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Expat Blog Awards 2013

"Apparently we speak the same language" - 9 ways to get along in New York City

I live in New York City. I am from the UK and I’m here with my family and we are one year into a three year stint. I want to talk about language. I speak English, Americans speak English. Good start, you would think, but think again. My first tip starts with the obvious: learn the important words which are different. I have two small...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

13 Traits of the American Convenience Culture

America loves convenience and is going the extra mile to accommodate that need in every day life. Here are 13 very convenient examples, that you may or may not like. Drive Thru Can it be any easier to get cash at an ATM, drop off some old fashioned paper checks or pick up a prescription at the Pharmacy after getting lunch at your...
Expat Culture Shock

5 Culture Shocks Faced by British Expats in America

It has often been said that Britain and The United States are two countries separated by a common language. But any British expat residing in one of the 50 states will tell you that language is only the beginning; that American life itself is chock-full of idiosyncrasies, routines, and practices that differ so noticeably from those of...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

7 Expat Experiences to Keep it Real in Los Angeles

Los Angeles. Do you have visions of botoxed faces at the supermarket, paparazzi flashes on whitened teeth, red convertibles balancing surfboards and implants in bikinis? What about Mickey Mouse ears and blockbuster movie rides, celebrity spotting or palm trees waving over steroid pumping muscles?In the past year I’ve observed all of those,...
Writing Contest October 2012

Being a Desperate Housewife in Washington

The Dream Once upon a time there was a wife and mother who liked her life very much and knew she was very lucky, but all the time she wished for more adventure. She dreamed of new lands and wished to see new things. She was troubled by these dreams and so one day she spoke to her husband, a wise and gentle man, who listened to her pleas....
Education and International Schools

Chewing Gum as a Reward?… Getting Acquainted with Weird American School Customs

Starting school in America has taken a bit of getting used to for my daughter and me. Certain things we expected to be different like spelling and history but some we didn’t anticipate, like having to re-learn the words for punctuation. Her third grade class have reading and comprehension tests every few days, a grading system for every...
Writing Contest October 2012

Expat lessons 101

Here´s what I learned: Read as much as you can about the country and its traditions beforehand. It helps being prepared, both in language skills as well as what to expect when you´re there. Learn the language and respect the culture you´re in. Be open and understanding. There are gonna be things that you don´t understand or find...
Expat Culture Shock

My experience with culture shock in America as an American raised abroad

Culture Shock. These two words have been part of my vocabulary from an early age. My American parents were living in England when I was born. I grew up moving around military bases in Europe until I was seventeen years old. My only regret not being fluent in a second language from moving frequently from one country to another. With each...
Writing Contest March 2013

Nine Random Things I Didn't Know About Living In America...

(Full Title:) Nine Random Things I Didn't Know About Living In America Before I Moved Here And Am Not Sure If I Am Glad I Didn't, But Which Are Now Fairly Integral Things in My Life As A British Expat In The USA We really do speak a different language The other day an American friend asked me how I was and I replied “I’m fine” and...
Writing Contest March 2013

The seven "secrets" that make the Tennessee Valley a desirable location for expats

The second question future expats usually ponder is: “Can I see myself living there?” Not always are the destinations for a foreign assignment exactly bucket list locations. Depending on your home culture, your international job assignment, and your expectations for an expatriate experience, some places can be downright deal-breakers...
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