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Writing Contest March 2013

10 Men I Shouldn't Have Met In Paris

Paris is the city of romance, the city where couples come for lovey-dovey getaways and singles come in the hope of being whisked off their feet. Well, it’s not always the case. Here is the story of my expat experience in Paris, through a list of the top 10 men I should not have met. Monsieur Le Propriétaire "Oui, Mademoiselle, this is...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

10 Reasons why expat life in France is like a box of chocolates

The expat experience is deeply personal and different for every single person who leaves the comforts of home to embark on a new life abroad. Sometimes life in France is eye opening and inspiring and other times it’s frustrating and lonely. For me, being an expat in France can be compared to a box of chocolates. Yes, really. Here’s...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

6 Things You Should Know About the South of France if You Want to Blend in

If you're an American like me, you'll know that our whole lives we are told things like "be yourself," "stand out from the crowd," and "be unique." Yet it seems that when trying to make a new country home, all we want to do is blend in. We don't want to be labeled as a "foreigner" or "tourist," so we try to slip below the radar. Maybe once...
Writing Contest October 2012

Building a social life in France

There is a lot to love here in the French Riviera - the culture, the scenery, the food, and the lifestyle don’t leave much to be desired. But over the past year or so, I have found it quite lonely at times. I miss throwing dinner parties and meeting friends for drinks after work. Frankly, I miss having a social life. In some ways...
Writing Contest October 2012

Coping with Living Abroad

The glamour of jet setting or that dreaded feeling of homesickness? What does living abroad mean to you? For me, moving away from home was an escape from a world that felt like an old pair of jeans — comfortable, familiar and reliable. That old pair lacked the sparkle I desired, and I was ready to embrace a new and colourful...
Working Abroad

Geneva......a job seeker’s Eldorado?

If you’re the sort of person who is often jetted off to some new foreign clime by a global conglomerate, to be met on arrival by an army of relocation agents, chauffeur-driven cars, nannies, personal chefs and the like, then this article may not be your cup of tea. On the other hand, if you fancy dipping your toe into the choppy waters of...
Writing Contest March 2013

How Do You Like Your Lyon? Ten Distinctive Ways to Experience Lyon

TYPIQUE Start the day in touristy Vieux Lyon with a brioche praliné from the trendy Boulangerie du Palais, the bakery that specializes in this pink, almond candy covered in cooked sugar and baked into everything sweet in this town (cakes, cookies, breads, etc.) Sugar Coma in the Morning Wander the cobble-stoned streets and marvel at...
Working Abroad

Maytime Mayhem: the eye of the French working cyclone

It is May. We’re in France. I have a job. So does my husband. My kids go to school and don’t play truant. So why are we all at home on a week day? Because it’s a bank holiday. Again. I never thought I needed regularity, with the exception of strictly personal and functional phenomena that we won’t go into here. I pretty much go...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

Nice Wine! Hidden Grapes of the French and Italian Riviera

One of the more exciting aspects of the big move overseas is in discovering the gastronomic delights of your new homeland. Kangaroo in Sydney? Champagne in Champagne? The spectrum runs from the weird to the wonderful!The last seven years for this Sydney girl have been a veritable voyage into the culinary treasures of Southern France and...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

One American Tradition and the Top 10 Lessons to Surviving Life in France

Imagine. You are an American celebrating your first Thanksgiving in France. You have to improvise some, but find most of the ingredients you need for the feast. You have everything. Except for the turkey. You walk over to the local butcher two weeks before the big day and ask if it’s possible to order a six-kilo bird. He laughs in your...
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