Top 10 Places to Steal a Kiss in Amsterdam

By: California Girl

The view from Canvas rooftop café
The view from Canvas rooftop café

The Dutch are not the most demonstrative people in the world, so when you want to show your affection best if you are subtle.  Anyway, there is nothing finer than smooching when no one is looking.  Here are some random places where you can sneak a kiss in Amsterdam.  Have more ideas?  I would love to know . . .

  1. While admiring the 7 Bridges:  There is a special place in Amsterdam where you can see 7 bridges all at once.  Best if you do this at night as they are gorgeous when all lit up.  It is ridiculously romantic and if you can do it on a boat all the better.  However, just puckering up on the bridge while peering to see all 7 is very acceptable and highly recommended.  Located just behind the Rembrandtplein on the Reguliersgracht.  There is also a 7 Bridges Hotel there so you can find it easily.

    Inside the Tuschinski
    Inside the Tuschinski

  2. In a Private Box at the Tuschinski:  The Tuschinski is an Art Deco splendor with lots of nooks and crannies where you could potentially kiss, but nothing is finer than sneaking a big fat one when in loge seating on your own love seat for two while swilling champagne, having a bite and enjoying the show.  I would even dare a French kiss once the lights were down in that beautiful theater.

  3. While holding hands and cycling:  Kissing while cycling is seen on rare occasions, but it is always a joy to witness two lovers holding hands on their bikes and then suddenly they pull together for the sweetest of kisses without missing a beat.  *Tip: Practice in the park so as not to harm anyone, especially yourself, as someone once told me that they smashed into a pole while attempting this on the Dam Square.

    A typical Brown Bar
    A typical Brown Bar

  4. In the back of a Brown Bar:  A brown bar is an old traditional, “I have been here since 1642” sort of bar with worn down stone stairs and antique fixtures, usually including a crusty barman.  The bars are brown from many years of smoke, which has since left an unmistakable mark on said establishment.  Here you are advised to drink a local beer on tap, think Heineken, or get a glass of Jenever (Dutch gin), maybe even indulge in a fine scotch, but don't leave until you lay juicy one on your partner. Bottoms up!

  5. On the tram:  If you live in Holland you cycle, especially in the city where it is difficult to park your car.  However, if you dare not jump on a bike, you will most likely be riding around town on a tram.  The tram has a sharp, but cute bell that says, "Hey watch out, I'm here."  For some natives who always cycle, taking the tram is a treat and can be very romantic, especially on date night.  So, sit in back, give your lover a wet one and enjoy the ride.

    Watching the Arctic Monkeys from the balcony at the Paradiso
    Watching the Arctic Monkeys from the balcony at the Paradiso

  6. In the balcony at the Paradiso:  The Paradiso used to be a church, then some crazy, but forward thinking hippies squatted it and it became a music venue.  Now one of the most loved places to play by many musicians, it is an institution for live acts.  The sound is amazing.  On the first floor there is a white balcony that has a little part that sticks out and oversees the dance floor.  People come early to get this special seat.  If you can get it, you will be the belle of the ball and what better place to sneak a kiss then when either no is looking or everyone is?  Go on, you can do it.  Too much pressure?  Anywhere on the balcony is just as good.

  7. Under a tree in the Vondelpark:  The Vondelpark has been recently ramped up and when the sun graces us with his presence the whole city rushes out to the park and immediately launches into an all day party.  It is like being at the beach.  People traipse out with their homey blankets and bottles of wine & cheeses and the atmosphere is fun and carefree.  Who wouldn't want to make out under a tree in these lovely surroundings?

  8. While admiring the view from atop a Sky Bar:  A big view deserves a big kiss.  A kiss that says, "Thanks for bringing me here." or "I can't wait to get you home" or “Look there is my house.” Some of my faves:  Blue Sky Bar on top of the Kalvertoren on the Kalverstraat, Canvas op 7e on the Wibautstraat, M|Café at Metz & Co. on the Leidsestraat, from the Bimhuis box at the Muziekgebouw and from any attic window in Amsterdam. 

  9. In the Bigijnhof on the Spui: The Bigijnhof is an inner courtyard right off the Spui Square.  It is hidden and you might not even know it was there as there is a giant wooden door that when shut you would walk right by.  It used to be a kind of convent, except that the women were free to go whenever they pleased should they want to marry.  There are two churches within the Bigijnhof and precisely because of all the purity and holiness of the space, I think it is a perfect place to have a tiny little kiss that says, "I love you," particularly if you are standing at the altar;)

    Sailing away in Amsterdam
    Sailing away in Amsterdam

  10. On a boat sailing through the canals:  Any Dutch person will tell you that you have not seen Amsterdam until you have seen it by boat.  So, hop on the nearest one you can find, preferably not a tourist boat, and sail around the canals.  You will have a completely different perspective and it is so incredibly romantic that kissing comes naturally.  It's a kiss that says, "This is the best place on earth!"  Now, go get some mints and pucker up.

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Cristina Stoian wrote 11 years ago:

haha, what a nice idea :) I will definitely try some of these!

Mimo wrote 11 years ago:

As usual T, you have outdone yourself! Keep up the good work.

SHERYL wrote 11 years ago:

Love it! well, i suppose the first step would be to find a man worthy to do this with! hahaha!

Lee Herman wrote 11 years ago:

Guess what I'm going to be doing this Summer in Amsterdam! ;) Love the article!

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