Things I Love About Amman

By: Michelle

1.  The weather - The climate in Amman is PERFECT!  During the summer months it is hot, hot, hot, but not so hot that it is unbearable.  Autumn is a beautiful season with a very comfortable temperature.  Then comes winter and this year we are expecting snow before Christmas, which is great because we may get a snow day off of school.  My favourite time of the year is spring - omg, it is stunning!  Amman turns green and floral with pretty flowers all over the streets.  I love the predictablility of the weather - blue skies and sunshine.  Not only is it good for my mental health, it really is good for my lungs as I need dry, warm conditions.  Amman is the best place for us right now.

2.  The ancient stuff - The Citadel, Jerash, Um Qais, Petra and The Dead Sea are places that we have really enjoyed exploring.  There are still places that we have yet discovered. For instance, the old crusader castles, the River Jordan and Lots Cave.  I love living in a city that has its roots deep in history and civilization.

3.  The call to prayer - Ever since moving here, the call to prayer mesmerizes me.  I feel so calm and happy when I hear it.  I especially love it when I am in Jabel Amman and it verberates around the city.  It is so magical and BEAUTIFUL.

4.  The People - Jordanians are truly beautiful, kind, peaceful, friendly people.  I work with many of them and I love them to bits.

5.  The ease and convenience - As an expat living in a different country, it can be so hard to get the things you liked from back home, but here in Amman, I have found stuff that I have enjoyed from all the places I have lived in.  Recently, timtams and milo, which brings back such fond memories of living in New Zealand.  We can find almost anything that we like from the UK and Canada.

6.  I just asked Robert what he loves about Amman and he said that he loves that the driving is so crazy that he can pretend like he is driving in a bumper car ring - it is fun!  I love that he turned one of my negatives into a positive :-)

7. The openess of the culture - Before coming here, we expected a hard stance Muslim nation and were pleasantly surprised at how open Jordanians are to other cultures and religions.  There are churches everywhere and quite a large diverse community in Amman.  Jordanians are very accepting and welcoming people.

8.  Hummus, falafel and Mutabal - When you go out for an evening feast, the mezzas (starters) will be delicious and full of healthy snacks, bread and dips.

9.  Our jobs - We LOVE our school and what we do here.  We have been so lucky to land in a great school in the Middle East.  The people at our school have become our Jordanian family.  Everyone is amazing and a pleasure to know and work with.  We both feel so lucky!

10.  All the plant stores on the way to Jerash - Our home is PACKED full of green, lush plants that we buy for very cheap on the way to Jerash.  We love our home and we love Amman.  We are currently expecting our first child and we are delighted that we have found a place where we are happy, comfortable and warm surrounded by a caring community and everything we need.

Life is good  - hamdullah (Thanks God!)

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Expat Blog ListingMichelle is an Irish expat living in Jordan. Blog description: Life in Amman, Jordan.
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Contest Comments » There are 21 comments

Colette Sims wrote 10 years ago:

Makes me want to visit and experience it for myself, lovely

Melanie Sylvester wrote 10 years ago:

Your writing is a true reflection of living in Amman…plus, your positive personality makes it so much better!

Julie-Anne wrote 10 years ago:

After your beautiful depiction of Amman, it has become a place I hope to visit one day :) x

Crystal wrote 10 years ago:

Lovely observations from a lovely mum-to-be:) So happy to share your experiences!

Lesley Farhan wrote 10 years ago:

I have been living in Jordan for 34 years and you have just listed many of the reasons it's my home now. Love it!

Laura Besley wrote 10 years ago:

Great article, Michelle. Living in Amman sounds so lovely - we might have to give it a try one day! Especially as there's snow. I just can't get over the fact that it snows in the Middle East. Good luck with the competition!! :) Laura

Rafiqa wrote 10 years ago:

Wow!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! We are glad you are here and we got to cross paths :-)

Janice wrote 10 years ago:

Michelle, you are the consummate Expat! I love your enthusiasm for where you live and work, your adventurous spirit, and the way you have embraced the people, the city and country where you now live. What wonderful hosts you are Robert were whem we came and stayed - we had such a lovely time seeing the best of Jordan through your eyes. Arohanui, e hoa!

Mary Bluck wrote 10 years ago:

I think that you should add yourselves to the list. It would be fantastic to go there without you guys there but with you there it would be a must visit place. I also like that you get sun and snow!

CMT wrote 10 years ago:

I love the positive spin you've put on the driving! That is an impressive thing to do for anyone in the Middle East!

Julie Callahan wrote 10 years ago:

Nice post Michelle. My daughter and I are visiting Amman in early January. I must admit, I had a bit of trepidation (which you have helped calm!). It's nice to read from people who venture to the less common expat countries (nothing against France or Italy or the US, but c'mon!). I'm now quite excited for my holiday!... Julie

Christina wrote 10 years ago:

Michelle, you have truly highlighted enjoyable aspects of living in Amman. I enjoyed reading and your positive spin on things is infectious.

Nina wrote 10 years ago:

Michelle, you, your energy and your writing keep positive vibes flowing! These are so true about living in Amman. I feel so lucky to share this experience with you! Thanks for shining our day to day life with such bright, positive lights! Keep writing...I LOVE it!

Rawan wrote 10 years ago:

It's great to hear such positive things about Jordan from an expat! Having you in Jordan makes it even better! Such a great article!

Lisa wrote 10 years ago:

I agree about the weather. It is the BEST thing. Now this week with the crazy snow, no snow removal equipment, unbelievable traffic jams and no salt on the icy highway to the airport was a bit much! But normally I'd say we have the most perfect year round weather!

Mary Bluck wrote 10 years ago:

I think that you should add yourselves to the list. It would be fantastic to go there without you guys there but with you there it would be a must visit place. I also like that you get sun and snow!

Nick Besley wrote 10 years ago:

Amman sounds awesome. Can't figure out why it snows though!! Can't wait for our visit - it'll happen one day!! xx

Kara Sweeney wrote 10 years ago:

I'm on my way! Your home sounds so beautiful. Wishing you all the happiness a wonderful land and a new bundle of joy can bring xxx

Marz wrote 10 years ago:

Thank you for your blog and giving me an insight into Jordan. I was hoping if you had any knowledge on International Community School in Amman, with regards to staff accommodation and any other useful info. Thank you

Barry Mernin wrote 10 years ago:

Excellent post. I am on my wat there in August. Cannot wait!

Khadeja wrote 10 years ago:

I love Amman because you get to meet so many new interesting people and there are so many beautiful so many miraculous sights , it is like your looking at a part of heaven.Things are less expensive. And the parks are very amazing and full of beauty. If what I just said is not something to look forward to every day i do not know what is.

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