7 foodie treats to try in Gorgeous Granada

By: Molly Sears-Piccavey

Here are seven scrumptious dishes to taste when visiting the magical city of the Alhambra palace! Most of these you can only find in Granada city or in the province of Granada.

  1. For starters. Broad Beans with eggs and ham. The locally produced baby broad beans are picked when tender, fried in local olive oil and topped with bite sized pieces of Spanish ham from the Alpujarra. The dish is often crowned with a fried egg too. My insider tip is to look for a little street just off Bib Rambla square. C/San Sebastian. Here you´ll find the Bar Aliatar also prides itself in serving a baguette stuffed with broad beans. Bocadillo de Habas They have been in business since 1957 and it´s one of my favourite places in the city. (they also have a new place on San Anton, but I like the original one best)

  2. Chunky village bread
    Chunky village bread

  3. Chunky village bread. My absolute favourite foodie shop in Granada is the La Tahona de los Galindos. They have little cakes, pastries, chunky rustic breads, floury white loaves and poppy seed rolls. As well as a whole assortment of cheese straws, biscuits and sponge cakes. Their shop is in Granada but their ovens are in the Alpujurran village of Orgiva. There they also have a shop/café on the main road. The lady who founded this business wanted to share the family recipes with the region. Must also mention Bread from Alfacar is also well known for it´s tradition and natural ingredients.

  4. Piononos

  5. Piononos, these little golden cakes are bursting with flavour, a combination of sugar and cinnamon mixed to perfection. The piononos of Santa Fe, a village next to Granada´s airport were named after the Pope Pius IX which is Pio Nono in Italian. They are sold in cake shops throughout Granada, one of the main ones is called Casa La Isla which is close to El Corte Ingles on Carrera de la Virgen, they also have a shop near the Palacio Deportes too in the Zaidin neighbourhood. At La Isla, they serve cakes, coffee and ice cream too.

  6. In Granada the undisputed Champion of Ice Cream is Los italianos on Gran Via, here from the month of March there are queues and general hustle and bustle around the entrance. The speciality is Cassata pictured below or Coffee cake, tarta helada. But all the ice creams are delicious. Pistachio or Orange are also very popular. They have been trading since 1936 and have fine tuned their products for the most demanding customer. Even Michelle Obama and her daughter have tasted their ice creams on their private visit to Granada. Still want more info on the Los Italianos? See this: Video at the Ice Cream shop.

  7. Café Futbol on Mariana Pineda square
    Café Futbol on Mariana Pineda square

  8. Need some Spanish comfort food, then ask for Chocolate con churros. They are served for breakfast or for an afternoon treat. The chocolate is really thick and not too sweet. Local favourite is Café Futbol on Mariana Pineda square. They have tables outside next to the fountain. Also they offer Free WiFi. You can find churros at many places on Bib Rambla square too. I tend to enjoy them on a rainy day or on a wintry afternoon. They are filling and don´t really work on a scorching hot day.

  9. Alpujarra Villages
    Alpujarra Villages

  10. In Granada itself and more typically in the Alpujarra Villages such as Pampaneira, Trevelez, and Orgiva. The most typical dish is Patatas a lo pobre or plato alpujarreño. This dish includes Poor potatoes which are potatoes cut into slices and fried in olive with juicy green peppers. This Alpujarran dish includes these potatoes served with fried egg, black pudding, pork chop and longaniza sausage. Like a Granada style All day breakfast! (picture below) I´m sure this must be great with a hangover too!

  11. Granada style All day breakfast!
    Granada style All day breakfast!

  12. A final tip to my fellow travellers. There are a few local delicacies to avoid unless you are a relation of Bear Grylls. The Tortilla de Sacromonte appears on many menus in restaurants around the city (often without a translation in english!) and is a traditional dish. The translation is Sacromonte Omlette, still not helpful. It is an omlette made of sheeps brains and sheeps testicles mixed in with Spanish cured ham and potatoes.

Que Aproveche!

About the author

Expat Blog ListingMolly Sears-Piccavey is a British expat living in Spain. Blog description: Piccavey.com the blog of an Expat in Andalusia, Spain. Sharing the real Spain. Read my piccavey blog, discover the magic of Granada & the spirit of Andalusia.
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Contest Comments » There are 75 comments

Elle wrote 10 years ago:

Good job I've already had dinner this evening - or I'd be heading to the kitchen right now! Fab post Molly, as always. Never had "piononos" though - hmmm... that needs amending!! Mind you I've never had "Tortilla de Sacromonte" either. Dare I? Elle x

Rod Younger wrote 10 years ago:

Well as a previous long term resident of Granada province and regular visitor to the capital I thought I had it all covered but obviously not. Molly clearly knows more about Granada than its indigenous population and seems able to dig out all sorts of fascinating information about this great city. She never ceases to amaze and the tourist board should give her a medal!

Annie B wrote 10 years ago:

Oh yummmmmm. Next time I visit I know of 7 things I need to do! Have you sent this to BA in flight mag?

Pablo Strubell wrote 10 years ago:

Your great recommendations make me hungry even just after breakfast. Well researched article and suggestions.

Vern wrote 10 years ago:

Molly lives, breathes and eats Granada. And few write about the place better.

Fiona Watson wrote 10 years ago:

Molly knows her stuff when it comes to Granada, and this excellent list has something to cater for every taste. I am very intrigued by the cheese straws!

Gloria wrote 10 years ago:

Great job you are doing and great article, you are giving a really live in Granada is, food, life............... etc. I follow your articles and they are really very good

Lynda Wood wrote 10 years ago:

Love reading Molly's interesting and informative articles. Even though I visit Granada frequently there is always something to learn from Molly. Must try tortilla Sacramonte on my next trip.

Alan Parks wrote 10 years ago:

Great blog post Molly, we will get to Granada one day :)

Michael Soffe wrote 10 years ago:

Great article Molly - thank you for sharing your wonderful local insight!

Manni wrote 10 years ago:

Thank You Molly for sharing all the places nearest to your heart ( or should I say Belly!) . You have a generous spirit and that should be rewarded! Cant wair to try them out Manni

Steve Homer wrote 10 years ago:

Fab to see you involved in food of Granada Molly....love it! I'll message you because I have an assignment for you! Keep up the great work!

Graham Hunt wrote 10 years ago:

Just 7!!! 77 more please Molly

Raúl Misterbackstage wrote 10 years ago:

Molly ¡¡ Always on the run ¡¡ Lovin' your posts ¡¡ cool ¡¡ Muaks :))

Grace Galdo wrote 10 years ago:

Great post! It made me hungry! I'm glad to know about the Tortilla de Sacramonte, I will be avoiding that for sure :)

Conrad wrote 10 years ago:

Thanks once again Molly!

Lisa Sadleir wrote 10 years ago:

Miss Granada herself! Molly never fails to impress her with her in depth knowledge of Granada. We love that she takes her readers off the beaten track and tells them how to live like a local. 10 out of 10!

Anfearbui wrote 10 years ago:

Great article, even more impatient to visit Grenada in August.

Robin wrote 10 years ago:

Favourite city in Spain.Broad beans with ham a favourite too so this article was always going to be a winner with me.I know Granada reasonably well but I have some new places to try out thanks to Molly!

Anfearbui wrote 10 years ago:

Great article, even more impatient to visit Grenada in August.

Lorna Penfold wrote 10 years ago:

Mmmm mouthwatering! Thanks for sharing!

Paddy Waller wrote 10 years ago:

Nice one Molly. The Tortilla de Sacramonte sounds interesting but love the Patatas a lo pobre..fantastic..one of my favourites

Victoria Twead wrote 10 years ago:

Love Number 1, 5 and 6. Number 7? Not a chance! Some of the others look great though. :)

Charlotte wrote 10 years ago:

Churros and chocolate are a requirement, especially when it's chilly in the Sierra Nevada. Yum scrum. Great post Molly.

Matthew Hirtes wrote 10 years ago:

Molly, you're a great font of knowledge when it comes to vegetarian food in Spain. And I'm pleased to see you've included some veggie-friendly options here. Granada certainly does sound gorge-ous.

Paddy Waller wrote 10 years ago:

Nice one Molly. The Tortilla de Sacramonte sounds interesting but love the Patatas a lo pobre..fantastic..one of my favourites

Siobhan Coogan wrote 10 years ago:

I always look forward to Mollys posts about life in Granada so much so I want to live there she makes it sound so great. I would say she could single handedly be put in charge of the Granada tourist board and within a very short while Granada would be the most popular destination in Spain. her enthusiasm for the place knows no bounds.Everything from the food ,music ,dress, festivalshidden gems if I didnt know otherwise I would believe she was born within the shadow of the great Alhambara ......Miss Molly Pomegranate..

Belinda Beckett wrote 10 years ago:

Molly keeps us all ‘posted’ with her delightful insights from Granada. Although I’m 4 hours away by local train from Algeciras, it’s like she’s a neighbour. I can drop into her blog for a catch-up any time!

John Wolfendale wrote 10 years ago:

They'll even do you habas-con-jamon-sin-jamon for your mother if you ask them........a tribute to their long suffering patience and the perils of accompanying fussy relatives out tapas bar hopping

Rocio wrote 10 years ago:

Great reading!!!

Roberto wrote 10 years ago:

I miss Granada. With this kind of comments i can remember tastes, smells, looks...thankyou Molly. Go on. Great reading from our beautiful Granada.

Gail LeCarpentier wrote 10 years ago:

Thanks Molly. Can't wait to try out of of these places next time I'm in Granada. Love your blog-so much great info and really fun to read.

Will Peach wrote 10 years ago:

It's all about churros in Granada. Miss this city so much and Molly is one heck of a guide!

Vivien Sutcliffe wrote 10 years ago:

Alas and alack, Molly - these delights are almost all too tempting to resist. I shall be adding the extras the next time I cook "Poor Potatoes". Habas con jamon a yearly favourite. The Tortilla I can resist...

Sue Sharpe wrote 10 years ago:

As always,with her informative posts about this beautiful city, Molly has renewed my desire to revisit Granada - and soon! (I am also now hungry!)

Coen wrote 10 years ago:

mmm, I love Piononos, chocolate con churros, patatas a lo pobre and... everything! Great article, Molly.

Liz wrote 10 years ago:

This makes me miss Granada so much!

Terri Ann wrote 10 years ago:

The only thing better than this article would be a "buy now" button to sign up for the Foodie Guided Walk Tour of Granada with each of these spot on the itinerary. I have lived in Granada for a year now and have only stumbled upon one of these gems, Los Italianos. Thank you for sharing!

Pilar wrote 10 years ago:

Bocadillo de habas, Patatas a lo pobre, ice cream, chocolate con churros .. uuummmmmm! Thanks Molly!

Turtle wrote 10 years ago:

Yum - it all sounds so good! I think I would work my way down your list in order. It would be too hard to choose what to try first otherwise!! :)

Rachel wrote 10 years ago:

Molly, You´ve just bumped my Granada visit forward! I want to try everything you make it sound so tempting!

Maxine Raynor wrote 10 years ago:

1-6 sound yummy (and most I've tried) but never heard of number 7 (and don't want to try it). Great article for those going to visit this spring.

Sergio wrote 10 years ago:

Como "granaino" de adopción una gran lista de sitios donde ir. Y alguno aún no lo he probado!!

Roger Knight wrote 10 years ago:

Thanks Molly. A good round up of the foodie delights of Granada. I didn't know about Bar Aliatar. I must try that when I am next in town. I miss all the fantastic food and your article has reminded me of my favourite - the plato Alpujarreño.

Lola wrote 10 years ago:

Don't miss torrijas, gazpacho andaluz and flamenquines! Delicious!

Malcolm Cliff wrote 10 years ago:

As good with her camera as at her keyboard, Molly's blog is the place to go for all things Granada. This time it's the yummy (and not so yummy - see the last one!) food typical of the city!

Sarah wrote 10 years ago:

Awesome article with some tempting treats... i'm heading into to Granada to try some of the things mentioned!

Tamara wrote 10 years ago:

Mmmmmmm ..... Yum! Your article on the belenes forced me to have a lovely day out in Granada in December - looks like I need another soon! You are a brilliant promoter of Granada :-)

Ali Meehan wrote 10 years ago:

Excellent variety of Spanish goodies, all mouthwatering (especially my favourite hablas). Molly knows her Granada and her Spanish food!

Lindsay wrote 10 years ago:

As usual a fantastic round up by Molly, and we especially love the little addition of what to avoid! Still, when in Spain....

Shugster M wrote 10 years ago:

The breakfast ! Oh yess ;)

John wrote 10 years ago:

Great article Molly!! makes me hungry just reading it. Time for some chocolate con churros me thinks :-)

Simon Sears-Piccavey wrote 10 years ago:

Food item #4 ICE CREAM! I love ice cream so I'll have to make sure i go to "LOS ITALIANOS".... Do they do 99's? Keep it up Dooney, Love little bro Simon x

Maya wrote 10 years ago:

Nobody knows and loves Granada like Molly... You couldn't ask for better advice

Pilar wrote 10 years ago:

Me quedo con los PIONONOS!!! (originarios del pueblo granadido de Santa Fe - pastelería Casa Isla) y con la CASSATA de la heladeria "Los Italianos" .... no soy gosola!!!!

Jose Luis wrote 10 years ago:

Great article!

Stephen Hall wrote 10 years ago:

Piononos,Ohhhhhh these like good. The Swedes have a similar bun which should not be allowed in front of me when I am on a pizza replenishment mission (AKA shopping) If gin is "Mother's ruin" then Chocolate con churros is mine. Ah! I never remind sex being so good. The chocolate never moans about how long it takes to finish. Pure joy! (Sad no mention of pizza though!)

David wrote 10 years ago:

wow! even being a native I didn't know about some of the places you suggest. I will check them. Thanks :)

Mark wrote 10 years ago:

It's a long time since I last visited Granada, but after reading this I realise I should return soon, and sample some of the suggestions made here. I'm more into savoury dishes though - too many sweet dishes here!

Mario Schumacher wrote 10 years ago:

Hola Molly: Buenos recomendaciones y me ha entrado hambre ahora. Enhorabuena. Felices Pascuas y hasta pronto. Un fuerte abrazo; Mario :))

Zanguanga wrote 10 years ago:

Great post Molly. I love every place you mentioned here!

Nicole wrote 10 years ago:

Granada is an extremely special place and its take an extremely talent writer to really describe everything that the city has to offer. And of course, Molly does that perfectly!

Angela wrote 10 years ago:

More recommendations please, I'm still hungry.

AnnaCarr wrote 10 years ago:

What a great blog, not swamping the reader with over-information but really easy to digest (sorry, couldn't resist!). I wish I'd seen this before my travels in Grenada & the Alpujarras, I would have loved to eat my way through the list. Poor potatoes (or 'poor man's potatoes' as it was described to me) is a regular feature on our menu at home.

Anna Kemp wrote 10 years ago:

Reading this has made my mouth water! Another great article from molly. I always enjoy reading her blog!

Jose Manuel wrote 10 years ago:

Que bueno!!! Great!!! Felicidades por este articulo sobre Granada, típica, tradicional y con mucha historia. Nos gustan mucho a los granadinos tus articulos y tu blog.

Flor Del Mercado wrote 10 years ago:

A very interesting post about a very amazing city!!! Not only because of its history or arquitecture but also for its people and its dishes. Granada has a lot of wonderful things to offer and you know how to write about them. Thanks!!!

Marina Serrano wrote 10 years ago:

Felicidades Molly por este interesante post. Muy buenas recomendaciones.

Emilio wrote 10 years ago:

Muy completo el post. Me encanta tu punto de vista de la cidad de Granada. Enhorabuena.

Mel Francis wrote 10 years ago:

Brilliant website/blog. Molly has been really helpful as we settle into part-time living in Spain. Fab tips and reviews - love reading all her blogs A must for anyone who needs helpful and practical advice :-)

Mike Hall wrote 10 years ago:

As ever, great article Molly!

Lindsay Gregory wrote 10 years ago:

Some very appetizing ideas and some great new places to try out next time I´m in Granada, thanks Molly!

Charlotte Taylor wrote 10 years ago:

Wow, you really are a foodie expert. Some great tips and advice for some delicious food around the area. I'm hungry now ! Good luck !

Gonzalo wrote 10 years ago:

Still things to learn about even being my city. Great article Molly!!

Elena wrote 10 years ago:

Great article for a beautiful city!

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