Top Ten Expat Experiences in Singapore

By: Pallavi

Being a new expat in a country can be an overwhelming experience . The various sights and sounds may confuse you, the cultural differences might dazzle you, the explosion of flavors in the local food may surprise you but if you come with an open mind, the experiences can not only be fulfilling, but can be enjoyable as well .

After living in Singapore for the past three years, I have enjoyed exploring the city and its many facades. From witnessing the vivid colors at Botanic Gardens to walking through heritage trails, every experience has shown me a more vivid side of the city. Here, is my pick of Top expat experiences in Singapore.

1. Witness Singapore’s rich heritage at Armenian Street

Walk past colorful shop houses and immerse yourself in the bygone historical era at Armenian street. Experience the rich culture and heritage and get transported to another world as you explore the peranakan themed cafes and book stores. Sip a cup of gourmet coffee and take a step back into time.

2. Experience the countryside , the organic way.

Leave the hustle bustle of the city and escape to the countryside. Watch the frolicking butterflies and venture into the organic farm, “Bollywood veggies”. Sample their homemade banana bread, their lip smacking curries and experience the peaceful sojourn in the countryside. Drink fresh goat milk at Hay diaries and if you are brave enough, drop by the frog farm at Kranji.

3. Watch hued reflections by the riverside at Boat Quay

Watch myriad hues explode and cast glittering reflections in the water as you sip a cocktail by the quaint riverside. Be awed by the breathtaking laser show from Marina Bay sands and sample fresh seafood at the various restaurants. Get a seat by the riverside and have a relaxing yet scenic evening .

4. Walk through colorful orchids at Botanic Gardens

For the nature lover, head to the green expanse and experience nature in full glory. Walk through the orchid garden and witness hundreds of varieties bloom. If you are lucky, you can see the country's national flower 'Vanda Miss Joaquim' in bloom. With many scenic photograph points, go shutter crazy.

5. Catch a surreal sunset at East Coast

Sit by the calm ocean and watch the sunset paint the sky with vivid colors. Catch a moment of solitude and witness the trees in the distant transform into a silhouette. Be awed stuck as you experience the surreal sunset.

6. Hand feed the lory birds at Jurong Bird Park

Head to Jurong bird park to witness various species of birds. Witness the well choreographed bird shows, have lunch with the parrots and hand feed the lorry birds. Take a picture with the colorful macau and enjoy a lovely day out.

7. Have a hearty brunch at Riders café and watch the horses roam freely

Get away from the city centre and Sample the famed egg benedict at rider's café. Watch the horses roam freely and strut past as you enjoying a hearty meal. Walk around the open expanse , pet a horse and admire the landscape.

8. Indulge in retail therapy at Orchard road

Experience the finest retail therapy at Orchard Road. With hundreds of brands, you would be spoilt for choice. Walk through orchard road and experience the lively atmosphere of Singapore' s most famous tourist hotspot.

9. Swim in the infinity pool at Marina Bay sands

Enjoy a staycation at one of the most luxurious hotels in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands. Indulge in pampered luxury and take a swim in the highest pool in Singapore. As you can imagine, the view is breathtaking!

10. Pamper you palate with soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung

Sample the famous soup dumplings at this Michelin star restaurant. The handmade dumpling are world famous and have been enjoyed by celebrities like Tom cruise! Use your chopsticks and enjoy the explosion of flavors.

These are my favorite expat experiences of Singapore that truly showcase the essence of this beautiful island nation. As an expat, its important to explore the city and enjoy the experiences as you go along :)

About the author

Expat Blog ListingPallavi is an Indian expat living in Singapore. Blog description: Two years ago, i married the love of my life, packed my bags and moved to the sunny island of Singapore . Thats pretty much how my expat life in Singapore started .I blog about my experiences of life in a foreign land.
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Contest Comments » There are 98 comments

Namrota Mazumdar wrote 10 years ago:

I love the way Pallavi weave her blog, he surely deserves to win :)

Mathew wrote 10 years ago:

That’s a well written post about Singapore! I have always enjoyed reading Pallavi's expat adventures on her blog. Her effervescent style, vivid pictures and simplistic approach makes her a great expat blogger!

Preeti wrote 10 years ago:

Hi! I just wanted to vote for Pallavi's blog. I love reading about Singapore through her colorful perspective . Her posts are well written and they take me on a virtual tour:) all the best Pallavi and I hope you win! :)

R Ramakrishnan wrote 10 years ago:

Pallavi's beautiful blog posts laced with dazzling pictures on Singapore are splendid, sparkling,glittering and glorious.She shows up Singapore as an amazing, magical,captivating destination waiting to be explored. Best Wishes to Pallavi.

RAKESH wrote 10 years ago:

I love your post and traveling experiences. After reading your post I want to visit Singapore as per your guidance.

Anita wrote 10 years ago:

Pallavi, Thanks for listing all the great attractions & experiences. They figure in my list too now! I have been planning to visit Singapore for long. Lovely island nation that has great experiences :) Best wishes to you :)

Neelam Puri wrote 10 years ago:

Hi Pallavi ...I read all ur blogs ,very nicely written awesome photographs, Keep it best wishes r with u today &always....

Renuka wrote 10 years ago:

Great to know about Singapore. It's a helpful guideline for anyone who's wondering how to go around in Singapore.

Col S.R Puri wrote 10 years ago:

Pallavi's beautiful blog posts with beautiful pictures on Singapore are admirable.She shows up Singapore as an amazing destination ..Best Wishes to Pallavi - All the best...

Neelam wrote 10 years ago:

I love reading her beautiful blogs ...all of them are worth praising ..........May god bless her ......My best wishes & keep smiling.....

Heman Verma wrote 10 years ago:

Singapore was our honeymoon destination and today its our childrens favourite destination too , your blog just keeps our enthusiam to travel alive and to visit this country again and again wish u all the best

Naveen Sharma wrote 10 years ago:

Nice Blog Dear, and Nice written Singapore Keep it up and Ol The Best... :)

Dilip wrote 10 years ago:

Excellent blog with insightful expat experiences. Definitely a must read for all new expats staying/planning to relocate to Singapore.

Heman Verma wrote 10 years ago:

I want to vote for Pallavi's blog. I love reading her blogs..Her posts are well written and they take me to Singapore .All the best Pallavi wishes....

Jenny wrote 10 years ago:

Beautiful pictures and a captivating writeup are just one of the many things I love about this blog. I feel like I am discovering little treasures of Singapore with every post that she shares. Her blog is amazing and I want to wish her all the best for this contest!

Tennyson wrote 10 years ago:

Well done, Pallavi. I am keeping this in mind for a possible visit to Singapore some time later, especially the Armenian Street. Best of luck! :)

Magiceye wrote 10 years ago:

Wow! Your blog sure surges our travel urges to explore Singapore!

Mridula Dwivedi wrote 10 years ago:

This is a beautiful post. I would love to swim in that gorgeous infinity pool one day!

Poonam wrote 10 years ago:

Reading pallavi's blog is like getting transported with her into her world...she has the amazing power of giving a mesmerizing description every time..hope to keep reading more!

Poonam wrote 10 years ago:

Its a pleasure to vote for pallavi ..her blogs have the power of taking the reader with her into the fascinating journey she shares...all the best pallavi!

Gail wrote 10 years ago:

I've enjoyed reading your posts for some time now. You always provide wonderful insights on the food, shopping and nature of Singapore. I'd love to visit someday. :)

Sarah wrote 10 years ago:

Having lived aboard for many years as a child I always find it so interesting reading about the experiences of others living aboard. Pallavi shows us so many different places and experiences in Singapore. It is a delight to visit her. Sarah x

Debajyoti wrote 10 years ago:

I am absolutely loving your posts on Singapore! It's always fascinating to read about the culture and interesting places of a country!

Christina wrote 10 years ago:

I always enjoy reading Pallavi's posts about Singapore. When the time comes for me to visit, I will surelly know where to go.

Santosh Kamal wrote 10 years ago:

Wow pallavi this is great !!!seeing Singapore from your eyes is a real treat. I always used to wonder how u manage to write so awesome. Looking forward for more blogs this is so helpful for people who want yo visit

Ankush Vadhera wrote 10 years ago:

That is a very well written blog dear Pallavi. I especially loved the pictures you added alongwith the writeup. Hope to see you soon in Singapore and keep up the good work.

David wrote 10 years ago:

One of the best expat bloggers in Singapore. Even though I have been living in Singapore for a few years, her posts make me rediscover hidden treasures in this country. Splendidly written blog! Love it!!

Angela wrote 10 years ago:

Hi, I would like to vote for Pallavi's blog. Reading her interesting and infromative posts is a breeze. Thanks to her, i have visited many new places within Singapore. Never knew that our little country could have so many beautiful places . Thanks Pallavi and keep blogging! Rgds, Angela

Preethi Venugopal wrote 10 years ago:

It is always a pleasure to go through your posts Pallavi... That was quite a summary you have put up...I like the fact that you find time for the little things in life like watching a sunset or a walk down the street taking in the beauty of life.

Mariette's Back To Basics wrote 10 years ago:

Dearest Pallavi, So far it has been an added bonus for running into Pallavi. The only thing that I don't like about her is that she writes so REAL, that it is hard at times for not being able to be back in Singapore myself. She would make an excellent spokesperson for tourism, be it culinary, shopping or landscape oriented. Hugs, Mariette

Pat wrote 10 years ago:

I really enjoy reading Pallavi's ex-psat blog about her life in Singapore. I've learned so much about all the wonderful restaurants and cultural and sightseeing places in Singapore from her. It has made me yearn to travel there!

Mitesh Bhojani wrote 10 years ago:

Amazing experiences... thoughts coated with emotions... keep up the good work.... :-)

Chai A Cup Of Life wrote 10 years ago:

I am a new reader to Pallavi's blog and I have enjoyed reading about her experiences. From food, to her travels to everyday life in Singapore. Best wishes to you :-)

Rahul wrote 10 years ago:

Pallavi is a writer who puts her heart and soul in her beautiful posts! Best wishes for the contest!

Priyanka wrote 10 years ago:

I enjoy reading Pallavi 's blogs. Singapore being our honeymoon destination has a special place in our lives .Pallavi's blogs make us feel as if we are enjoying the beauty of Singapore all the time....

Shagun Nichal wrote 10 years ago:

Each and every blog of Pallavi is beautifully written...lovely pictures with vibrant flowers...Excellent work.....All the best.......

Daniel wrote 10 years ago:

Love love love this blog! Pallavi narrates her experiences beautifully and takes the reader on a fascinating journey to exotic Singapore. Lovely!

Rachit wrote 10 years ago:

Very informative and interesting blogs with beautiful pictures...Amazing work Pallavi ...keep it up ! Best wishes...

Rakesh wrote 10 years ago:

Very well written Pallavi's blog take me to a different world ..I love reading each & every word ...great work!!!

Chandni Sharma wrote 10 years ago:

Seeing a country through the eyes of our own people indeed gives a real sight of the place. And after going through your blog I have made up my mind to now experience some of your wonderful experiences. keep posting....

Bharati Singha wrote 10 years ago:

She has a very beautiful blog with lots of wonderful pictures. I, personally, found her blog very interesting and informative. Best wishes, Pallavi :)

Mildred Elizabeth wrote 10 years ago:

Such beautiful and interesting information provided through words and photos. It is a delight to visit through your words!

Sharma wrote 10 years ago:

Pallavi writes beautifully .every blog is special ...I enjoy reading all her posts....My best wishes and keep it up..

Mohit Bhatnagar wrote 10 years ago:

Very well written informative blog .. All the best pallavi and keep blogging..

Bharath Jadhav wrote 10 years ago:

Amazing write-ups with even more amazing photos . Each post is as real as it can get & it gets getting better. Keep writing :-)

Peter wrote 10 years ago:

Truly deserves to win. Love her writing style and amazing pictures. Go Pal Go!

Sneha wrote 10 years ago:

Pallavi's blog takes us on a beautiful journey to faraway Singapore. I enjoy exploring the scenic places with her virtually. Indeed a well written blog.

Daryl wrote 10 years ago:

A deserving nominee for the expats blog award. Best of luck and keep blogging!

Sabreena wrote 10 years ago:

I love Pallavis's blog. Her simplistic style and vibrant pictures are a brilliant discovery!

Rana wrote 10 years ago:

Pallavi has a wonderful blog with lots of information about Singapore. Its very useful for expats and locals alike.

Anil wrote 10 years ago:

Here to vote for Pallavi's blog. All the best and hope you win!

Dhiren wrote 10 years ago:

Well written and equally well illustrated blog. I enjoy reading about Singapore through Pallavi's perspective.

Angie wrote 10 years ago:

All the best Pallavi. I love your blog and enjoy reading about your experiences :)

Deepak wrote 10 years ago:

A great expat blog with loads of information for expats moving/living in Singapore.

Kishore Panjwani wrote 10 years ago:

Dear Pallavi, your simple, informative and refreshing posts are amazing . We are revisiting Singapore thru them . Good work, all the best.

Deeps wrote 10 years ago:

Here to vote for Pallavi's blog. May you win more accolades.

Jaya wrote 10 years ago:

Nicely written blog about Singapore and its various attractions. A perfect option for people looking to visit .

Nasser wrote 10 years ago:

Definitely my favorite expat blogger. I love her blog and enjoy reading about her experiences.

Jody wrote 10 years ago:

Every post that she shares is beautifully written. I enjoy her food posts a lot and have made up my mind to try the different cafes :)

Carol wrote 10 years ago:

Indeed, this is one of the best expat blogs in Singapore. Pallavi takes posts such beautiful pictures that i instantly want to visit Singapore.

Prashant Juneja wrote 10 years ago:

Great update on places to see as an expat in Singapore. Having been here for about a year I have not been to many of them! Look forward to more updates Pallavi.

Ashish Shetty wrote 10 years ago:

Very well written and highly informative with the right amount of personal touch. The perfect guide to discovering Singapore. My congratulations to the author on sharing her experiences as an expat in the island nation with the readers.

Shyam Desai wrote 10 years ago:

good and informative post on the hidden nuances of singapore..these things would not be known to a tourist looking for some local touch and feel of the country...good read.

Kishor wrote 10 years ago:

Very well written. I will definitely visit these places at the earliest.

Jamie wrote 10 years ago:

I now feel inspired to start my own blog! Thanks Pallavi for sharing your expat experiences for i really enjoy reading them.

Alex wrote 10 years ago:

Nicely written . I really look forward to exploring more of Armenian street in Singapore.

Rachel Kurtis wrote 10 years ago:

Here to vote for Pallavi's blog! All the best and i really like your blog :)

Kath wrote 10 years ago:

I love this blog as its entertaining and at the same time very informative!

Philip wrote 10 years ago:

Lovely blog and thanks for sharing your experinces with the rest of us .

Jennifer wrote 10 years ago:

I absolutely enjoy reading you blog and i hope you win this contest.

Sarah wrote 10 years ago:

Pallavi's blog is very informative for expats like myself. After reading through i have visited many places that off the tourist trails. Keep up the good work,

Emily Fong wrote 10 years ago:

Well written and incredibly informative. I enjoy all her posts. Singapore is not very large in size but still there are so many places to discover. I have discovered many such places through your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Lillian wrote 10 years ago:

Thats a great list! The surreal sunset at east coast being my favorite. Singapore does have some really beautiful sunsets.

Judith wrote 10 years ago:

Insightful blog and well well written. I enjoy Pallavi's posts on her expat adventures. Its definitely a great experience to read about Singapore from an expatriate's perspective.

Rajan wrote 10 years ago:

Excellent work Pallavi ...I really enjoy reading all ur blogs...very well written Best wishes and all the best...keep it up!!!

Judith wrote 10 years ago:

Insightful blog and well well written. I enjoy Pallavi's posts on her expat adventures. Its definitely a great experience to read about Singapore from an expatriate's perspective.

Celia wrote 10 years ago:

Keep blogging Pallavi and i hope you win the expats blog contest. Much love xoxo

Sharon wrote 10 years ago:

Sitting by the riverside at boat quay is definitely one of my favorite things to do in Singapore on a weekend. I have always enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to many more.

Abhijit Chitnis wrote 10 years ago:

Nice post PD! Keep writing. Also write about how Dilip troubles you in singapore!!! All the best!

Savita wrote 10 years ago:

Its always a beautiful feeling to read Pallavis posts... she is creative by being realistic... simple thoughts bring out the purity and definitely a smile on me.. way to go pallavi.... keep up the writing...

Sindhu Devi wrote 10 years ago:

Very handy post! I am sure to save the link :)And, best wishes for you!

Saru Singhal wrote 10 years ago:

Much of the things I would love to do. Soaking nature and architectural marvel in the same city.

Rajan Chadha wrote 10 years ago:

Pallavi your blog arises a curiosity to visit Singapore asap.Going thru the blog I felt like being there .The details captured are so immaculate that I can decide instantly to visit the place.Keep bloggingand enriching all.

Sonu Bhalla wrote 10 years ago:

Very well written with lovely pictures....I enjoy reading all her posts and feel like visiting these places...good work Pallavi ....keep it up !!!!

Anthony wrote 10 years ago:

Very well written and useful...will definitely cover these next time

Nadia wrote 10 years ago:

Hello Pallavi, I enjoy reading your blog really interesting. All the best

Shagun wrote 10 years ago:

Wow beautifully written with amazing pics pallu your blogs touch my soul so keep it up&god bless u

Alice wrote 10 years ago:

Insightful and a well written blog. Singapore just got added to my “must see places” list.

Vernon wrote 10 years ago:

A well deserving nominee. Her blog showcases the scenic beauty, diversity and opulence of this great nation. Best of luck dear!

Martin wrote 10 years ago:

I really enjoyed reading your list ! Definitely, this is just the right mix of Singapore's rich culture and scenic wonders. Thanks for sharing !

Lovina Rodrigues wrote 10 years ago:

Hey pallu.... What an amazing writer you are!... glad that I met you! You are a beautiful best wishes with you. Have loved all your write ups and each time I read them I get goose bumps.... cheers... u deserve to win ♥♥♥♥

Nicholas wrote 10 years ago:

Very well written blog. All the best to Pallavi for this contest.

Priya wrote 10 years ago:

Best of luck for the expats blog award. May you win hands down :)

Anna wrote 10 years ago:

Moving to a new country can definitely be overwhelming. Glad to see you adjusting so well. Keep blogging and sharing your experiences.

Steven G wrote 10 years ago:

I love reading Pallavi's blog and it comes as no surprise that she is nominated for this award. Best of luck!

Nads wrote 10 years ago:

Beautifully written blog with a lot of information for expats looking to move to Singapore.

Trevor wrote 10 years ago:

One of the best blogs there is! Love the way Pallavi weaves magic through her blog. Best wishes to her.

Lynny wrote 10 years ago:

Great post. Just shows the depth of choices living in Singapore brings. Well done!

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