Cuenca Perspectives by Jim

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Cuenca Perspectives by Jim
With my sons making their own lives, it was time for their "old man" to spread his wings and fly again as well. Cuenca is now my home, and I couldn't be happier.
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Al Bourassa
03:08 AM November 10, 2012

Jimbo, You rock!!

05:17 AM November 10, 2012

Such a well written blog! Makes me feel like I'm right their in Ecuador!

06:41 AM November 10, 2012

love this blog because there are information and a lot of stuff very useful for the people that want to visit and live in Cuenca,Ecuador . I think is wonderful for the pictures and for all the things you write and also you are a good writer . keep doing this please you are great in this .

20:40 PM November 10, 2012

Jim, I just love your blog; I think it is rather a quite in-depth analysis of the society where you live now. I agree with your opinion that consumerism and the weakening of the family structure will prove detrimental to society. Unfortunately, they seem to go hand-in-hand and at an accelerated pace. I also like the fresh perspective you bring to your blog and, of course, I enjoy being able to "travel" to Cuenca whenever I read it. Why don't you publish it somewhere?

01:10 AM November 11, 2012

Would give your blog more than 5 stars if I could. You write well and very interestingly. Thank God, it's not just another one telling where you went and what you ate! I've been intrigued since I first discovered "CuencaPerspectives" more than two years ago. In fact, your blog was influential in my decision to come here last year and return this year. Your photographic skills leave me so envious. Keep on doing what you do so well!

Peggy Kolarik
01:44 AM November 11, 2012

informative and actual with a touch of humor to make it interesting.

21:32 PM November 12, 2012

Well written, informative and great perspectives about life around Cuenca. I fully agree with your comments. It is like being impart of the movie 'Back To The Future'. Not too long ago, I was standing in a modern appliance store next to a 2012 Samsung Washer and Dryer with all of the bells and whistles. As I looked out the window towards the river I watched people washing their clothes in the river. I thought about how that was not a 50 year difference, but probably one hundred year difference. You still see people delivering milk in milk cans - sixty years or more and farmers plowing with wooden plows not steel plows - a one hundred and fifty year difference. On the opposite hand, everyone has a cell phone, even the people washing their clothes in the river and more people are getting internet every day. In just one year, the top internet speeds have more than doubled. I could write a books on the diversities found in every day life. The sad part about living in the movie 'Back To The Future' is that you know what is happening to the family unit and the attitudes of the youth. You know things like the bad effects of GMO foods and these are things that they have not experienced or have any knowledge of - things that will begin to change and hurt their culture. This gives me heaviness of heart. On the other hand, many things of the future will be positive changes and that will be good for this culture. As for gringos moving to Cuenca and not learning the language or even trying, that is another sad event. It is like being Helen Keller - you can see things going on, but you cannot hear anything being said. You do not have the ability to experience a full life in your new country. The really sad thing that I have experienced is when I have seen gringos yelling at the Ecuadorians because they did not understand English. Sorry gringos, but Ecuador is a Spanish speaking country and you need to learn the language - not get mad at them for not understanding English.

Ron Mola
18:13 PM November 14, 2012

Well written and informative. Gives the reader an inside view of life in South America and insights for anyone who may be thinking of moving there.

04:00 AM November 28, 2013

Having recently found this site, and with a trip planned to Cuenca in the future, am in the process of catching up on previous entries. Jim Mola, having lived in Cuenca for nearly three years, speaks with authority on numerous subjects - including the nuts and bolts one needs to understand prior to any planned relocation - either be a short visit, or maybe, longer. It is apparent, Jim does his homework - for not only are his enteries consistently well written, many reads as a good essay, providing far more depth and insight to a subject than one would expect to find. Initial readers of these type of blogs will remain dedicated readers as long as the information is relative to them - and we, as a group, have an array of different interests. To that point, and to learn many additional things pertinent to Cuenca, suggest a new reader review his blog archives, to include the "label" section, where previous subject material can easily be found, being listed in ABC order.

21:59 PM January 06, 2014

I so enjoyed your insightful writing. Do you know if there is a forum where singles can share information? Specifically, I'm seriously considering Cuenca in late 2014. I have started researching & quickly discovered budgets appear to be based on couples, not a single person. Also, is there a forum where one might communicate with other like minded singles about condo or home sharing? Thanks!

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