Top Ten Most Romantic Travel Plans for Peru

By: Anna Virkama

For many people, Peru may not ring as a romantic travel destination such as Greece, Italy or Tahiti, but during the time I have lived in Peru now -a bit over one year – I have discovered many fantastic places where to go for a couple holiday. I am offering here my Top Ten list to romantic things to do and see in Peru (not in a specific order!).

  1. Laguna Azul in Highland Jungle Peaceful lakeshore hidden in the jungle. Certainly a tourist attraction of the region, but still relatively quiet and with a sense of authenticity. Stay in a bungalow at La Cabaña del Lago, to have a direct access to the lagoon. At the day time, take a swim and with a bit of luck, you can see a beautiful rainbow over the lagoon, and at the night time, kayaking at the moon light may just become one of the most romantic moments of your trip.

    Laguna Azul
    Laguna Azul

  2. Arequipa Walking around in colonial Arequipa with its white buildings and cobble stone streets. Pop into a peña, traditional dancing place to hear some live music and enjoy with moderation a pisco sour cocktail made of local grape brandy, lime juice, syrup, Angostura bitters, covered with an egg white foam and sprinkled with cinnamon. Then continue for a dinner in one of the small, romantic restaurant to enjoy Arequipan gastronomy, well appreciated in Peru.

  3. Lima In Lima, take a walk at the beachside boulevard, starting from El Parque del Amor garden in Miraflores district, and then catch the sunset in bohemian Barranco neighbourhood. Or even better: book a room from Second Home Peru and watch the sunset over the Southern Pacific Ocean directly from your bed -or even from your bathtube! The hotel is a house and atelier of famous Peruvian artist Victor Delfín, and it is full of interesting art pieces. Later in the night, pop into some of the small bars with live music such as Afro-Peruvian jazz in La Noche, or go to an art gallery – you can for example visit the brand new Contemporary Art Museum, MAC. Then dance the night away in one of the numerous clubs of the neighbourhood.

    Ocean view from Second Home Peru
    Ocean view from Second Home Peru

  4. Machu Picchu Visit the ruins of Machu Pichu, 15th century Inca site in 2430 meters of altitude. Visiting one of the seven wonders of the world with your partner is an experience you will remember the rest of your life. If you are sporty, you can test your relationship by trekking the famous Inca Trail route, which will take you to the ruins through jungle and mountains. If after four days hike you are still happily in love, enter the ruins at sunrise through the Gate of the Sun.

  5. Cusco After visiting Machu Picchu, take at least a day or two to visit the city of Cusco, the ancient capital of Inca empire, which is said to have a very special energy. Explore the eclectic architecture of the city, with Inca, pre-Inca and Colonial influences, and the great artistic works of Cusco Art School. If you have been hiking or otherwise need to relax your muscles, sauna, jacuzzi and massage can help. Many places offer treatments using traditional Andean herbs and plants.

  6. Beaches in Northern Peru Máncora, Vichayito, Zorritos...many of these beaches have become popular wedding places for Peruvians. And no wonder: the scenery could not be better, with the white beach and sunset as a background. Ride horses to the sunset, surf or kitesurf all days, eat oysters and lobsters, or try the Northern speciality, particularly powerful aphrodisiac, black shells ceviche plate, known as ceviche de conchas negra.

    Beach in North of Peru
    Beach in North of Peru

  7. Amazonian region. If your love spell has went dry in past years, you could travel to the jungle and consult with a real Peruvian shaman. It may occur that you need a cleansing session in order to reset your energies. Or just a flower bath may help! Whereas if your love is already bearing fruit, let the pink river dolphins in the Amazon river tell. These dolphins are said to be attracted to pregnant women, so if a dolphin comes to poke your belly, it means there are some happy news on the way! Book a jungle lodge with your partner and enjoy the planets most diverse flora and fauna.

  8. Huaraz. Huaraz in the Peruvian Andes is a must place for nature lovers. You can practice sports such as climbing or snowboarding, or shop for alpaca pullovers and ponchos, but more than anything Huaraz is known for its spectacular scenery with clear blue sky and mountain views.

  9. Paracas. Paracas region with its natural reserve is worth visiting for a day or two. Take a boat tour to see sealions, dolphins, turtles and a variety of birds. Stay at the luxurious Hotel Paracas, and include a visit to the city of Pisco, where the famous Peruvian grape brandy with the same name comes from.

  10. The Old Center of Lima. Return to Lima, and take some time to visit the old colonial center, elected as the Ibero-American Cultural Capital for 2014. Conclude your visit with a romantic dinner. Peru is also known as the Gastronomy Capital of South America, and you will find a good restaurant whatever your budget it. Order a ceviche, marinated fish salad, and don't forget to drink the marinade sauce known as leche de tigre, Tiger milk. It is said to be a natural viagra, so your romantic trip is guaranteed to have a happy end!

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