Top 10 Reasons Why Canada Rocks

By: Juliette Giannesini

Canada isn’t just snow, long winters and hockey. Well, there is that… and much more! Because we all know Canada rocks, and it is the place to be!
  1. Canada welcomes immigrants
    Canada is a country open to immigration: each year, it welcomes about 250,000 new landed immigrants. Prospective immigrants can apply in one of the popular immigration categories, such as the skilled worker category or the provincial nominee program, and many expats can obtain temporary work visas relatively easily. For more information, visit the website of Citizenship & Immigration!

  2. A Couple Kissing during the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa
    A Couple Kissing during the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

  3. We have four seasons… no, really!
    Most people think we are freezing year-round, but it is far from being true. Yes, Canadian winters are notoriously harsh in most of the country. But summers are typically very hot and humid, and fall is a lovely season with milder temperatures and stunning foliage colours in Eastern Canada. And in the spring, when winter finally melts away, the country comes alive again!

  4. Fall Colours in Ottawa
    Fall Colours in Ottawa

  5. Canada is proudly multicultural
    Canada is a truly multicultural country with a rich ethnic diversity… and we’re proud of it! Multiculturalism was even adopted in Canada as a national policy. For example, Canada recognized dual citizenship, it supports media such as newspapers, etc. in several languages (Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Chinese…), it encourages minorities representation in the work force and in education and it offers support and help for newcomers in Canada (translation services, immigration advices etc.).

  6. You can speak English… or parler français!
    The province of Quebec’s official language is French, and the province of New-Brunswick is officially bilingual. For the other provinces and territories, it’s a bit of a grey area… English is most widely spoken but there are French communities almost everywhere: in Ontario (the Franco-Ontariens), in Manitoba, in Alberta, etc. Canada has unique words and expressions in English and you will find the many flavours of French spoken in Canada fascinating.

  7. Canadian winters are a bragging right
    Canadians love to brag about how cold it is, and how winters are getting warmer, and how they survived whatever major snow storm ten years ago, and how they went to school even though there were over two meters of snow. I used to make fun of them. But truth is, weather is Canada is a cultural thing and it’s hard to avoid indulging in the bragging game. Canadian winters are hard to describe if you have never experienced truly cold weather (above zero degrees is not cold by our standards). The cold isn’t humid; it doesn’t get to your bones little by little. But right when you step out, you feel it biting you strong! And once you “survive” a couple of Canadian winters, you also become a winter weather authority.

  8. Hockey is the best sport ever
    Hockey, Canada’s national sport, is one things that helps us through the winter. Think soccer for Brazil, NFL football for the US or cricket for India. That popular. The hockey season ends with the Stanley Cup play-offs, then finals. I don’t have statistics, but I bet that productivity at work dramatically decreases during the games!
    Hockey is a really fun sport to watch. The game usually lasts 60 minutes (plus overtime if needed) and it’s a speedy game. A famous rivalry in Canada opposes Toronto’s Maple Leaf to basically the rest of the country. But Canada also loves playing Russia, Sweden, Finland, and of course the USA.
    Hockey is also famous for its fights, an established aspect of the sport. Elbowing, high-sticking, roughing are perfectly acceptable… and expected.

  9. Each province has its own culture
    Canada is a huge country with a relatively small population, and the density is among the lowest in the world. The population is spread across ten provinces and three territories. Ad Mari Usque Ad Mare, From Sea to Sea, is our motto.
    From the Maritimes to British Columbia, across the prairies and the mountains, there’s a lot of space… and a lot of roads to link us all. Each province has its own culture, flavour, ethnical mix and language quirks - it’s a whole new world to discover!

  10. The country is beautiful
    Canada is beautiful. From world-famous attractions like Niagara Falls or The Thousands Islands to small towns such as Deep River, Balm Beach, Rapides-des-Joachims, etc. in the country, from world-class cities like Toronto or Montreal to smaller towns like Niagara-on-the-Lake, you will be amazed.

  11. Deep River, Ontario
    Deep River, Ontario

  12. Canadian bands rock!
    Quebec-born singer Céline Dion is not the only Canadian in the music industry: Canada has some great artists and bands, including Billy Talent, Bryan Adams or The Tragically Hip.

  13. Billy Talent at the Bluesfest in Ottawa
    Billy Talent at the Bluesfest in Ottawa

  14. Yes, you can become a Canadian citizen!
    Did you fall in love in Canada? The good news is, you may be eligible to become a Canadian citizen. Every year, thousands of landed immigrants take the oath of citizenship and proudly wave the maple leaf flag. Become one of us!

The Iconic Canadian Red Mittens
The Iconic Canadian Red Mittens

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Contest Comments » There are 3 comments

Richard Corrigan wrote 10 years ago:

A well-written and interesting read. I live on top of a French mountain so can give you a run for your money in the snowstorm department! Canada sounds great, although you have unfortunately highlighted my ignorance - I didn't know the Niagara Falls were there! Oops

Holly Nelson wrote 10 years ago:

Really informative piece, it really is true that there are four distinct seasons here - but where is spring this year?!?

Teresa wrote 10 years ago:

That was a great read Zhu! It made me so proud just reading it. You wouldn't believe the amount of French people that are shocked when I tell them that it can get really hot in Canada during the summer. I guess they think that it's always minus 5? Some of them are skeptical when I tell them! Yes, I survived the snow storm of '98 and I walked through 2 metres of snow to walk to school. And I survived hacking the ice at the end of driveway at 6am in order to get the car out. Go on, make fun of me!

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