Expat Blog Awards 2012 Winners: Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Turks And Caicos Islands

Expat Blog Awards 2012


Welcome to the Expat Blog Awards 2012 winners' page for the following countries: Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Turks And Caicos Islands.
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The Dubious Hausfrau (gold)
The adventures and misadventures of a Canadian born prairie raised expat living in Switzerland with her husband. He works for a department of the UN and she's trying to write a book. One fan says: Dubious hausfrau manages to keep the interest alive in all her narrations! Entertaining, informatory, cool - an awesome blog!
Cows, Cuckoos and Clich├ęs (silver)
A blog about my life and (mis)adventures around Geneva. Its about the dcomplications & absurdities of moving to another country in midlife & watching how my own biases & past so color the way I experience life here. One fan says: Bela's sense of subtle humour is her forte and signature tune so to speak and this comes out so clearly in the blogs. I loved the one about education - after all, we are plebians and love that, don't we? The mix of east and west, which I am sure would have been a difficult transition, is described in an understated manner. Enjoy reading her blogs - keep it up, Bela.
Geneva family diaries (bronze)
These are the diaries of an expat family in Geneva. Read about our adventures, share tips and advice on topnotch things to do, places to go and the best baby-friendly restaurants in town. This is Geneva Kids & the City! One fan says: Deserves all the 5 Stars! Contemporary, informative and most importantly, I have never been let down by any of the ideas posted. Simply cool.
Three years & home (honour)
Home is where the heart is and I left mine in Wales. A Welsh mum's battle against Swiss trams. One fan says: This is a great blog. I enjoy reading about the struggles of a foreign country and adapting to their alien ways and actions.
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Tomorrow in Taiwan (gold)
Dan is a teacher at an international school and Betsy is tagging along on a grand adventure in a new country. We're writing about all that is new and interesting to us including food and pets and everyday life. One fan says: Dan and Betsy's blog covers a wide variety of topics, from work issues to dealing with homesickness. While most of it is happy, they also do a nice job of discussing the emotional reality of living overseas.
My Neon Sign Lullaby (silver)
I currently live in Taipei. I'm starting my life from scratch as a foreign bride. I'm learning Mandarin; adapting on a beautiful island. One fan says: Interesting pictures and beautiful writing :) love this blog from an American girl's point of view on daily life in Taiwan.
A Hungry Girl's Guide to Taipei (bronze)
A journal of finding good food and restaurants i love to eat in Taipei when I'm not in Los Angeles. looking forward to hearing from other food lovers about where your favorite places to eat are, so i can try them next! One fan says: This blog is The Blog people in Taipei turn to for restaurant recommendations and reviews. Nobody else has Taipei's food scene covered so very comprehensively.
Ah-Taiwan: Life in Formosa (honour)
Originally from Canada, Taiwan has become home for both Andre and his family since 1998. Ah-Taiwan is a project he began as a way to document my personal experiences with life in Taiwan. We say: What started as a personal blog exploded into a wealth of expat-related info!
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African Chronicles (gold)
Born and grew up in Trinidad, now a Canadian and almost became a Montserratian. Moved to Zanzibar in July 2011. I am now based in Dar es Salaam on mainland Tanzania. One fan says: This blog has managed to open my world a bit more as he captures a variety of interesting elements of expat living, in a very fun and refreshing manner. I read it and say to myself "I want to be there! do that! experience this!"
Life in Dar (silver)
A former NYC high school teacher, Lisa is an American who is married to a Dane, had two kids in Kenya, and now lives in Tanzania. One fan says: So interesting on so many topics: parenting, ex-pat daily living, African culture, travel, politics, etc. Always entertaining and real!
Team Kosh (bronze)
Katie and Josh went to Tanzania. This is what happened. We say: Although not as yet very numerous, the lively and interesting posts give us a real feel for life in Tanzania, as well as providing some some helpful advice.
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American Expat in Chiang Mai (gold)
After coming to Thailand regularly for a very long time, my wife & I decided to make the Land of Smiles our permanent home, so we built a beautiful house in '07, shipped our precious belongings by slow boat, and started living full time here in 2011. One fan says: Agreed, this guy gives it to you straight. Lot's of fantastic information that can only be found by being there.
Mommy's Life Around... (silver)
A Filipina living a simple life in Bangkok, Thailand...stay-at-home-mom who wants to learn a lot of things and to travel the world with two wonderful kids and great partner! *smile* One fan says: I like this blog! It's a must-visit site :) 5-stars rating for it!
The Grumpy Expat (bronze)
A source of information and anecdotes for Thailand's expat. residents and visitors that, perhaps, you won't find in the guide books - life here as it really is for foreigners. Information, anecdotes, culture and news. We say: A combination of news and personal insight create a unique blend of great expat info from a retiree's perspective.
Joey's Bangkok Blog (honour)
A 7-year-old American boy's take on living and going to school in Asia We say: Special mention goes to 7-year-old Joey's blog, fantastic to have the opportunity to experience expatriation in this country through a child's eyes!
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My Turkish Joys (gold)
A blog about Turkish food, traveling in Turkey, living as an expat in Istanbul, favorite restaurants, Turkish recipes and visiting the local markets. One fan says: My newlywed husband is from Istanbul, and we go to visit his family at least once a year. Reading Joy's blog gives me so much insight into Turkish culture and food that I feel more informed when I speak with my new in-laws. It's like having "insider" information! When we visit again next summer, I already have a list of things to do and see, all from Joy's blog.
Empty Nest Expat (silver)
I'm an American expatriate bursting with enthusiasm to GET OUT AND EXPERIENCE OUR GLOBE! One fan says: Karen's blog is great! She writes about things that expats, soon-to-be expats, travelers, soon-to-be travelers and want-to-be travelers find interesting. With her words, she paints a visual image for the reader of both the place and the experience.
Ayak's Turkish Delight (bronze)
I moved to Turkey from England in 1998 and married my Turkish husband in 1999. We have lived in different areas of Turkey. In fact we have moved 15 times to date. One fan says: I've been reading Ayak's blog for many years now. Here tenacity in the face of many difficulties caused by language, cultural differences and recession is quite astounding but the integration and understanding of the Turkish culture, why things are the way they are is wonderful to read. I think the constant interest, the changing moods in the writing but constant quality is why I have read it for so long. Ayak's writing comes from the heart.
Canim Benim (honour)
Living and loving my life in Turkey One fan says: There are so many blogs, but this one is sincere and very personal. Great stories, valuable information. For me personally, a helping hand when I had moment of hesitation. Canim Benim is such a Turkish friend.
Ellen in Turkey (honour)
Opera singer, recovering lawyer and expat blogging about Turkey and travel, and writing a murder mystery about opera singers. One fan says: When I first moved to Turkey, Ellen's blog was the Number One source for me when it came to learning all "Expat in Turkey" things. Her blogs are always VERY informative and extremely well-written. Keep it up, Ellen!!! xo Olga
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Turks And Caicos Islands
2 Gringos in the Caribbean (gold)
Tired of the rat race and cold weather in the northeastern United States, we decided to chuck the life and try something new. We headed to the Turks & Caicos Islands, British West Indies in September, 2005. We say: fascinating and informative blog with some stunning photos.
My Sea Story (silver)
blogger, lover of food and travel enthusiast - currently living the life in turks & caicos! We say: more great photos, we particularly liked the blog post on Conch festival.
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