The Top Ten Yum List Advice for Making the Most of Malaysia

By: Kirsten Durward and Monica Tindall

Top Ten Aptitudes, Attitudes and Absolutely Fabulous Yum List Advice for Making the Most of Malaysia

To make the most of Malaysia, you will need:

1. The Curiosity of a Cat to tickle your taste buds with unusual local delicacies. To start with, try Gula Melaka and fried Chicken Feet.  Feeling adventurous? Slurp up some Pig Brain Soup, or tackle the ultimate Malaysian challenge - Fermented Durian.  Dare we say it, we’ve even seen Bull’s Penis on offer?  Nothing goes to waste in a Chinese kitchen!  A sensitive palate may help you divine what you’re tasting, but on the other hand, it could be better not to know!  There’s no boredom in the diversity of Malaysian cuisine.  To start with there’s Laksa, with a range of regional tastes and noodles. Much of the food is delicious but dangerous, saturated in coconut milk and palm sugar. No easier on the waistline are the delights of Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak and Apam Balik. But nobody should leave KL without eating a Banana Leaf Meal with their fingers. Seriously, it’s unmissable! Messy, but unmissable. Local tour company, ‘Off the Eaten Track’ will take you on a tasting tour of KL street food, while the sophisticated restaurant, Enak KL provides high quality fine dining, Malay style.

2. The Tenacity of a UN Ambassador to take in every national cuisine from Armenian to Vietnamese, through Mexican, Nepalese, Korean and more!  Japanese, Indian and classic European restaurants proliferate throughout the capital providing a profusion of perennial favourites. Fusion food is gaining popularity and tapas bars are popping up all over the city. Some cater to the halal needs of our Malay hosts, and others spoil expat pork hunters with platters of cold cuts and free-flow wine. For weekend brunch, take your choice of international buffets (Feast), French style à table (Maison Francaise), Mediterranean menu selection, (Giovino, Mediteca) or Japanese with free flow sake (Hanare).  Never has there been a more exciting time in KL’s dining development; restaurant openings are now a weekly occurrence.  Even with The Yum List to guide you, a calm head is needed for deciding on dining destinations!

3. A Head for Heights to enjoy the heavens of our sensational sky bars.  A ‘must do’ in town is Marinis on 57, with its iconic close-up of the famed Petronas Towers, so you feel you can touch them.  Fine dining, or finger food, it’s your preference, at this premier night time spot. THIRTY8 at Grand Hyatt offers sweeping views of the city, piano music at the circular bar and a fabulous open kitchen.  Enjoy a window bay in the original SkyBar at Traders Hotel, where a cool breeze accompanies your ‘Happy Hour’ thirst quencher, and lucky ladies can lap up free Margaritas all night long on Wednesdays.  Troika’s elegant Claret Bar has an unparalleled wine menu and chic sunset drinks from Monday to Friday.  Follow The Yum List SkyBar Progressive Evening and you’ll be in raptures, enjoying stunning sunsets, tantalising taste temptations and creative cocktails at these pinnacles of perfection. 

4. The Navigational Nose of Marco Polo, or possibly even ESP to find your way to some of KL's most obscure delights.   It may take a Yum Lister to guide you to the secret speakeasy of Omakase + Appreciate, where the bartender will create a cocktail specifically for your mood… now that is worth a trip in the dark. The best scones in KL hide in the humble suburb of Melawati; Miss Ellie Tearoom makes a scrumptious stop-off after a visit to the Zoo Negara or a hike on the Melawati Ridge.  A night at the Thai Fish Farm is a must for any visitor, but don’t rely on your GPS to take you there!  Arguments abound over where to find ‘the best’ Roti Canai in town, but an oft whispered secret amongst locals is Valentine Roti on Jalan Semarak, where a no-frills roadside stall serves up a satisfying supper of light and fluffy layers topped with tempting and tasty choices.  Bukit Bintang back streets conceal a favourite Chinese seafood stall - just follow your stomach onto Jalan Pedang.  And, somewhere in the chaos of Chinatown, discerning home designers search out Peter Ho for fabrics, cushions, and other decorative items to elevate their abodes above IKEA’s generic monotony.

5. The Primping Proclivities of a Princess to pamper oneself from head to toe in bodacious boutique spas, for an hour, a day, or even a week.  Feeling expansive? For an ultimate nature fantasy, treat yourself to a weekend at the Banjaran Hot Springs, award winning retreat in Ipoh.  Looking for a bargain?  Enjoy the talents of the blind masseurs in Brickfields.  Urge to travel? Laze on the beach in Penang with the weight off your feet, and someone else’s hands easing those aches away.  Can’t leave the city?  Melt into Mediterranean magic with a two hour Hammam experience in Moroccan surrounds. Follow with Boudoir’s indulgent manicure-pedicure, where Prosecco and macarons are served whilst you lounge in a blue velvet throne.  With Thai masseurs, Swiss trained therapists and Chinese reflexologists, you’re never short of relaxing options in this hands-on country.  And long term residents?  Well they have their personal masseuse come to their home.  What can I say? Malaysia is a perfect pamper paradise, and Yum Listers love to lap it up!

6. The Training of a Travel Agent for grabbing flash sales and matching Air Asia with Agoda for the bargains of a lifetime.  Spoil yourself with a private island resort such as Pangkor Laut in Perak. Chill out in a Perhentian beach hut. Enjoy the old world charm of Georgetown. There is something for every budget and with abundant public holidays in Malaysia, you’ll never be short of travel time.  Pick up great bargains at the MATTA trade fairs (November and April) and plan well in advance for fares as low as RM29.  Flights of under two hours take you to Singapore, Borneo, Vietnam, Indonesia and a whole range of Thai destinations. Four days in Phuket for 400 USD?  I’m in! Make the most of these fabulous regional travel opportunities by reading our ravishing Yum List reports. Keep your bag packed and your passport handy as you never know where you might end up next weekend.

7. The Memory of an Elephant to keep track of the social graces of each culture. Gift a Malay friend halal pastries or chocolate but never wrap them in white or yellow. A Chinese host will love anything pink, red or yellow, but steer clear of blue, white and black along with sharp objects. Avoid giving frangipanis to Indians who see them as the flower of death!  And peacock feathers indoors apparently bring bad luck. Don’t forget that single people receive money in red envelopes at Chinese New Year no matter what their age.  Oh happiness!  Malaysia is a cultural melting pot and you’ll be dazzled by the range of festivals: Thaipusam, Deepavali, 9 Emperor Gods, Moon Cake Festival, Hari Raya and more.  Shopping malls vie to outdo each other with increasingly elaborate displays, fireworks regularly fill the air at night, and food choices range from eye popping hotel buffets to sizzling street stalls on every corner.  Each festival has signature food, dress and entertainment; we are never short of colour and diversity in this country.   

8. The Calendaring Capacities of Donald Trump’s Secretary for juggling social and cultural events without offending anyone yet not collapsing with exhaustion. From St Patrick’s Day to Canadian Thanksgiving, every opportunity is grasped for a party.  Local weddings can capture up to three days of celebrations, and ‘Open House’ invitations during cultural festivals simply cannot be refused!  Take advantage of Low Yat Centre with its low price technology and arm yourself with an electronic diary for speedy updating.  As a day in Kuala Lumpur could take you from trekking in the Forest Reserve, to a bubbly masquerade brunch, and on to a Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra performance, life also involves having the wardrobe of a Maharani, and the panache of a quick change artist.

9. The Lightning Speed of Flash Gordon to match local friends in uploading photos of everything you eat and drink. The Spanish say “buen provecho”, the Italians, “buon appetito” and in Japan it is customary to hear “itadakimasu” before a meal. Here in Malaysia current custom dictates that every plate is greeted by the clicking and flashing of cameras, followed by a sacred silence, as social media sites are updated with image after image. Diners even send pictures to one another across the table.  We’re not sure if this is a side effect of the food loving culture, a fascination with technology, a competitive urge to make friends and family drool, or a little bit of each. Some take quick snaps, others play with composition, but it’s rare that a food offering is not photographed for posterity. Don’t be surprised if a friend grabs your plate to papparazzi it before you can even lift your fork! 

10. The Stamina of a Marathon Runner and the Strength of an Ox to take advantage of the plethora of purchasing pleasures Kuala Lumpur offers serious shopaholics. You don’t need deep pockets either. Take the LRT to Pasar Seni to enjoy a selection of shopping sensations. High quality local crafts abound in Central Market, designer knock-offs can be found in Petaling Street, while Little India offers beautiful bright fabrics and glamourously glitzy Indian jewelry. 

Hardened hagglers should head to a ‘Pasar Malam’ or Night Market, where small-time traders sell their goods. The largest and most famous, Bazar Larut Malam in Cheras opens daily from 8pm til 5am, but in many residential areas, weekly street stall shopping happens from 6 till 10.30pm. Here you can rummage to your heart’s content for fresh produce, hot snacks, clothing, accessories, bags, and seasonal decorations, all the while bartering for lower and lower prices. You’ll meet people of all ages, races and social strata enjoying a balmy evening of bargain browsing. If you prefer to find your deals in a daytime air-cooled department store, head to a branch of Daiso, where you can balance your budget with anything from torches to tupperware for just five ringgit an item!

If you have money to splurge, and seek a sleeker shopping experience, then slink into one of a myriad high end malls in the city. (We sometimes joke about Mall-asia!) Clothes shoppers with curvier vital stats, will be spoilt for choice with the fittings in Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins and Marks and Spencer. But everyone should cruise like a celebrity through the hallowed halls of Starhill Gallery, where luxury brands surround a spacious atrium and the seven themed levels are named for the experience they create for visitors: Feast, Indulge, Adorn, Explore, Pamper, Relish, Muse. 

Food shopping is habitually a hobby for hungry Yum Listers. Debates rage (usually with dinner and wine) on where to find local delicacies, national brands and gourmet items. Jason’s Food Hall boasts the best range of porky meats, barbecue items, breads and cheeses. Plus you can eat while shopping, which makes for happy hunting. Pudu wet market is a favourite for fresh fish, and the choice for cheap and fresh local produce is Chow Kit. For convenience though, you can reach Bangsar Sunday market on the Rapid KL bus or by LRT and Taxi. Shopping starts at 5:30pm and Bangsar brings the benefits of brunch, coffee or even a beer before or after buying. Yum Yum!

We think Malaysia is magnificent, with colourful culture, indulgent feasting, exotic travel and plenty of pampering. Visit and judge for yourselves!

About the author

Expat Blog ListingKirsten Durward and Monica Tindall is an Australian expat living in Malaysia. Blog description: A blog about food, accommodation and lifestyle for Malaysia and the world. The best places to eat, drink, stay and spa.
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Richard wrote 10 years ago:

So to sum up get drunk a lot (2 items), have a spa, eat lots of local food, go travelling and shopping in high end malls and overpriced expat supermarkets! A bit high end expat thing really. What about make local friends? See the wonders of Malaysia like Taman Negara? Just learn to chat about food and how bad crime is now (!) with locals over a Teh Tarik? Much more valuable experiences in my mind for an expat to learn about Malaysia and to enjoy living here! And of course get a local partner if single. Those that do that usually adapt very quickly

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If you want to find a good place for food, definitely check this place out - you won't be disappointed

Albert Quay wrote 10 years ago:

Monica, as always the yumlist has always put in great effort in introducing great restaurant. I must say you know what's best... Keep it up....

Maria wrote 10 years ago:

Lots of useful information as always. I keep recommend your blog to any visit from overseas we have!

Ross Bennett wrote 10 years ago:

The ten commands of enjoying malaysia to the max. The more you do, the more you find to do.

Natalie wrote 10 years ago:

I really like the Yum list, I am always stuck when I am put on the spot for somewhere to go or something to do, Yum list sure has its fingers on the pulse!

Mary Ann Van De Weerd wrote 10 years ago:

This is a fantastic blog by people who really seem in the know. Though I have not ever been to Malaysia other than a day's stopover, I would definitely see this blog as a wonderful culinary and cultural guide!

Tisa wrote 10 years ago:

Love the variety of choices available in Malaysia that is portrayed on this blog. The writing style, play-on-words, and use of metaphors encourage the reader to read further. Thanks for the advice!

Tisa wrote 10 years ago:

Love the variety of choices available in Malaysia that is portrayed on this blog. The writing style, play-on-words, and use of metaphors encourage the reader to read further. Thanks for the advice!

Toni wrote 10 years ago:

Is always a pleasure speak with Monica about food! I really enjoy reading The Yum list!

Norely Abd Rahman wrote 10 years ago:

I'm embarrass to admit that the Yum List knows more about Malaysia than I do. Way to go Yum List!

Stephen wrote 10 years ago:

Im exhausted just reading it! You guys must be super humans just to have got round all those places. Really fun to read, keep it up and have a great 2014!

Rosemary Chin wrote 10 years ago:

Its just not Monica's exquisite taste for food but her writing style grabs you as well. Her wonderful team of writers are just as super and the different voices makes for interesting reading as well. Their knowledge, love and description of the best food and restaurants, places to visit and stay, interviews with Chef's makes the Yumlist unique.

Delphine Bondu wrote 10 years ago:

Great tips even for someone who has moved 3 years ago to kl. Many things to try. Thanks for the usefull information.

Marcus Chan wrote 10 years ago:

Great write up about how to survive Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia (and actually, these tips are generally good for any sort of travel/local/expat living!)

Gordon wrote 10 years ago:

Fantastic review Kirsten. Can't wait to get out there and sample the food. But where's the haggis?

Jake wrote 10 years ago:

I never leave the house unless I have checked the Yum List first. Without it I would probably just crawl up into a ball and die... of starvation and boredom.

Emily wrote 10 years ago:

What a great list of ways to explore Malaysia! Thanks for the great tips

Alice Jom Makan wrote 10 years ago:

Great and timely guide for international travellers. Just in time to herald Visit Malaysia Year 2014. Thumbs up!

Amy wrote 10 years ago:

A wonderful resource when choosing where to go with family, friends, or out of town guests!

Christine Ooi wrote 10 years ago:

It's an aweseome write up by Monica from The Yum List about living in Malaysia! Always love reading your blog, especially those about food! Thank you for your great effort in visiting and sharing tips about restaurant in Malaysia! Keep it up, Monica! Looking forward to see more from your blog!

Amy wrote 10 years ago:

The Yum List ROCKS! Monica and her team of writers have discerning palettes. This blog is a great resource for expats and locals alike.

Chris wrote 10 years ago:

It is hard to believe that all of these wonderful things are at our doorstep! Where would we be without the yum list?

Samantha Wright wrote 10 years ago:

Since we are still "new" to Malaysia, looks like we have a lot of work to do! Hope our 2014 visitors are up to the challenge!

Juliana wrote 10 years ago:

I actually stayed with Kirsten when passing thru Malaysia. A local could not not have been more helpful and informative and of course, this is reflected in her articles. I love the detailed info in this post. Lonely Planet could not have done better...

Lynn Erickson wrote 10 years ago:

I wish I had read the blog by Durward and Tindall before my recent visit to KL and Malyasia! Thanks for the thorough review highlighting the diversity and delights of food and fun!

Mark Thomas wrote 10 years ago:

great article... enticing!... makes my mouth water - and gets my feet moving towards beautiful Malaysia...

Joan wrote 10 years ago:

I have come to rely on the Yum List as a great reference for new and delicious experiences in Malaysia.

Global Nomad wrote 10 years ago:

A lot of information charmingly written. A most entertaining read.

Heather Phillips wrote 10 years ago:

Kirsten knows what she is doing and if she appreciates food or drink it is well worth trying!

Rami wrote 10 years ago:

Great blog! The yumlist is the site I go for, when choosing where to go. Very informative and current.

Hatim Abusineina wrote 10 years ago:

Outstanding article I felt as if I didn't visit Malaysia before although I enjoyed much my trip. Looking forward to plan a trip in the near future and follow all the tips.

Pagula Majorda wrote 10 years ago:

The words Roti and Appam definitely remind me of both: North and South India. Very well written article, it teases me to visit this place at least once.

Christine Weber wrote 10 years ago:

Have thoroughly enjoyed posts and great photos from the Yum List for the past couple of years. Planning a trip to Malaysia in 2014, and appreciate all the detailed information to be found through this blog. Can't wait to experience in person as much of Malaysia as possible!

Ann Krembs wrote 10 years ago:

What a great article! I love, just love how clever the first line is of each item. What a thoughtful and well written piece here. You make me wish I lived in KL--just to experience all this. Nice job Monica--as usual. Love The Yum List;D Ann of Kremb de la Kremb in Hong Kong

Leanne Lucas wrote 10 years ago:

The Yum List consistently have wonderful descriptions of the food they try and places to eat. So informative. What a perfect guide for visitors to Malaysia :)

Abdulla H wrote 10 years ago:

thanks Yum list for your advice on food and tips to choose from while visiting malaysia !

Ler wrote 10 years ago:

When I am hungry, I visit this blog to cure my desire. A good guide on food around KL.

Laetitia Romon wrote 10 years ago:

Such an informative article! I will recommend it to anyone who cares about quality time while traveling through Malaysia. Good job!

Tracy wrote 10 years ago:

Yum List is a great source for all delicious eating in KL! It's one-stop shopping!

Antonio Orlando wrote 10 years ago:

It makes me want to head to Malaysia straight away. Loved it.

Clare Orlando wrote 10 years ago:

Brilliant blog; really informative and well-written. Makes me want to go back to KL right now!

Peter Webber wrote 10 years ago:

Having lived in Malaysia, this makes me want to go back and do it all again! Being from my favourite blog also makes it even better. Great piece Monica..

Diane wrote 10 years ago:

Thanks for the reminder of what a wonderful country we live in! The Yum List is always spot on with its recommendations.

Patricia Parker wrote 10 years ago:

What a great article, great insight into a fabulous country.

Sarah wrote 10 years ago:

It's always worth the effort though! Kuala Lumpur is quite an extraordinary place. This is a fun way of letting people know what joys can be gleaned from putting a bit of effort into time spent in Malaysia.

Shawn Chong wrote 10 years ago:

Monica and the Yum List had a part to play in "exposing" a not-so-secret-anymore bar somewhere along Jalan Ampang. ;) We'll always be grateful! Thank you! O+A

Lisa wrote 10 years ago:

Monica - you always put so much into every post! Thanks for your dedication, creativity and passion! Well done! Lisa

Kim Jackson wrote 10 years ago:

I am an avid "Yum List" follower. The more I read, the more I want to travel to all the places talked about. Its always informative & makes the destinations & food very enticing.

Padma wrote 10 years ago:

Thank you! I enjoyed reading the article. Even though I am a Malaysian, I found this article to be very useful. Thank you again.

Leandro wrote 10 years ago:

Very interesting info - I will be sure to check back again whenever we are wondering what to do! Thanks!

Radhika wrote 10 years ago:

I love the Yum list! It's a blog which can be navigated simply ( no complicated pop-ups), it's got a variety of information appealing to different cuisines and different budgets. Always a well maintained website, updated and current. Thank you.

Cindy Renkas wrote 10 years ago:

Mouth-watering, mind-tickling, soul-stirring entries - fun to read for armchair travelers, useful to read for those actually out there in the field!

Elisa Larkin wrote 10 years ago:

All the great writes and pictures that these ladies had produced overtime! With very useful and handy informations not only to expats but to the locals as well. Great job Monica!!

Doug wrote 10 years ago:

Thanks for providing such helpful information for those in the area. What an amazing resource you've made available!

Eryk De La Montaña wrote 10 years ago:

I check the Yum List whenever I go out to eat; they always have good advice.

Diana wrote 10 years ago:

I discovered the Yum List last year, before I moved to KL. It has led me to so many discoveries both here in KL, and now Penang. Next on the list: their recommended tapas at the Intermark!

Claudia Kennedy wrote 10 years ago:

Wonderful to read, and dream of a visit to all these places! Especially loved number 7 - who knew?! Thank you!

Karl Too wrote 10 years ago:

I would recommend my overseas friends to use this blog as a guide! Always recommended the good stuff! Keep it up Monica! Cheers! Karl

Lisa Fedeli wrote 10 years ago:

I love your blog. Absolutely clear, fun and very helpful. It's incredible how you simply express your point of views with heart and soul and we, who read, would like to be just there and then to live the same experience.

Ersatz Expat wrote 10 years ago:

What a wonderfully complete, good humoured and interesting list. You make me want to visit Malaysia right now. I will be visiting the blog for more tips.

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