Top 5 Things I Love About Egypt

By: Caribbean Girl in Cairo

I have been living here for almost two years and I have to say that there are things I absolutely love about Egypt. They took me by surprise it was like falling in love. If I go live somewhere else or go back home I will definitely crave and want this things. 

1.   Fruits and Vegetables – I believe that Egypt has the best fruits and vegetables in the world. I could be wrong but believe me when I say that they are just so delicious! The fruits are so sweet and juicy as are the vegetables. I mean before coming here I barely ate vegetables and just a few fruits. Now I have to have fresh fruits and vegetables every week! I have become addicted to them! I even told my husband that if we ever move I would dread to find a place where we could buy good fruits and veggies.

2. Going to the movies – I love going to the movies in Egypt. I feel appreciated and taken seriously. Back home I always had to make a line to get a good seat to see the movie. Let’s be real the space is so limited that I always stepped on people! Here in Egypt you choose your seat when you pay! Did you just heard that? I say you get to choose your seat! How neat is that? In the middle of the movie you get a break so you can go to the bathroom or buy snacks.  I fell in love with this treatment. Believe it or not I don’t think I would enjoy the movies If is not like this. Egypt has spoiled this experience for me anywhere else.

3.The Food- Egyptian food is so good! I eat more local food than my husband who’s Egyptian. The food is a mixture of spices and flavors that I had never tasted. Let's not even start with their desserts. Is like a match made in heaven for me. I absolutely love Egyptian desserts. Don’t get me wrong, I miss the food from home but I know that I have eaten things in Egypt that are going to be hard to let go.

4. Shopping - Of course this had to be on the list, I’m a girl! A part from that, there are so many brands and places to buy in Egypt that is just overwhelming. My American self only knew a few brands but here there is everything you can think of. Sometimes in the mall I had to Google some brands just to see if they were famous or not! You can find almost anything here. Best of all if you know where to go you get so many good deals is just every girl’s dreams!

5. Monuments and Touristic Places – Where else can you live and say, I’ll meet you next to the Pyramids. I feel like I live in a history book. The amount of history here is indescribable. You can dig anywhere and probably find a mummy. The architecture of downtown is so old and still intact.  Even the visit to the Museum is something out of this world. The precision of those hieroglyphics carved in stone is just too perfect! I am in love with the history of Egypt and honestly captivated by the beauty of it.

I think I was destined to be in Egypt. There is no other way of putting it. I still have so much to discover that I am pretty sure in a few years this list is going to be like a top twenty. Until then this is it for now. I hope you enjoy my top five list!

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Expat Blog ListingCaribbean Girl in Cairo is a Puerto Rican expat living in Egypt. Blog description: The journey of my new life in Egypt. Marriage, food and everything in between.
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Contest Comments » There are 2 comments

Muhammad wrote 10 years ago:

I found this blog really original in the way she is talking about Egypt though her own personal experiences rather than what she read or heard

Damarie wrote 10 years ago:

Great! I learn so much of Egyp, it make want to go there and experience all that and more.

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