Jeddah's Top Desserts - Our Pick of the Best!

By: Jeddah Blog

Don’t we all agree that a hard day’s work should be rewarded? After a busy day, I for one am completely up for a decadent cup of coffee along with a squidgy, hot-from-the-oven kinda dessert. This is one indulgence your taste buds will thank you for. Go ahead and give in to your sweet cravings!

A great dessert should inspire you and hit all the right notes. Sweet but not cloying, flaky but not stodgy. Whatever your tastes, whether you’re a self-confessed chocoholic, or go weak at the knees at the sight of a buttery pie, or a fruit and nut devotee, you’ll be sure to find your dream dessert in this ultimate collection of the best desserts in Jeddah.

In this sweetest of sweet blog posts, Jeddah Blog has teamed up with Alina Bukhari from The Yellow Treehouse to bring you the 13 most outstanding desserts to see off 2013, and welcome in the New Year. Here’s to a wonderful 2014!

1. Nosh Lounge, Hera St. going towards Sheraton Hotel

Take a bite of Nosh Lounge's Baked Chocolate Soufflé and you'll definitely be going back for more. Fluffy and light, with all the decadence that a chocolate dessert should promise, this soufflé is sure to become a regular on your favourite desserts list. This baked heaven is good for two – or for serious chocoholics – only you! A chocolate cloud sits ever so peacefully surrounded by the whiteness of the large ramekin it’s served in. It is then softly dusted with confectioner’s sugar – or as I like to call it – a bakers’ wish. Please make sure to ask the chef not to over-bake it if you like your soufflés gooey like I do! The hot chocolate sauce oozes out as you dive in. Spoon by spoon ….. aaahhhhh ! Chocolate heaven here I come!

2. Mugg & Bean, new branch next to Piatto and Stars Avenue Mall, Malek Road

Mugg & Bean has been around for quite a while in Jeddah and before Paul graced us with its presence, this was the only go-to place for a good flapjacks-and-croissant-with-eggs kind of breakfast. Their new branch next to Piatto and Stars Avenue Mall on Malek Road offers early morning customers a cheery and bright, well-lit ambience thanks to their floor-to-ceiling front windows.

As for the food - well - very few places get the balance of taste right when it comes to dessert pies, but this coffee-themed franchise restaurant offers up a scrumptious variety that’ll surely have you spoilt for choice ! Where do I start? Their nutty and warm pecan pie served with vanilla ice cream, or their moist, beautiful carrot cake? Don’t wait for me to dribble on please – just go straight ahead and based on your personal liking order away! Mugg & Bean is not to be missed at any cost. And oh, I almost forgot! Their giant muffins, especially the blueberry one, is one of my top go-alongers with a steaming cuppa !

3. Chilli's, Andalus St.

One of the more famous chocolate desserts here in Jeddah that’s really popular with the young ones is Chilli’s Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. The hot chocolate sauce does pour out like lava once you dive in and break the cake open – an event that always brings out the oooh’s and aaah’s from the kiddies around the table ! Although it’s good enough for two, this one’s such a favorite with the kids that all of them get their own individual order! 

4. Outback Steakhouse, Teattro Mall, Tahlia St.  

Outback Steakhouse is a relatively new entrant in the casual dining experience segment of restaurants here in Jeddah, along with the old favourites like Applebees, Fuddruckers and Chillis. Good food, good service and then the dessert. Wow! They do give brownies a very VERY good name.

Order their Thunder from Down Under and you won’t be disappointed! An extra generous, luscious and nutty pecan brownie crowned with rich vanilla ice cream is drizzled with their classic warm chocolate sauce, and finished with chocolate shavings and whipped cream. I haven’t had a better brownie yet.

5. Lallo, Tahlia St. after Millenium Mall, next to STC

One of my personal favourites for Italian Cuisine, Lallo offers Jeddawis true Italian simplicity at its best. To top off the excellent and completely satisfying meal, try their super-smooth Crème Brûlée, or if you like strawberries, ask for their Strawberry Mascarpone Mousse. The Crème Brûlée has a very traditional baked-at-an-Italian-auntie’s-home feel to it, rustic, simple and true to its nature. And no, I am not talking about the Italian Auntie ;) – I am talking about the Crème Brûlée. If you could ever call a dessert honest this one would be it. The mascarpone mousse comes in a basket made out of buttery biscuit. It’s very light and easily breaks off, and holds the decadent mousse until you polish both off! For chocoholics, I highly recommend their Hot Chocolate Flan. Served with vanilla bean ice cream, this is a delicate chocolate concoction with just the right chocolaty bitterness. Enjoy this delicately; the balance of flavour is Italian art!

6. Garnish, Diners’ Square, Malek Road

Garnish, true to its name, prides itself on its spectacular flourishes with every dish. With their soft opening done just a few months ago, Garnish seems promising with its décor, its service and most importantly its food. The food not only tasted top-notch, it was also presented quite beautifully as signified by the restaurant’s name. The dessert was equally satisfying to the palate as well as pleasing to the eye. We tried the traditional British favourites, Apple Pie and Bannoffee Pie, and both were equally satisfying. If you’re in the mood for a late night dinner with some friends or family and are looking for the perfect finish to a meal, it’s well worth a try. 

7. Paul, off Tahlia St. behind Sands Hotel

Paul graced Jeddah about two years ago and ever since it set foot on our hot Arabian soil, women have been flocking to this little piece of French croissant-encrusted utopia. Head on over why don’t you, for its melt-in-the-mouth Chocolate Tarts and Raspberry Eclairs. If you're craving light and crispy macaroons with a soft and chewy center, then this is the place to be. You can't go wrong with any of these irresistible treats, but the pistachio macaroon is in a world of its own. And if it’s their light buttery croissants you’re craving, the almond one is my top recommendation.

8. Cuisine Halwani, Tahlia and Sultan St. Junction, behind Fayfa Garden

Just off the fashionable Tahlia Street, Cuisine Halwani is known for its excellent Lebanese food, but make sure you don't miss their layered Kunafa. Creamy on the inside, crispy on the outside, it is a symphony of textures. The question is, will you be able to stop?

9. Piatto

We've written about Piatto's lunch before, and now this family favourite takes a place of honour in this list for its silky smooth Crème Brûlée and Gelato ice cream. The crème brûlée is creamy without being too rich with a perfect spoon-smashing burnt sugarl topping.

The coffee ice cream in particular, sprinkled with whole roasted coffee beans is the perfect end to a delicious meal.

10. Marhaba Restaurant

An aromatic sweet dish belonging to Mughlai Cuisine, Shahi Tukra is a rich bread pudding scattered with raisins and chopped nuts, and subtly flavoured with cardamom. Marhaba's casual dining South Asian restaurant in the Al Hamra District in our opinion makes the best Shahi Tukra in Jeddah. It's so moreish, it'll have you going back again, and again, and again.

11. Saadeddin Bakery

This bakery specializes in a wide variety of Middle Eastern sweets and pastries. You'll find everything, from cakes to basbousah, and maamoul to baklawa. The one dessert that draws us back to Saadeddin's is their delicious kunafa - an Arabic cheese pastry soaked in a sugary syrup, and the Cheese Kunafa is my absolute personal favourite.

12. Lahore Garden Restaurant

If you're in the mood for a refreshing and cooling, rather than rich dessert, then go for Lahore Garden's Kulfa Falooda in Bani Malak. The Kulfi is a South Asian traditional ice cream, denser and creamier than regular ice creams with flavours such as cardamom, mango and pistachio. The Falooda is a vermicelli beverage mixed with rose water and tapioca pearls. This knockout combination will surely be unlike any dessert you've tried before.

13. Niralla, Sharfiya District

Not technically a dessert, but the traditional Pakistani breakfast of Halwa Puri, consisting of a chick pea and potato curry and deep fried bread (puri) is eaten with halwa (a dense, sweet semolina confection) making for a taste-bud popping, sweet and savoury start to the day. To complete the ensemble, order a glass of lassi, which is a sweetened yogurt drink, but be prepared to not only skip lunch, but enjoy the most wonderful siesta immediately afterwards.

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Ali Sheikh wrote 10 years ago:

Thank you Jeddah Blog for another 'sweet' article. Always find your website a useful source of information about getting around in Jeddah.

Alina wrote 10 years ago:

The Jeddah Blog has come a long way - it continues to bring the best of Jeddah to its readers - all thanks to Sabaa's untiring effort and hard work. Wishing you and JB all the best always Sabaa ! It'll be an honor for me to write for the blog again :) Xx Alina

Haris wrote 10 years ago:

Great article! I was waiting for someone to write about something like this. I really appreciate Jeddah Blog's perpetual attempt to educate and spread knowledge! Go JeddahBlog!!!

Haris wrote 10 years ago:

Wow, a very informative article. Nice work, Jeddah Blog! I find all your written pieces extremely helpful for practical living in Jeddah - and Saudi Arabia as a whole. I continue to appreciate your perpetual spreading of knowledge and education for fellow Jeddawis and Expats in Jeddah. Good on you for being there for the community! Go Jeddah Blog!

Zainab Khan wrote 10 years ago:

I like to check in with Jeddah blog for the latest happenigs in Jeddah. There is always somwthing new and its not always confined to food and shopping. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts! Happy blogging ad best of luck :)

Usman Toqeer wrote 10 years ago:

I must say "Jeddah Blog" is the best place to find out about many happenings and cool places in the city. Keep up the good work guys!! :)

Suha wrote 10 years ago:

My favourite is the Gelato Ice cream at Piatto. Thanks you for the suggestions Jeddah Blog. I will definitely try some of the others.

Qurratulain Sikander wrote 10 years ago:

Jeddah Blog, or as lovingly we call it JB, is a one stop read for any newbie or native in Jeddah. This blog always has a fresh take on whatever this cosmopolitan city of the desert has to offer. The blog maintains a non discriminatory approach to informing the reader about all new and old news about this great city. I wish JB all the best in winning this award! As it truly deserves it.

Bushra Azhar wrote 10 years ago:

This post will be the death of me ...and my futile attempts at healthy eating :) Good Luck Jeddah Blog...I am rooting for you!

Safia wrote 10 years ago:

Wow Jeddah blog, your great articles make me want to visit Saudi and even become a Jeddawian! Your blog certainly shows myself and others living in the UK that Jeddah is an exciting and culturally rich place to be!

Uzma Sabahat wrote 10 years ago:

jeddah blog is vastly informative and exciting,its really helpful for an expat to explore things and places through this wonderful blog

Abdullah wrote 10 years ago:

Jeddah Blog is a great source of information about Jeddah and really fills the knowledge gap. Keep up the great work!

Lyn Birrell wrote 10 years ago:

This blog if very informative and was very helpful to me when I first came to Jeddah. You do a great job Sabaa. You definitely cover a multitude of subjects. I have often recommended Jeddah Blog to friends and acquaintances to help them know more about Saudi Arabia. Good Luck!

Saad Al Dosari wrote 10 years ago:

Good article as usual. Although living in Jeddah, sometimes I need a reminder of how sweet my hometown is ... that's what Jeddah is for :)

Ahmed Houri wrote 10 years ago:

Jeddah Blog is very informative and interesting to read. It gets difficult at times to know what is going on in this country and it surprises me to see Jeddah Blog always on the update with everything that is going on. I wish you all the best and thank you for all that you have done!

Lena wrote 10 years ago:

I absolutely love jeddah blog! Its difficult to find new places to try and ways to have fun in jeddah, having jeddah blog has made the experience easier!

Delina Partadiredja wrote 10 years ago:

As an expat in Jeddah, limited moves for women and children make us have to always update any information about what can we do especially to improve our skills and knowledge. Jeddah Blog provides a way out. Many useful information about workshop, kids/adults courses, events, tourist attractions, until culinary references all are here! Thank you Jeddah Blog.

Daniyal Ashraf wrote 10 years ago:

Amazing Read! Superb effort put in by the Author. I would like to appreciate such reads specially for the newbies to a City, such as me, these reads always plant an idea in the to-do or to-go lists. Jeddah Blog has definitely been an information source for me as I barely know the city. This particular article has me drooling, and now i'd definitely stop by these places to have a bite after work. Keep em coming, I'd like to read more about places to go for activities/coffee/mood chilling etc. One does need to cool off after a hefty day's of work. kudos.

Mahmoud Hisham wrote 10 years ago:

If you'd like to choose the top blog, I'd definitely recommend you to go for Jeddah blog !

Oraib wrote 10 years ago:

With all my respect to this article as well as the others .great one keep it up .supported you always , community does not exist if there is no interaction, thank you for this informative exciting article ..GL.

Osman Khalid wrote 10 years ago:

Well I was sitting bored at ma home after work,I went to mine Jeddah Blog page as am also the regular reader..I seen some one wrote about weather at sea..I went to sea and pleasant winds with sea singing songs welcoming the people..In short it made my day am feeling great JUST BECAUSE OF THE JEDDAH BLOG PAGE :) Its just a singe example you will find allot of good stuff in their... Best Wishes...

Zareen Muzaffar wrote 10 years ago:

Jeddah Blog is my go to website for staying in the loop. Jeddah blog is quick to update all ongoing activities around the city. Not just that, the blog has featured some very interesting and insightful interviews and reviews of people and places. Excellent work Jeddah Blog!

Rohail Khan wrote 10 years ago:

Jeddah Blog is a great services for all Expatriates whether new or old. It is like an "information bureau" where expats can gather up-to-date information to solve their routine queries. Congratulations to the Jeddah blog team for their persistent good wok.

Deepesh wrote 10 years ago:

Wow! This blog does really help me. I now know a lot of places that i can visit. Jeddah blogs are really helpull and entertaining to read to

Bushra Masood wrote 10 years ago:

I check in with Jeddah blog out of sheer curiosity to find out what are happening places of Jeddah. Certainly a commendable job by Sabaa Ali in maintaining the interest of the readers!!

Afreem wrote 10 years ago:

If I want to find out what is trending and happening in Jeddah I log onto my one-stop source of diverse and informative articles that is Jeddah Blog. Keep it up!

Ammara Usman wrote 10 years ago:

Very informative and useful, Sabaa Ali is doing a great job keeping us posted! Keep it up.

Rahat Jabeen wrote 10 years ago:

Its always a pleasure to read the exciting information provided on this blog.

Ammaraaa wrote 10 years ago:

A great service and very informative. I specially love the food updates... ;)

Ammara wrote 10 years ago:

There are so many wonderful places to visit, and I love to read about them here...

Arooj Usman wrote 10 years ago:

Reading about the traditional breakfast of Halwa Puri with lassi, made me want to have it. What a wonderful start of the day!

Abdul wrote 10 years ago:

love to visit the places,, and thanks for exploring it for us......

Rabia wrote 10 years ago:

Jeddah Blog is doing great work and its very informative keep it up!

Junaid A. Sadiq wrote 10 years ago:

I must say "Jeddah Blog" is the best place to find out about many happenings and cool places in the city. Keep up the good work !! :)

Reem wrote 10 years ago:

Will definitely be checking out some of these desserts - they sound yummy. Have always followed Jeddah Blog, and I know if there's anything worth doing or attending, it'll be up there on Jeddah Blog. Good luck - hope you win the gold !

Dalia Ghorab wrote 10 years ago:

Jeddah blog is an awesome forum that's always been useful! The blog difinitely shows the hard work & passion put into it! Well done guys :)

Nadia Imran wrote 10 years ago:

what a nice detailed and what a good piece of information

Reema wrote 10 years ago:

Always enjoy the posts on Jeddah blog. Informative & well written. Keep up the good work.

Abdullah wrote 10 years ago:

Now, if this is how you vote, let me start off by saying, we need a blog like this for Lahore. Of course, Lahore isn't as eventful as Jeddah, but it's still worth a try. It is quite a cool concept to have a blog exclusively for your city, that tells you everything you need or might want to know. I have personally seen the time and effort put into writing this blog, and I can safely say, that it deserves an award. Keep it up. :)

Victor Ho wrote 10 years ago:

Very informative post here. I have been to or am familiar with many of the places you have mentioned. I agree with your review of Paul and will certainly give a thought to trying Mugg and Bean now.

Erum Khalid wrote 10 years ago:

I spent one year in Jeddah and experienced all the twists and turns that go with shifting to a totally new place. I chanced upon Jeddah Blog through Facebook and have been hooked ever since. I got to know about so many places to visit in Jeddah and OH-SO many places to eat (which led to a marked increase in my weight!). Seriously JB helped me so much in the early days of my move, the articles, the links to restaurants, markets, bargains EVERYTHING!! Such an amazing blog!

Azra wrote 10 years ago:

Jeddah Blog is a great forum to build the jeddah connect and make expats meet each other, share experiences and make each other feel at home. This article like all your articles is full of much needed information...JOB WELL DONE !!!

Naima Bashir wrote 10 years ago:

Jeddah blog is a very informative blog especially for the expats, there are so many wonderful places and events and all we get to from here. Always very helpful.

Sonia Dada wrote 10 years ago:

Jeddah Blog is very informative and well written. keep it up Jeddah Blog :)

Gen Logan wrote 10 years ago:

Jeddah Blog is the best! It is very informative especially for expats. It is also entertaining and worth spending time reading the blog articles. Keep it up Jeddah Blog! Hope you can also feature adventure activities especially for women.

Toni Riethmaier wrote 10 years ago:

Jeddah Blog never fails to provide the latest and accurate information about what's going on in the city. This list will make it very easy for a new arriving expat or resident to discover the very diverse and vibrant dining scene. Keep up the good work.

Andy Mayer wrote 10 years ago:

Jeddah Blog continues to fill the need for information, things to do and facts in Jeddah. The consistency of good posts and the variety of interesting facts engage the readers and allow for much information sharing. It is a valuable resource for residents and visitors to Jeddah, a city with so many jewels that are often hard to find or unknown. Jeddah Blog encourages relationships with readers, is engaged in many ways in the community and inspires positivity for all the readers about Saudi Arabia. Keep up the great work.

Najeeb wrote 10 years ago:

I have a crazy sweet tooth, and love trying new desserts. I personally believe a meal is incomplete without dessert! This is an excellent article, I only wish I had somehow been able to take part in it, as I believe there are a few desserts that definitely deserve a place on that list! I can personally vouch for the Mascarpone Mousse at Lallo. It is heavenly, and the strawberries perfectly complement the oodles of creaminess! Their Tiramisu is I believe in the top 2 in Jeddah, and a must try. While there are 2 kunafas and 3 chocolate desserts on the list, where is the quintessential cheesecake?! Coffee Republic has a great Oreo Cheesecake. And On The Border used to have a Dulce de Leche Cheesecake which was unbelievable, unfortunately, they discontinued it. Paul is great, I have tried most of their items. The Pistachio Macaroon is definitely awesome. If you like pistachios, don't miss Fistik Sarma/Dolama at Mado, and also their Pistachio Dondurma (Turkish ice cream). Another place that deserves to be on the list is Helen's; their carrot cake is the best in town, without a doubt. It is more like a pudding! They also have a Red Velvet Cheesecake, which is divine, and I have not seen that kind of cheesecake anywhere else in Jeddah. Their Galaxy Chocolate Cake is probably the best chocolate cake, in the light/fluffy chocolate cake category, not the dense fudgy ones. Bert's Cafe has an amazing Carrot Cake as well, just as good as Helen's, if not better. Bon Bon is worth a visit also. They have the best gourmet cupcake. I forgot the name, but it has a combination of raspberry and pistachio ingredients, like raspberry jam inside, as well as pistachio paste. It is expensive for a cupcake (SR. 14, two years ago), but totally worth every halala. For the best gelato, head to Venchi in Red Sea Mall. They have been making ice cream since the late 1800s (not in Red Sea Mall!), so they know their craft. Completely natural, with no added coloring, flavoring, or preservatives. Just milk, cream, and fresh fruit. There are a few other places and desserts as well. If anybody is interested, they can contact me. Thanks to this article, I have come to know of several desserts I have not tried before, and now knowing them, must try them! Thanks for the increasing waist line, Jeddah Blog! ;-). I have been wanting to make my own similar list for years now, but never did. Now thanks to the inspiration from Jeddah Blog, I just might go ahead and do that! Great work, JB.

Lily Talukder wrote 10 years ago:

I am always looking for good places to eat and this is the perfect project for me during the holiday period. I can already confirm a handful of them are excellent! thanks!

Safa wrote 10 years ago:

The best post I have ever come across especially for a sweet addict like me.Most informative post.Thanks Jeddah blog and gudluck!

Ayesha wrote 10 years ago:

Love the blog! Great place for expats to converge! I hope they keep up with the good work. It's a real insight into the happenings and life in general for the expats based in Jeddah.

Deanne wrote 10 years ago:

Great informative blog for those of us with an incurable sweet tooth. Great work! :)

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