Top 20 Reasons I Prefer Teaching in Taiwan Over Honduras

By: Jenna Longoria

This past year I have been living and teaching in Taiwan, which has proven to be a refreshing change of pace from the small village I lived in previously in Honduras.  And although comparing the two countries is like comparing a cactus to a camel, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that Taiwan is the most accommodating option for an expat.

On the other hand, if an adventurous ride (although filled with uncertainty and little funds to compensate you for your skills) is what floats your boat, then Honduras is the perfect place for you.

Top 20 Reasons I Prefer Teaching in Taiwan Over Honduras

1.    I can travel on the weekend without having to worry if my bus is going to be hijacked.

2.    My neighbors are doctors instead of drug dealers.

3.    The men don’t hiss at me, glare at me with rape eyes, and better yet, don’t try to run me over with moving vehicles while I’m doing my morning workout.

4.    The dogs don’t chase you, therefore I don’t have to carry rocks on my runs, or constantly be worried that a rabid dog is around the corner waiting to maul me.

5.    No stalkers.

6.    I have yet to see a crime scene, or any dead bodies.

7.    When I want to travel, there is a government website for the train and bus schedules, and get this-they are on time! No more waiting for a janky van that meets at Pedro’s house around the corner from the pulperia, departing only when the van (meant for 12 people) fills up with at least 20 passengers. 

8.    I always know I will have running water… and it gets hot!!

9.    I have air conditioning!

10.    I’m actually compensated for my craft (my monthly salary in Honduras wouldn’t even buy an iPhone), my boss treats me with respect, and my school provides resources.

11.    I don’t have to hide money in my bra.

12.    I don’t have to carry pepper spray.

13.    Unlike Honduras, Taiwan is teeming with places to eat, and the cuisine ranges from African to Thai. Although I have to hand it to Honduras for their numerous creative combinations involving rice, beans, cheese, and tortillas.

14.    The beer is made with wheat like God intended, not corn. 

15.    I don’t have to share my bedroom with mice, scorpions, roaches, etc...

16.    My neighbors don’t try to steal a copy of my house key with plans to rob me.

17.    There is a Costco.

18.    I haven’t seen any drunkards passed out on the street, in a puddle of their own vomit.

19.    If I’m ever injured, there is a hospital that I wouldn’t be scared to enter.

20.    When going on vacation, the only preparations needed are the mundane: passport, swimsuit, etc. Not having to store all of my valuables and electronics with someone in case my house is robbed.

For the record, Honduras did have its highlights, and was a wonderful experience that I will always hold dear. I made some amazing friends, met some great kids, and learned many life lessons. But would I do it all over again? 

Hell no.

About the author

Expat Blog ListingJenna Longoria is an American expat living in Taiwan. Blog description: Tales of expat living, teaching and tramping via native Texan Jenna Longoria, who has been teaching abroad for the past 4 years. Follow her on her latest adventures living and teaching in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
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Contest Comments » There are 16 comments

Emily Stein wrote 10 years ago:

Wow. Not sure Honduras is worth it! Where in Taiwan are you teaching? I am interested in making the move there, but can't make my mind up between Taipei or Kaohsiung.

Monkey wrote 10 years ago:

JENNA- You write so beautifully. It's an effortless gift you've been blessed with. I'm always ecstatic to read your witty updates on your life travels. Thanks for sharing your incredible adventures with us. Also, I'm so glad you don't have to share your room with bugs anymore. Gross.

Sylvia Longoria wrote 10 years ago:

What a witty commentary on 2 different cultures... In hindsight, so relieved you made it through your year teaching in Honduras unscathed!

Brenda Bradsher wrote 10 years ago:

I agree that Taiwan is a much better place to be and to work. I have been to Honduras and I have no desire to return. It is unfortunate but it is such a poor country. This article is very well written.

George Singer wrote 10 years ago:

This is a great leason for anyone wishing to travel and teach. Well Done!

Elaine wrote 10 years ago:

Succinct and poignant. Great insight on the challenges that female solo travelers in particular face in the different destinations that they travel to. :) Safety is definitely first. Keep writing sunshine!

Jackie wrote 10 years ago:

Sounds like you are in the land of the living now! Great read, thanks for sharing!

Jacquelyn wrote 10 years ago:

Sounds like you are in the land of the living now! Great read, thanks for sharing!

Rose Larie wrote 10 years ago:

Beautifully written. I can see why you are enjoying Taiwan. It is a beautiful country. Keep the posts coming. I enjoy reading them.

Ken Mccormack wrote 10 years ago:

I'm sure this article will inspire other young people to venture abroad and teach the worlds youth. Very Well Done!

Cindi wrote 10 years ago:

I love the way you make the comparison between the two countries….quite entertaining! I feel sure anyone ready to make a move would find this also very informative. Thanks for sharing your infinite adventures.

Dominic wrote 10 years ago:

Great way to compare these two very different places! Having been to both countries I found myself nodding and smiling with recognition at many of the points you make. In particular, 3 and 7 are so, so true .... love it! Keep up the good work :-)

Katherine Garone wrote 10 years ago:

Your article definitely gave me a few chuckles. Now you have such varied life experiences to compare these different adventures. I've never been to Honduras, but I certainly can attest that Taiwan is a treasure. Keep rockin' girl.

Andrea O wrote 10 years ago:

Jenna- I always look forward reading your blogs, as they always leave a smile on my face and daydreaming about where to travel next. Thanks for another interesting read and sharing some great takeaways for those considering teaching abroad. I think you have some very valid points, but also bring a unique experience that allows you to appreciate all the wonderful perks Taiwain seems to offer. Post the next one already! ;)

Margaret wrote 10 years ago:

Always so nice to read your articles. Very interesting comparison. Glad to see that Taiwan is treating you well!

John wrote 10 years ago:

Taiwan is also better than china. In Taiwan, people do not hold racial prejudice towards you because you're white. In china, well in case of a conflict with a westerner. Most chinese people who witness the fight will gang up on the foreigner cause they assume it's the foreigners fault. In china, the locals see themselves superior to us and they are very apathetic towards us. In Taiwan, people are much more friendly. People respect us more. And they don't exercize their superiority complex over foreigners in Taiwan. If you plan to teach english, avoid china (and korea too) and stick with Taiwan.

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