5 Reasons to Become an Expat in Wales

By: Eline Jeanne

I have been an expat in Cardiff now for over a year, and although I love it, I miss the expat environment that I was used to in Vietnam and China. Thus, I have created a list of why more people should move to Wales, with the hope of recruiting some new expats so that we can expand our Welsh expat community!

1.    Castles. Who doesn’t love a castle? Better still, who doesn’t want a castle in the middle of a city? Cardiff Castle is a gem in the heart of Cardiff city center that adds a historical element to the city that I personally love. You can visit Cardiff Castle to explore the history of Cardiff and the Bute family. The castle also hosts a array of events, for example the cheese festival, which is when stalls are set up on the castle grounds with a huge variety of cheeses to taste and try with the sound of live music playing in the background. Besides Cardiff Castle there are many more spread across Wales, a personal favorite being Caerphilly castle, not far away from Cardiff.

2.    Welsh. A perk to moving to any new country is being exposed to a new language. As soon as you arrive in Wales, you will see Welsh. Don’t be afraid though; English is spoken most of the time in bigger cities such as Cardiff, so there is no rush to learn Welsh. I have not had the time yet to learn some basic Welsh, although I do intend to, as I think it is a great way to get to know the culture better. Even if you don’t learn it, you will be exposed to it everyday, as all official signs in Wales are both in English and in Welsh by law.

3.    Dr. Who. Are there any avid Dr. Who fans reading this? If so, pack your bags and move to Wales, because it is paradise for any Dr. Who fan. Particularly Cardiff, where you will find the Dr. Who Experience. Since the series was filmed largely in Cardiff, they are proud of it. Just recently, with the 50 year anniversary of the television series, Cardiff made sure it was ready for the celebrations. Cardiff Castle had the classic Dr. Who Tardis placed on it’s wall for everyone to see! If you have not been introduced to the television series yet I highly recommend it.

4.    Hikes. On the weekends, all you need to do is get on a train for 30 minutes to reach the best hiking trails. Whether you fancy a hike along the Welsh coast, or a forest trail leading you to an old castle, Wales has it all on offer. It is a great way to clear your head, explore a new place, and enjoy nature. My personal favorite place to go for hikes is Merthyr Tydfil. Not far away from Cardiff, it offers multiple different hiking routes.

5.    Rugby. Wales is huge about their rugby, and even if you are not before you move here, you will be as soon as you arrive. Game day is exciting for everyone; people gather in pubs to watch the game, Cardiff city center is packed with lucky ticket holders making their way to the Millennium Stadium to watch the game live, and there is a general feeling of excitement in the air. For those keener to play the game rather then watch it, there are several teams that you can join. If you are looking to play the sport in a more relaxed manner, head over to Bute Park to make use of their public rugby pitches.

So, have I convinced you? These are just 5 reasons out of many why Wales is such an amazing place to live, and why I love to live here. Having a few more expats come over would just be the icing on the cake.

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Expat Blog ListingEline Jeanne is a Dutch expat living in Wales. Blog description: A blog all about being a TCK (Third Culture Kid). I talk about my experiences of being a expat at the moment, as well as my experiences of the past!
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Contest Comments » There are 2 comments

Mrs. Chasing The Donkey wrote 10 years ago:

I have no need for Castles, as we have plenty of ruins here in Croatia BUT I could so with a big dose of Rugby, very much missing that sport. Good luck with the comp from me here in Croatia.

Sarah Hague wrote 10 years ago:

Great to see a blog about Wales, where my mother comes from. I'm glad you love Cardiff. Wales is a special, magical country, and those castles are just superb. I'm off now to check out your blog.

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