good you get to see and hear it on one go. Keep on making more clips.

14:23 PM October 29, 2012

Always an entertaining read from a lovely couple who are passionate about the food industry

Abdullah Qureshi
08:09 AM October 30, 2012


08:25 AM October 30, 2012

Brilliant recipes, definitely recommend it! So proud of you guys making it here.

Kathi Marie Cooke
10:32 AM October 30, 2012

Very nice Kari!

Christine O'Callaghan
12:31 PM October 30, 2012

I love this blog! Entertaining and thought provoking writing, tantalizing food and recipe ideas and fabulous photography - has it all!

12:58 PM October 30, 2012

Kari & Lij your blog is amazing. Especially the pictures. Some of the best on the internet in fact. And I love-love the concept. It's simple to follow, great to look at, relevant, informative and interesting. Whether it's video or still pictures it works!! What's not to like ... or rather LOVE!!! :-)

Jordan Morrison
13:03 PM October 30, 2012

Introducing Jamaican and other Caribbean cuisine to eastern culture, recipes are simple and easy to follow, and looks wonderful...Keep up the good work!

13:33 PM October 30, 2012

Awesome and easy to follow recipes and videos with excellent writing

Misbah Javed
13:39 PM October 30, 2012

Wonderful duo, with a plethora of skills between them. From culinary delights to capturing wonderful creations and expressing them in the most delightful and mouth watering manner. I'm a 'can't cook, won't cook' person, but chef and steward have certainly changed that and motivated me to venture into the kitchen and get cooking! Excellent blog, fantastic source of information very 'food provoking' Definitely recommend!

YeVette N.
17:48 PM October 30, 2012

I love Chef and Steward! The photos and writing make me feel like I'm right there in the kitchen! I've caught my mouth watering on many occasions while reading this blog!

01:09 AM October 31, 2012

Excellent... keep putting passion in your kitchen!!! :)

Ginger And Scotch
07:00 AM October 31, 2012

Beautiful photos and I love the back to basics posts as well as the Jamaican recipes.

Ludlow Ford
11:55 AM October 31, 2012

Your blogs and photo's are A+ and always capture my interest but I what I really love are your video clips. I'm never bored and your steps are easy to follow, you guys are an excellent team keep up the good work.

12:46 PM October 31, 2012

The food photography is the best. Definitely a great blog.

Francia Wilson
06:53 AM November 01, 2012

Their site is amazing. I love the images and I love trying the recipes. It is full of great ideas on cooking healthy, delicious food. Kudos! +

Coupon Keisha
13:28 PM November 01, 2012

Love your blog and pictures! Your blog saved me when I wanted to make your Rum Vanilla recipe for Christmas gifts because it was pretty easy to follow :) Thanks!

13:36 PM November 01, 2012

Concur with all of the it. Fantastic blog - great photography, videos, and easy to follow recipies. Keep it going Chef and Steward, we love what you are doing!

20:52 PM November 01, 2012

Great recipes broken down simply so its easy to follow and always health-minded

09:36 AM November 02, 2012

Dear Chef & steward as a full time working lady who is an absolute mess in the kitchen your step by step instructions & valuable tips help me time manage my fleeting time in my kitchen & produce mouthwatering dizzy delights

16:10 PM November 03, 2012

Absolutely love the blog and the recipes's easy to follow. Truely inspirational. Welldone for the lovely expression of the things close to your heart through this blog.

Suzette Galasso
18:12 PM November 03, 2012

Great blog for food enthusiasts.

Rebekah Lawrence
16:18 PM November 04, 2012

Love this blog to the highest! It has food, love, laughter and family and cultural exchange all wrapped up in a wonderful gift of these 2 human beings. So much to learn, so much to share.

16:20 PM November 04, 2012

Happy for this blog! you guys have so much to share with the world and really appreciate the time you take to do that. Its not just about the food you cook but the love, joy and laughter that you bring to it. Lots of blessings. And love the pictures and hte new vids! nice touch. every good wish

19:49 PM November 04, 2012

very proud of you Kari mi pari...Love what you guys are doing Jamaica to di Werl!!

19:52 PM November 04, 2012

The blog is flavoured with beautiful photos, while the descriptions are peppered with witty anecdotes. The recipes are all enticing. The videos demonstrate great teamwork and precision of craft. As a person of Jamaican extraction, I may be a bit biased. I am also correct in my assessment that Chef and Steward definitely has what it takes to Win the Expats in United Arab Emirates Blog Award.

20:02 PM November 04, 2012

..this is indeed a very good initiative much to our culinary delight. Once again Caribbean food continue to be international and will most delightfully affect the Middle Eastern palate .Please continue the great work of recording these sumptuous feats.

20:34 PM November 04, 2012

Great blog for foodies of all levels.

20:37 PM November 04, 2012

Great work..."KNOCK EM DEAD"....introduce them to a cosmopolitan slice of the "ROCK"

20:43 PM November 04, 2012

Great blog, really love it!

Nicole Jacks
20:46 PM November 04, 2012

What's not to love about this blog? I love that they share the Jamaican culture they're from with the people of the country they currently live in as well as sharing bits and pieces of the Emirati culture with the readers of the blog. The pictures always make my mouth water and I wish they were within driving distance so I could pop up to sample whatever they've cooked. My favorite part of the blog is chef & steward. I love that you've both found a way to combine your passions to work together. You two exude teamwork and love and you're simply amazing. Keep up the fantastic work! Love from Philly!

21:02 PM November 04, 2012

This fabulous blog feautures tasty recipes from Jamaica and beyond. Kudos to the chef and his steward!

Johan Jay
21:17 PM November 04, 2012

With good food and Good photography.. good things comes from good people. Expect nothing less from this power couple.. Always hitting the spot with their love soul and food

21:50 PM November 04, 2012

Love what you both do! Food is your passion and it sure shows! Much love!

Orvin Thompson
21:58 PM November 04, 2012

Great blog. Very informative. A gem if you are a food enthusiast.

22:04 PM November 04, 2012

The perfect blog! Chef and Steward....perfect combintion!

22:08 PM November 04, 2012

Very well done! Interesting every time!

22:09 PM November 04, 2012

Love the recipes, love the sharing!

Kibret Powell
22:57 PM November 04, 2012

Great blog with great recipes and a dynamic duo.

Curtis Powell
22:58 PM November 04, 2012

Very informative blog with great recipes

Kathleen Beckford
22:59 PM November 04, 2012

Great to have a Jamaican duo cooking up a storm in the middle east with fantastic recipes.

Rob Bagley
23:04 PM November 04, 2012

Great site!!!!

Rosemary DaCosta
23:24 PM November 04, 2012

Love the images and recipes that you are sharing on your epicurean journey. So proud of you guys.

23:40 PM November 04, 2012

Great couple, Great blog...lots of exciting recipes for all to enjoy!!

00:36 AM November 05, 2012

Love it !! love to know that you are flying the Jamaican flag high - all the way in Dubai ! congrats guys you are indeed a refreshing breath of air!

01:29 AM November 05, 2012

Fabulous blog! Your website is superb! Love the recipes and the stylistic presentation. This Jamaican wife and husband team is making strides in the culinary world...

Sanura Of
01:37 AM November 05, 2012

I love this blog and reading about their experiences in Dubai!

01:39 AM November 05, 2012

The Chef and Steward combination is one born of genuis, love, inspiration and necessity. There is no way that this blog can go unnoticed. From the photos that make you want to reach out and have a sample, to the good natured banter between husband "chef" and wife "steward", I am fully convinced that this blog more than has what it takes to win. It is filled with solid instruction, and discoveries of various natures. WINNERSSSS!!!

02:14 AM November 05, 2012

Eclectic information for the consummate reader, enough to pique the interest of readers. A classic mix of food, culture, and trivia to keep us wanting more.

03:48 AM November 05, 2012

Your creativity is amazing! Keep inspiring foodies everywhere.

10:51 AM November 05, 2012

Top notch!

Gabre Heron
11:31 AM November 05, 2012

I rarely, if ever comment on blogs...But this one I have to make the sacrificial exception. Excellent recipes, masterful writing, thought provoking information and very entertaining. Love it!

11:50 AM November 05, 2012

Fabulous Blog!! Keep on cooking, eating and blogging!

13:26 PM November 05, 2012

Lovely blog, great recipes. You guys rock!

Khary Sharpe
13:28 PM November 05, 2012

A truly amazing food blog. Well put together, beautiful pictures and mouth watering recipes. Keep it up.

14:28 PM November 05, 2012

Always wishing you the best success in all your cooking endevours. May your blog be recognized as the great force that it is.

14:40 PM November 05, 2012

Such a wonderful blog with incredible videos and recipes. I always look forward to what they will do next!

00:37 AM November 06, 2012

I love following a wonderful husband and wife team in an exotic land, making delicious recipes that make my mouth water. :-)

Claudia Pryce
00:43 AM November 06, 2012

Wonderful blog!! makes you want to go cook wether you can or not. The pictures tell the whole story! Have tried a few and they are so delicious and easy. Carn't wait for the next post!!

00:45 AM November 06, 2012

Very nice blog! Amazing pictures that make the food jump out at you!

13:15 PM November 06, 2012

Way to go guys...Love the blog and the 2 of you. Kari & Lij best of luck and keep up the good work.

Arli Morrison
14:26 PM November 06, 2012

Great.Excellent combination of writing style,photos and recipies with the unmatched Jamaican flavour.

16:54 PM November 06, 2012

Beautiful husband and wife team cooking up great flavours, capturing the essence of unique dishes with stunning photography while taking a multi-cultural approach to cuisine presentation and development.

19:30 PM November 06, 2012

what I love about this site is how real the food looks... Icould just bite the page!

Carla Campbell
05:09 AM November 07, 2012

I enjoy the authenticity of the meals you do share in how to make plus the visuals of the finished products. Keep loving what you do.

Pauline Paledi
08:25 AM November 07, 2012

Kari my dear sister what a lovely couple indeed, who have a wealth of experience in what they do, including excellent customer service. Lij you sure have a beautiful wife who has led innovative and highly specialized turnarounds. I am so proud of you guys, keep up the good work!!!!!

Delia Pereira
17:51 PM November 07, 2012

Fantastic blog..great receipes, wonderful photography, fab ideas...a blog for every passionate foodie

18:17 PM November 07, 2012

If I have to learn something about anything related to food in Dubai - whether the current trends or how to choose a particular ingredient, it would be from Chef and Steward.

21:32 PM November 07, 2012

Talk about high quality epicurean tastes, phenomenal recipes and presentations that make you want to just eat the food of the page!! Congratulations to you should win!!

Dennis & Marva
03:31 AM November 08, 2012

So proud of your accomplishments. Miss your cooking

Roli B
04:07 AM November 08, 2012

Love it good stuff all around

Frank & Jean
09:04 AM November 08, 2012

Great blog! amazing recipes with a highly professional feel. Keep up the good work! Really proud of you, congratulations!

Rashida Beckford
15:55 PM November 08, 2012

Great job and amazing duo!

Kibret Beckford
17:59 PM November 08, 2012

I just love this husband and wife duo. Great recipes and writing style.

Kathleen Beckford
19:24 PM November 08, 2012

Great recipes and well presented, wonderful camaraderie between the couples - I truly enjoy the blogs. Continue the good work: you make me proud. This blog is worthy of the highest commendation possible

Karima Beckford
22:39 PM November 08, 2012

Thanks to you I got the courage to cook Oxtail, my favorite dish. Yummy

Richard Beckford
01:22 AM November 09, 2012

Great to see a Jamaican duo cooking up a storm in United Arab Emirates. You make Jamaica proud.

Sonja Salmon
20:21 PM November 09, 2012

Kari and Lij are one-of-a-kind. Their blog content is creative, informative and intellectually stimulating. They are proudly representing the wonderful world of culinary delights and express passion in every undertaking. I love your blog and wish others shared your continued commitment for excellence.

08:41 AM November 10, 2012

I love Kari and Chef Lij's blog!

Karima Holmes
13:28 PM November 10, 2012

I have tried several of your tasty recipes. I am really enjoying the healthy alternatives.

Kedist Archie
13:31 PM November 10, 2012

My husband and I are food lovers and believe that food is the window to the soul, so thanks a million for sharing your soul with us. Please don't stop blogging.

Kamaria M.
15:07 PM November 11, 2012

Well thought out, detailed, beautifully photographed and delicious to boot, the recipes at Chef and Steward are much more than ingredients on a website - they serve as a veritable bible of timeless kitchen delights. Chef and Steward has become a go to for me personally, and I constantly recommend it to other foodies!

Tamika Williams
14:11 PM November 14, 2012

I love this blog andI am a visual person and my appetite has been wetted

22:30 PM November 14, 2012

The art of food...the art of photography... well written ...chef and steward...wonderful!

Ayanna McKenzie
12:06 PM November 15, 2012

I love the Chef and Steward blog because they have inspired me to pursue a career in the Food and Beverage industry. They add so much more because they profile people in the industry and you get an idea of what the opportunities are and what you need to do to get them

Canute James
11:19 AM November 18, 2012

Great! How to make cooking the food tastes better, while balancing the kitchen and bathroom scales. Well done!

Phil Sykes
11:36 AM November 18, 2012

I LOVE THIS BLOG. Well written, beautiful photographs and always interesting.

Cheryl Prescod Mayers
14:14 PM November 18, 2012

Since I enjoy cooking myself, I get great stimulation every time! The photos make me feel as if i'm in their kitchen with them, and I look forward to trying out the dishes! Great stuff, keep on making food & cooking such an enjoyable experience! Cher

15:57 PM November 18, 2012

I don't even like to cook, and I find myself checking this blog quite regularly. That shows how gifted the couple behind this is! The story ideas are varied, the writing style is engaging, and the pictures make you wish they had take out delivery!

Lisa Johnson
18:46 PM November 18, 2012

This blog is always a great read. Love the pictures and recipes too!

Daynielle Clarke
21:40 PM November 18, 2012


01:04 AM November 19, 2012

Pretty interesting very proud of you both. I give you fiiiiive stars

Alty Benjamin Jr
02:43 AM November 19, 2012

Great recipes, plus your writing & photography make for a top notch experience. Keep it coming Kari! Thanks for a blog well done.

03:03 AM November 19, 2012

Excellent recipe ideas especially for a single man who loves to cook exciting yet simple meals for entertaining

03:34 AM November 19, 2012

Nice Kari!!! Love it!

Gillian Campbell
07:07 AM November 19, 2012

Awesome job guys. Love your recipes and your blog. :D

Jenny Miller
11:02 AM November 19, 2012

This blog is well presented and is a very useful resource. It stillmanages to stand out from the clutter.

Dean Rickards
11:08 AM November 19, 2012

A very successful initiative

Ryan Wray
11:17 AM November 19, 2012

This blog showcases how successful expat couples can be when they combine talents and work together. Plus the rest of us get to learn a lot in the process.

Jo Jonhnson
11:27 AM November 19, 2012

Amazing blog and very much has my vote!

11:32 AM November 19, 2012

Great tips on everything from baby food to how to make everyday cooking fun!

11:38 AM November 19, 2012

I work in the industry and Chef Lij and Kari have my vote. They deserve to win because of their professionalism.

H. Heron
11:56 AM November 19, 2012

Totally proud of this massive effort. Well done!

Al McDonald
13:48 PM November 19, 2012

This blog is definitely worth the subscription, reading time and vote! I love learning about the UAE as well!

Lani M.
13:59 PM November 19, 2012

LOVE that this was the very first blog in the UAE to post recipes that are low carb, gluten free and diabetic friendly. Of course with the insanely high numbers of people suffering from diabetes in the country, it is great that these professionals have not only gone for what is "hot" but also what is really relevant to the community. Plus many of us are struggling with weight management and don't want to eat healthy food that tastes like cardboard or hospital food!

Sueraya Shaheen
14:03 PM November 19, 2012

i always love reading this- not a cook myself- far from it !!!! but love the photography and the ideas and new things to think about and hope to eat one day !!!

Stacey-Ann Dennison
15:25 PM November 19, 2012

Great recipes and photography!!!

15:37 PM November 19, 2012

My wife swears by Chef and Steward

16:47 PM November 19, 2012

Two thumbs up.

Nicki Forbes
17:15 PM November 19, 2012

This blog has some of the best writing I have seen come out of the UAE and some amazingly professional food photos. They are such humble kind people and really deserve to

J. Ambrose
17:22 PM November 19, 2012

They somehow make food hot, sexy and way more appealing even for us bachelors

Bunny Asher
17:28 PM November 19, 2012

this website is good for all who enjoy good food and good company, and the way to do things right when you bring the two together.

CC Anthony
20:28 PM November 19, 2012

Too cool!

20:32 PM November 19, 2012

Highly recommended for their deep. Connect n feel into a expats life, keeping it in mind churning out wonderful recipes,tips n making missing home a whole lot easier.. ℓ♡νє u guys :)

Brandon Walker
21:12 PM November 19, 2012

Yes Chef and Steward has what it takes to win, because the blog is very informative and unique they have my vote.

Yemi Rose
21:59 PM November 19, 2012

Love this blog. Good living and good eating.

22:08 PM November 19, 2012

Great food blog.

07:03 AM November 20, 2012

i love u guys.... this blog your creation is an art and an inspiration to us all....

07:43 AM November 20, 2012

fabulous blog!

Anne J.
10:03 AM November 20, 2012

So many comments and all of the true- why? Because Chef and Steward is worth it!

12:57 PM November 20, 2012

Totally awesome website!

14:05 PM November 20, 2012

I learn a lot from this blog about so much related to food.

Sean McDonnough
14:19 PM November 20, 2012

One of the best food resources I have ever come across on the web!

14:24 PM November 20, 2012

Two of the most talented people I know.

14:34 PM November 20, 2012

COngratulations!Excellent information and lovely pics.

15:32 PM November 20, 2012

I travel the world through the food on Chef and Steward!

15:48 PM November 20, 2012

Wonderful blog. Great recipes, love the pictures.

16:03 PM November 20, 2012

wonderful love it!!

16:10 PM November 20, 2012

Great recipes

Georgina-Kate Adams
16:36 PM November 20, 2012

A beautiful foodie romance

16:39 PM November 20, 2012

Lij keep the great recipes coming. Kari, your photos are divine. Together this is truly work from your hearts, reflected in the eloquence of this site. Thanks for the hardough bread recipe...Mmmmmmmouthwatering.

Keisha Donaldson
16:56 PM November 20, 2012

Excellent... 'likkle but talawa'!

Gillian Scott
17:13 PM November 20, 2012

Beautifully written blog with excellent visual appeal. I'm a big fan

17:39 PM November 20, 2012

Awesome blog...yay!

18:05 PM November 20, 2012


18:24 PM November 20, 2012

I am a foodie, you have got my vote.

19:23 PM November 20, 2012

But wait!! You're already the #1 blog of all time in the world. :-) Love, love, love the pics you take. And really appreciate how you're spreading the JA-cuisine on that side of the world. More power!! More love!!! Nuff blessings! Endorse to the MAX-MAX!!!

Dee On
19:38 PM November 20, 2012

great blog !

Hilary Nicholson
20:19 PM November 20, 2012

great blog!

22:22 PM November 20, 2012

Chef and Steward is great. The pictures are fabulous and the aticles are funny and relatable. Keep up the great work guys!

22:49 PM November 20, 2012

The most refreshing food blog in the UAE and on the web!

23:03 PM November 20, 2012

The thing that sets Chef and Steward apart is their warm Jamaican hospitality. When you visit their blog, you get that great island feeling like you are being invited into their home, kitchen and dinner table.  They have managed to create something new and different and that is why they should win!  If you can manage to remain true to who you are and your culture while still integrating with your new expat home and somehow find a way to merge them all together,  then that is the mark of a successful expatriate venture. I happily go along with their ride!

23:10 PM November 20, 2012

nice blog. Love it!

23:11 PM November 20, 2012

Every aspect of food, the kitchen and entertaining is covered. My epicurean hang out spot.

23:24 PM November 20, 2012


00:02 AM November 21, 2012

Love it! Will definitely be a regular visitor.

00:34 AM November 21, 2012

A big fan

Chef Kennardo
04:23 AM November 21, 2012

I think these guys are Amazing, truly talented and I love the blog. Chef Kennardo!

Donald Burnett
07:03 AM November 21, 2012

Absolutely fabulous! Michelin star quality!!

Nadine Stangl
08:42 AM November 21, 2012

great work and sights in the inside scene

10:17 AM November 21, 2012

This is a blog manned by a talented writer, a professional chef and a food and lifestyle photographer. You can witness Kari's journalistic training and Chef Lij's culinary expertise. Well balanced and totally unique.

Michelle Washington
17:43 PM November 21, 2012

you're top notch !

18:13 PM November 21, 2012

Love the variety in content and beautiful photos!

21:55 PM November 21, 2012

Chef and Steward's merge of eastern and western cuisine in our global society has made the art of cooking a delightful experience.

Neil Bennett
22:56 PM November 21, 2012

You have my support.

03:02 AM November 22, 2012

Great blog, very entertaining and refreshing

08:27 AM November 22, 2012

Love this amazing blog! Bravo!

Ed Baugh
08:54 AM November 22, 2012

What good is a food blog without great images? Chef and Steward has gorgeous pictures that really make the food stand out. I go for the photos and stay for the great collection of recipes and information. I never go wrong with their recipes. My 4 stars!

Brandon Hamilton
18:52 PM November 22, 2012

This super team has definitely got my vote! The Chef is super knowledgeable as his his culinary queen of a wife. Talent like this needs to be celebrated!

Margaret Thomas
21:34 PM November 23, 2012


Debbie Bayley-Hay
09:25 AM November 24, 2012

Loving every word of it, already using the recipes for my family of 5 boys , who when asked what they would like for dinner, retort "variety mom" LOL

16:28 PM November 24, 2012

Excellent food blog!

16:29 PM November 24, 2012

I am Emirati and this is my favourite expat blog. They know a lot about food and teach me a lot. They are very nice kind people. They should win.

20:50 PM November 24, 2012

Great blog, fantastic recipes and out of this world photography! Keep the ideas and advice coming.

Winston Pryce
01:37 AM November 25, 2012

Best food blog on the net!! esay and delicious recipies. Feels like home!

18:00 PM November 25, 2012

I often try the vegetarian dishes and am always delighted. Who knew we could have a meal with meat...LOVE it. The writing and the images are always warm, inviting and always professional...BIG UP

18:35 PM November 25, 2012

Started following Chef and Steward a few months ago and I have not been disappointed! Great info and great recipes!

19:55 PM November 25, 2012

Great Blog!!

Karen Mitchell
22:25 PM November 25, 2012

Absolutely the best blog for any cook, even novice me. Chef and Steward have totally increased my confidence in the kitchen. I've gone from zero to hero by subscribing to their blog. I learn so much and the recipes are easy and fool proof!

23:22 PM November 25, 2012

I love this blog. You can tell they put time into creating each post.

Magic Of Spice
23:24 PM November 25, 2012

Beautiful site and recipes!

K. Lewis
12:29 PM November 26, 2012

I for one prefer food blogs about cookery especially because anyone can talk about what they ate where and snap pictures and place on Facebook but not everyone can cook! Plus it is way too expensive for the average Jill and Joe to eat out in Dubai all the time so real people with real budgets need Chef and Steward.

Herb Reid
12:35 PM November 26, 2012

Super talented duo with a really innovative blog!

Elijah W.
12:43 PM November 26, 2012

This blog teaches basic cooking techniques and how to transform ordinary ingredients into sensational meals. I really feel am learning and it is cool to have a man on a food blog. Go Chef! My vote.

12:49 PM November 26, 2012

Love that these Jamaicans are adding some flavour to our lives!

Chef G
12:57 PM November 26, 2012

Chef Lij is an amazing chef and his wife is a good cook! Win win win!

Angela Clarke
13:01 PM November 26, 2012

These two are as genuine and amazing in person as they are on the blog and that is why they have all this support including mine! They are two of the nicest people I know.

Raul 'Bones' Dunkley
13:47 PM November 26, 2012

Great Culinary Presentations Every-Time. Great Photos. Great Team. I've always admired since day one they started blogging and sharing their interest and beautiful stories. Cosmic Love & Joy.

Al Morrison
13:51 PM November 26, 2012

Great food all the time!

16:11 PM November 26, 2012

Fantastic blog and great recipes. Perfect blog for a foodie!

18:02 PM November 26, 2012

Brilliant work! This blog is an artful mix of cultures and does an excellent job of showcasing the local culture and debunk stereotypes. The natural talent just oozes out of Chef and Steward effortlessly.

A. Hamilton
18:16 PM November 26, 2012

The authenticity, knowledge and integrity of this blog really shows that it is professional in its approach to blogging. It's not always about big budgets and it is honest and way beyond surface.

18:26 PM November 26, 2012

"Absolutely marvellous!"

Anna Roberts
18:33 PM November 26, 2012

My husband and kids have benefited from Chef and Steward as their recipes are so practical and easy and so heavenly flavoursome :)

18:37 PM November 26, 2012

Splendid work and worth every praise

18:40 PM November 26, 2012

The kind of blog every expat will enjoy and find useful no matter where you are. Outstanding!

Chef Anna
20:32 PM November 26, 2012

Stellar blog! Such a great use of social media!

20:36 PM November 26, 2012

Love the professionalism of the blog. It is great to get the perspectives of industry experts like the Chef and Steward themselves.

20:55 PM November 26, 2012

Love the professionalism of the blog. It is great to get the perspectives of industry experts like the Chef and Steward themselves.

20:59 PM November 26, 2012

Such graceful writing, amazing photography and proficient culinary skills!

21:04 PM November 26, 2012

Chef and Steward makes cooking at home and hosting dinner parties sexy!

21:09 PM November 26, 2012

Love Chef and Steward!

Dexter Charlton
21:20 PM November 26, 2012

Whenever I want to impress my girlfriend, I go to this blog for ideas and it never fails. I do not cook everyday but I like to make the most of it when I do.

21:30 PM November 26, 2012

Tantalising blog for the astute foodie!

Elle Blanche
22:01 PM November 26, 2012


Campbell Phillips
22:42 PM November 26, 2012

You guys rock!

Kerry Mc
23:07 PM November 26, 2012

I use Chef and Steward as a food compass as it is hard for a new expat to find food related items in Dubai. Things are all over the place and they make my life a lot easier!

23:12 PM November 26, 2012

Kari is a gifted writer and photographer and her husband is an equally gifted chef. Kudos on a brilliant undertaking!

23:30 PM November 26, 2012

best of the best!

01:24 AM November 27, 2012

Kari is my former colleague in the newsroom and her brilliance shines through on this blog. She is equally matched with the culinary wonders of Chef Lij. Cheers.

01:32 AM November 27, 2012

I love bob marley jerk chicken and chef and steward

Babs Johnson
01:35 AM November 27, 2012

I am so proud of my niece and her husband. They have proven that talents have no borders and cannot be hidden under a bushel. Continue to let your light shine.

Chef Calvin
01:39 AM November 27, 2012

Go Chef Lij !

01:50 AM November 27, 2012

Keep flying high!

Faizal Ahmed
01:53 AM November 27, 2012

nice work

05:42 AM November 27, 2012

Aweseome blog!

06:40 AM November 27, 2012

I'm rooting for you!

13:46 PM November 27, 2012

Rasta man vibrations! Tek it to dem mi seh!!!

Marsha Murray
14:20 PM November 27, 2012

Good luck and best wishes to you both. Your blog is interesting I will have to try some of your recipies for sure!

14:30 PM November 27, 2012

Excellent blog. Very easy to follow recipes.

14:42 PM November 27, 2012


Frances W.
15:11 PM November 27, 2012

Beautifully presented and lots of great ideas. Wonderful introduction to West Indian cuisine.

15:44 PM November 27, 2012

One of the many things I love about Chef and Steward is that they feature the authentic, exotic flavours of Jamaica and weave them into this amazing blog.

D. Morrison
16:04 PM November 27, 2012

It is the first food blog that I have come across that brings way more to the table than just recipes or reviews. Love the originality.

17:07 PM November 27, 2012

Be all you can be.

Natz Hey
19:11 PM November 27, 2012

Great blog........keep representing JA! guh haad or guh home!

Kish Miller
02:55 AM November 28, 2012

Good job mi breddren. Keep up the good work.

Scarlett Beharie
05:48 AM November 28, 2012

fantastic representation of Jamaican flavour on international cuisine. keep up the good work,

06:13 AM November 28, 2012

Dear chef Lij and Karen ....i really appreciat all your staf just amazing . I really like the way how you cut the chicken........I really wish you all the best......

Shawn E. S.
13:08 PM November 28, 2012

Thank you for your delightful, sumptuous and tasty additions to the international cuisine offerings.

15:12 PM November 28, 2012

Great Blog!

16:48 PM November 28, 2012

Love Love Love this Blog ..always entertaining and informative!!

20:55 PM November 28, 2012

Absolutely fabulous!!!

21:18 PM November 28, 2012

This blog is a winner! I love everything about it - including the concept, the love story of Chef and Steward, the writing which is beautiful, the colourful and scrumptious photography and the recipes and features which are flavoured with that special Chef and Steward seasoning. Let's keep the votes for this blog coming !

01:52 AM November 29, 2012

Great blog love the insight of both professional chef and home cook

02:02 AM November 29, 2012

The variate of this blog is great.

02:06 AM November 29, 2012

Amazing photos and recipes

03:05 AM November 29, 2012

Fantastic and amazing recipes and photos

Terence Archie
09:26 AM November 29, 2012

Truly inspiring. Please keep doing what you're doing.

13:19 PM November 29, 2012

Its just amazing the different recipes

13:23 PM November 29, 2012

Excellent read!

14:22 PM November 29, 2012

Chef and Steward is a really spectacular blog that delivers on every post! I love my email subscription because I always learn something new or get inspired.

14:29 PM November 29, 2012

I have had they pleasure of working with Chef and Steward on projects and they are consummate professionals with A1 skill sets!

14:32 PM November 29, 2012

pics are so amazing!

15:16 PM November 29, 2012

From videos to photos to writing- all of the highest standard on Chef and Steward!

15:50 PM November 29, 2012

Chef and Steward is the food blog for those who work in the industry and those who are really into food and want to learn more about it.

Saleem Hasan
16:04 PM November 29, 2012

I love love love love love

Coco Cooks
17:01 PM November 29, 2012

Great hospitality and food blog with a international flair.

Brandon Donaldoson
20:10 PM November 29, 2012

I heard this site through a family member of yours, i follow your blog to view creative new ways of enjoying dinner, keep up the good work

20:15 PM November 29, 2012

A remarkable blog and such an inspiration to us all!

20:39 PM November 29, 2012

I dont do food blogs but I really dig Chef and Steward that says something about how much they stand out.

20:46 PM November 29, 2012

This is the only food blog that I don't feel funny looking at and following because they tend to be so feminine which is understandable since most of them are done by women but as a man, I really like the presence of Chef Lij. I would love to get to cook with him one day too.

Randy Brown
20:55 PM November 29, 2012

I work in the industry and I can vouch that this blog really represents the profession with distinction. I see many blogs from the UAE but this one has earned my respect and devoted following.

21:16 PM November 29, 2012

The combination of Chef and Steward is delicious!

21:20 PM November 29, 2012

The recipes on Chef and Steward are practical and so easy to do. Plus the ingredients are easy to find and they give suggestions for those that are hard to find plus substitutions. By far the thing I love most is how much technique they manage to sneak in so I learn so much more than how to follow a recipe.

Tiffany Harrison
21:28 PM November 29, 2012

I am not a fan of the kitchen but this blog makes me swoon!

21:42 PM November 29, 2012

Chef and Steward helped me to stock my kitchen very efficiently and now I look forward to cooking, thanks a lot!

Nicole Miller
21:47 PM November 29, 2012

This blog helps me get tasty dinners on the table so voting is the least I can do to say thanks for being such a huge help!

21:51 PM November 29, 2012

Its just great to see a blog that is honest and gives both advice and recipe's. I'm in the industry and its refreshing to see husband and wife shining bright like a diamond.

21:58 PM November 29, 2012

This is the most innovative blog in the UAE. They are playing by their own rules and have gained credibility by being so ethical even whilst doing so.

Rose R.
22:03 PM November 29, 2012

I found this blog recently when I was researching Jamaican recipes and I have been hooked since! Yummy yummy in my tummy!

22:13 PM November 29, 2012

Did the jerk chicken for my husband and he loves it. Other recipes I have tried. this blog is amazing. It gone a lead

Bjorn Schmidt
22:31 PM November 29, 2012

excited you have gotten this far now I want to see you at the top!

22:42 PM November 29, 2012

This blog is adding all the spices and flavours of Jamaica to Arabia- nom nom nom nom!

23:17 PM November 29, 2012

Yes Iya! Caribbean flavours well represented on Chef and Steward. Looking forward to more recipes from your side of the world (hint)!

05:53 AM November 30, 2012

You have added a richness to the blogs from the UAE because you've got so much soulfulness. Keep at it.

06:20 AM November 30, 2012

It is always such a treat to visit Chef and Steward's blog

Eva Pavlova
07:20 AM November 30, 2012


Gabby Heron
07:55 AM November 30, 2012

The thing that fascinates me about Chef and Steward is their originality. The way they write, and what they write, their images... all of these elements add to a feeling of being made completely from scratch in a very authentic way. I vote for Chef and Steward!

08:08 AM November 30, 2012

Totally loving ChefandSteward!

08:14 AM November 30, 2012

Thanks for all the low carb recipes you have posted with ingredients that I can find in the UAE as you know first hand how hard it is because diabetics have it hard.

Akida Atkinson
08:18 AM November 30, 2012

I love to suprise my Jamaican husband by cooking something from your blog that reminds him of home :)

08:24 AM November 30, 2012

I dont like food blogs but I love this one

K.A. Morrison
08:31 AM November 30, 2012

You are both so inspiring!

08:34 AM November 30, 2012

Yes they should win!! Informative and creative blog! Great job!

08:43 AM November 30, 2012

If there was ever a blog in the UAE that truly deserved to win, yours would be it No PR fluff, just real substance

08:52 AM November 30, 2012

I am married to a chef and this is the only blog that both myself and my hubby subscribe to because we can both identify with Chef and Steward

09:05 AM November 30, 2012

"Soulful, Tantalizing, Amazing, Fantastic, Delicious, Innovative, Original, Informative, Creative, Fascinating, Spectacular, Scrumptious, Beautiful, Colourful, Delightful, Gifted, Authentic, Talented, Professional, Authentic, Brilliant"- just some of the adjectives used by others in there comments here and all are synonymous with "Chef and Steward!"

James Heron
09:10 AM November 30, 2012

Wow! Reading all the comments, I am not only proud of your work but the impact you are having in Dubai UAE and further afield!

Marlen Bowen
09:18 AM November 30, 2012

you are culinary superstars!

09:30 AM November 30, 2012

I always look forward to your posts!

Liz Lawless
09:35 AM November 30, 2012

The storytelling is just so enthralling and the photos just gorgeous!

09:40 AM November 30, 2012


09:51 AM November 30, 2012

Splendid blog!

09:59 AM November 30, 2012

Kari + Lij prove that it is not impossible to leave your region where you are well known and respected and go make a name for yourself where no one knows who you are. They have built their reputation on hard work and a sincerity and that is certainly worth voting for!

10:05 AM November 30, 2012

brilliant collaboration between husband and wife.

Finula O.
10:10 AM November 30, 2012

Well done! Cheers!

10:14 AM November 30, 2012

sheer brilliance!

10:17 AM November 30, 2012

Of course I came over to Chef and Steward looking for some inspiration to cook today :)

Joy Louise
10:21 AM November 30, 2012

What a delight it was to meet you both on my last visit to dubai! Lovely people!

12:29 PM November 30, 2012

Simple easy to follow instructions for those of us who are not so savvy in the kitchen.Thanks.

Shaka Cooke
12:31 PM November 30, 2012

Bless....keep on doing your thing

14:15 PM November 30, 2012

Best in the business

14:24 PM November 30, 2012

When reading Chef and Steward, you feel Kari and Lij's genuine love for each other and food jump off the pages. Their recipes are healthy and easy to execute, wonderful culinary ambassadors mixing their spicy Jamaican heritage with some Dubai flavour which appeals to international palates. Blessings in abundance!

16:09 PM November 30, 2012

Love M.E. some Chef and Steward!!

17:19 PM November 30, 2012

Simply brilliant, guys! Keep on doing wht u doing!

17:48 PM November 30, 2012

Love their food, photos, recipes, and refreshing take on life.

18:24 PM November 30, 2012

Great photography, excellent commentary and the food, oh the food... I love the picture on the wall of your dining room. Nice...

Sandra Fletcher
19:41 PM November 30, 2012

Awesome info...great food

11:08 AM December 01, 2012

Great work!!!

Michelle Crowl
23:28 PM December 01, 2012

Loads of delicious recipes, keep on sharing your talent! Love it.

Cheryl | Black Girl Chef's Whites
23:42 PM December 02, 2012

Chef and Steward is one of the best food blogs out there, and there is a lot of competition!

07:49 AM December 03, 2012

Great blog.

Marta´s Kitchen
09:55 AM December 04, 2012

Vibrant and fun couple with an amazing blog!

Ayesha Dunbar
20:25 PM December 09, 2012

Great stuff, the sky is the limit!

Auntie Louise
04:05 AM May 21, 2013

Splendid work and layouts!!! Delightful and appetising recipees and foods. Great Duo. Best wishes Kari and hubby. Keep up the good work.

07:40 AM December 08, 2015

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