Expat Blog Awards 2012

Expat Blog Awards 2012


Welcome to the Expat Blog Awards 2012 winners' page. We have searched high and low to find the best expat blogs out there. Although the ExpatsBlog.com directory is far from complete, it's time to start dishing out this year's awards. We found them, you voted for them - in your thousands! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment for their favourite blogger, and to all our expat blogging members. As far as we're concerned you are ALL winners...

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Expat Blog Awards 2012 - 331 Winners List Summary

ArgentinaGoldPick Up The Fork
SilverRosario Connection
HonourNotes From A Broad
HonourGay American In Argentina
HonourSeashells and Sunflowers
HonourA Gringo In Buenos Aires
AustraliaGoldMademoiselle Slimalicious
SilverIn Search of a Life Less Ordinary
BronzeChronicles of a Trailing Spouse...
Honoursami's colourfulworld
HonourThe Adventures of Twins
AustriaGoldA Mommy Abroad
BronzeSushi and Strudel
BelgiumGoldBest of Brussels
GoldIvory Pomegranate
SilverCheeseWeb - Expat Life in Belgium
BronzeWhy I am not Skinny
HonourBrussels Life Beauty
HonourBon Voyage
BelizeGoldSan Pedro Scoop
SilverLetters to my friends
BronzeBeyond The Diploma
BoliviaGold3rd Culture Children
SilverExperience Bolivia
BotswanaGoldMonkeys on the roof
SilverBorder Town Notes
BronzeRue Sansregret
BrazilGoldBrazil Road Trip
SilverCreelman... does Brazil!
BronzeMinhas Cronicas do Brasil
HonourEat Rio
HonourRachel's Rantings in Rio
HonourThe book is on the table
BulgariaGoldGirl Meets Bulgaria
SilverThe Other Europe
BronzeKarolinka In & Around Bulgaria
CambodiaGoldOur Dear Lady Expatriate
SilverInside Cambodia
BronzeLTO Cambodia
SilverCorrer Es Mi Destino
BronzeK and K Adventures
HonourMoving to Saskatoon
HonourToronto Newbie
Cayman IslandsGoldCayman Islands Blog
SilverBarlow's Cayman
BronzeCayman Expat
HonourLiving in Grand Cayman
SilverDon't Call Me Gringa
BronzeA Mama in Chile
HonourCachando Chile
ChinaGoldHai from Shanghai
SilverTotally Impractical - Living in Shanghai
BronzeDonuts to Dumplings
HonourTwo Suitcases and a Tin Pot
HonourThe Middle Kingdom - Beijing Blog
HonourTwo Americans in China
HonourRiot Riot
ColombiaGoldTravel to Colombia Blog
SilverColombia Travel Blog
BronzeLittle Colombian Observationist
Costa RicaGoldA Dull Roar
SilverDe La Pura Vida Costa Rica
BronzeCosta Rica Calling
HonourA New Life In Costa Rica
Honour10 Degrees Above
CroatiaGoldHungry Little Elephant
SilverOur Adventure In Croatia
BronzeView from the Riva - Split Croatia
CyprusGoldA matter of choice
BronzeThis is Cyprus...
Czech RepublicGoldChristopher's Expat Adventure
SilverGirl in Czechland
BronzeRicky Yates - an Anglican in Prague
HonourAdventures in the Czech Republic
DenmarkGoldSage & Simple
SilverAdventures and Japes
BronzeHej Sønderborg
HonourTraveling Mama
Dominican RepublicGoldWhat about your saucepans?
SilverTravel Addicts on a Dime
BronzeAmor y Sabor
EcuadorGoldCuenca Perspectives by Jim
BronzeEdd Said
EgyptGoldB & B in Cairo
SilverEgypt Ramblings
BronzeLiving in Egypt
El SalvadorGoldLife in the armpit
SilverWhat's Up El Salvador
BronzeEl Salvador from the Inside
Silver40 blog Spot
BronzeVegemite Vix
HonourOh, the places we will go
HonourQuintessentially English
HonourA Passport Affair
FijiGoldFiji Diaries
FinlandGoldDiary of a British Expatriate in Finland
SilverLife in Finland (and beyond)
BronzeWillie Lahti
FranceGoldLittle Pieces of Light
SilverFrom Paris to Pureza
BronzeSara in Le Petit Village
HonourTales from the Chambre de Bonne
HonourOui In France
HonourLost In Cheeseland
HonourParis in Four Months
HonourPeter's Paris
HonourAussie in France
GeorgiaGoldA New Bohemia
SilverGeorgia On My Mind
BronzeRyan in Georgia
GermanyGoldYour Expat Child
SilverMonkeys and Mountains
BronzeLife Lessons of a Military Wife
HonourOh God, My Wife Is German
HonourTraveling Igloo
HonourSpeaking Denglish
GhanaGoldsix degrees north
SilverKajsa H Adu
BronzeHolli's ramblings
GreeceGoldLeaving Cairo
SilverLiving in Greece
BronzeAdriana's Symi - a Greek island diary
GuatemalaGoldPeople Call Me Sky
SilverNot Quite Roughing It
BronzeExpat Mom
Hong KongGoldMint Mocha Musings
BronzeExpat Lingo
HonourHello Hong Kong! Bronwyn has landed
HungaryGoldAdriknows - Life in Budapest
GoldThe World in Between
SilverAlex Will Travel
Bronze3 years in Hungary
IcelandGoldEth & Thorn
SilverNavigating Wonderland
IndiaGoldMumbai on the Slow Local
SilverDelhi Bound
BronzeMadam let me tell you one thing
HonourA Reason To Write
HonourIndia Adventure
IndonesiaGoldOur Spice Islands Adventure
SilverEducating Wendy
BronzeStumble Abroad
IrelandGoldFrench Foodie in Dublin
SilverCrème de Citron
BronzeAga Nuno Somewhere
HonourLife in Ireland
HonourThe Naked Baker
ItalyGoldMy Village in Umbria
SilverNews from Italy
Bronzeil bel centro
HonourJohn P Brady
HonourDriving Like a Maniac
HonourThe Divorced Lady's Companion to Living in Italy
HonourSunshine and Tomatoes
Ivory CoastGoldGlobal Grazers
JapanGoldSurviving in Japan
SilverJapan Australia
BronzeZooming Japan
HonourLife in Japan
BronzeIt's an expat life for us
KenyaGoldWork and Wanderlust - Kenya travel blog
SilverFrom Countdown to Kenya
BronzeAfrica Expat Wives Club
Korea SouthGoldThe Ketchup War
SilverWhit B Nimble
BronzeFarsickness Blog
HonourLiving in Another Language
KuwaitGoldLife in Kuwait
SilverExpat and the City
BronzeDiving into Adventure
KyrgyzstanSilverKeen on Kyrgyzstan
LuxembourgGoldA Bit Of Lux
SilverFiona Lynne - Far Far Away
BronzeTwinkle Toes Bowtique
MalaysiaGoldThe Yum List
SilverOur home called Kuantan
BronzeBeyond Toxicity
HonourMalaysian Meanders
MaltaGoldMalta - Moving on, up and away
SilverMike & Jess in Malta
BronzeHow to Get By in Malta
MexicoGoldGood Food In Mexico City
SilverMexico Retold
BronzeMexican at Heart
HonourStart The Evolution Without Me!
HonourGringation Cancun
MoldovaGoldLife in the Expat Lane
SilverKnowing Moldova
MongoliaGoldTo Mongolia
SilverTo Mongolia with Love
MoroccoGoldThe Good Life in Morocco
SilverBeyond Marrakech
BronzeLauren Bernstein
MyanmarGoldBecky in Burma
SilverJessica Mudditt's Blog
BronzeFeisty Blue Gecko
NepalGold27°72'N 85°37'E
SilverMr. Smith Goes to Kathmandu
BronzeNepal On A Budget
NetherlandsGoldAdventures in Integration
SilverInvading Holland
BronzeA Flamingo in Utrecht
HonourDutch Pancake
HonourThe Wooden Shoe Diaries
HonourThe European Mama
New ZealandGoldMoon over Martinborough
SilverDawes Family in New Zealand
BronzePractically Perfect
HonourAmerican In Exile
HonourCatching the Magic
NicaraguaGoldIn Nica Now
SilverNicaragua Guide
BronzeRewired and Retired in Nicaragua
NorwayGoldFinding (You In) Neverland
SilverLife in Norway - An expats blog for Norway lovers
BronzeEdge of the Arctic
PanamaGoldPanama Guy
SilverPanamajama's Blog
Papua New GuineaGoldA Kiwi Expat in PNG
SilverMumu Mamma
BronzeHot Strong Coffee
ParaguayGoldDiscovering Paraguay
SilverParaguay at your Service
BronzeImmeasurably More
PeruGoldAn Expat in Lima - My Life in Peru
BronzeThe Burning Nail
PhilippinesGoldTropical Penpals
BronzeMango Mornings
PolandGoldPolish Housewife
SilverNever a Dull Day in Poland
BronzeWrocław Uncut
PortugalGoldJulie Dawn Fox in Portugal
SilverAlgarve Blog
BronzeOregon Expat
QatarGold4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle
SilverEpps in Qatar
BronzeScary Azeri
RussiaGoldTorussia4love - My adventures in Moscow
SilverA Diamond in Moscow
BronzeRussia Lite by Jennifer Eremeeva
HonourEnglish Dad In Moscow
Saudi ArabiaGoldBlue Abaya
SilverThe Pink Tarha
BronzeJeddah Blog
ScotlandGoldSmall Town Oil Wife
SilverMy Life in Scotland
BronzeDreams & Happy Things...
SerbiaGoldChronicles of Serbia
SilverExpat Mommy
BronzeReal Housewife of Belgrade
SingaporeGoldTale of a Trailing Spouse
SilverLiving in Sin
Bronze21st Century Mummy
HonourBrave, or just crazy?
HonourExpat Adventures in Singapore
SlovakiaSilverExpat in Slovakia
South AfricaGoldJoburg Expat
SilverExpat (ish)
HonourFunky Doodle Donkey
SpainGoldAnna Nicholas
SilverFamily Matters Mallorca
BronzeEast of Malaga
HonourWagoners Abroad
HonourFamily Life in Spain
HonourA lot of wind...
SwedenGoldSomething Swedish
SilverSurviving In Sweden
Bronze59 North
HonourBlogs.sweden se
SwitzerlandGoldThe Dubious Hausfrau
SilverCows, Cuckoos and Clichés
BronzeGeneva family diaries
HonourThree years & home
TaiwanGoldTomorrow in Taiwan
SilverMy Neon Sign Lullaby
BronzeA Hungry Girl's Guide to Taipei
HonourAh-Taiwan: Life in Formosa
TanzaniaGoldAfrican Chronicles
SilverLife in Dar
BronzeTeam Kosh
ThailandGoldAmerican Expat in Chiang Mai
SilverMommy's Life Around...
BronzeThe Grumpy Expat
HonourJoey's Bangkok Blog
TurkeyGoldMy Turkish Joys
SilverEmpty Nest Expat
BronzeAyak's Turkish Delight
HonourCanim Benim
HonourEllen in Turkey
Turks And Caicos IslandsGold2 Gringos in the Caribbean
SilverMy Sea Story
UkraineGold8 Months In Ukraine
SilverMany Coloured Days
BronzeTryUkraine.com Blog
United Arab EmiratesGoldFooDiva impartial restaurant reviews
GoldSum of Mind
SilverChef and Steward
SilverLove and Life in...
BronzeLife in the Food Lane
HonourThe REAL Geordie Armani
HonourA Canadian in Abu Dhabi
HonourDubai's Desperate Housewife
USAGoldIrish American Mom
SilverUK Desperate Housewife USA
BronzeExpat Mum
HonourRandom thoughts of an Aussie expat
Viet NamGoldStickyrice
SilverOur Man in Hanoi
BronzeOwee58 - Life and Travel in Vietnam
WalesGoldLiving Dibley's Blog
SilverFound Love... Now What?
ZambiaGoldThe Irish Exzaminer
SilverAnd that's all she wrote
BronzeLetters from Lusaka
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