Expat Blog Awards 2012 Winners: Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Cayman Islands

Expat Blog Awards 2012


Welcome to the Expat Blog Awards 2012 winners' page for the following countries: Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Cayman Islands.
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Brazil Road Trip (gold)
Belgian motorcycle and outdoors sports enthusiast. Moved to Brazil in Jan. 2009. My wife encouraged me to share my stories (from the road or other) here. Some are more adventurous than others, but they are all real. One fan says: Raf is clearly passionate about travelling, and this passion translates seamlessly into his blog. So what you have is an informative, funny and insightful guide on Rio with a personal twist. Great blog, and a worthy winner!
Creelman... does Brazil! (silver)
Creelman...does Brazil! Here is my blog, to document my life in Brazil....working as an English teacher, and living as a 'gringo', in Sao Paulo! One fan says: Having lived in São Paulo for 18 months, Andrew's blog provides a unique perspective of things that I begin to consider a normal daily occurence. Andrew's posts have the ability to turn something from the familiar and ordinary, into something remarkable and hilarious. I get a new appreciation of Brazil whenever I read his posts. The article about the supermarkets is 100% spot-on. I love my weekly shopping trips now as I'm always reminded about Andrew's perspective - which makes the whole experience far more valued and fun :) I love this blog, keep it up and I hope to see many more posts in the future!
Minhas Cronicas do Brasil (bronze)
Stories about an ex-pat's life in rural Brazil (by Malvina). We moved because of family. We stayed because of the farm. Life is both beautifully simple and complicated in this little rural town in Minas Gerais. One fan says: I look forward to reading her gems and being a part of a life that I will never be a part of. Malvina mixes observation, philosophy and emotion into a fine brew of weekly literary prose. Bravo.
Eat Rio (honour)
Things to do, places to eat and other helpful pointers to having a great time in Rio de Janeiro. One fan says: Tom's blog is a great place to spend some time strolling around. The name doesn't say it all, because there is a lot more going on than just food and restaurants. you can find posts about day to day life in Rio, people, places, music, language, wildlife,... you name it. I found all the articles I read so far to be written in a pleasant and easy to read manner. Tom definitely knows his way around the marvelous city. Highly recommended indeed.
Rachel's Rantings in Rio (honour)
Momma, Wife, Woman, ex-Pat, American, Brazilian at heart, cranky, Sassy, Ridiculous... I'm just a big old mixing pot living life in Rio de Janeiro. One fan says: Fun and perceptive...always strikes just the right tone. Rachel doesn't just describe life in Rio, she takes us into her own life. Not to be missed.
The book is on the table (honour)
The tales and travails of an Englishman in São Paulo. One fan says: The funniest blog I have read to date on Sao Paulo so far came in the form of Andy's blog on its bus system. Yet the blog serves to do more than just entertain, it deals aspects of life in Sao Paulo in an insightful way...one that isn't also afraid to be serious or critical when necessary.
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Girl Meets Bulgaria (gold)
Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska) We say: Having first found out what Lyutenitsa is (national relish of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia!), we went on to enjoy this entertaining account of Whitney’s life in Bulgaria. Some fabulous photos of her travels inside and around Bulgaria and accounts of daily activities are combined with info on restaurants and the vital issue of using ATMs in Sofia.
The Other Europe (silver)
Writer, teacher, family man, American living in Sofia, Bulgaria, planet Earth - trying to make sense of it all We say: Once you start reading this blog, it’s hard to stop. Tom carries you along with him, whether he is on a trip, visiting a museum or experiencing an earthquake, giving you matters to ponder on the way.
Karolinka In & Around Bulgaria (bronze)
An american moves to a new country for a few semesters and ends up staying. We say: Although some of her posts are, rather frustratingly, in Bulgarian, Caroline clearly succeeds in her aim of capturing "snapshots of what life is like" in her city, often making us laugh with her. We particularly love her "Running for the bus" post. The answer to her question "want more" is quite obviously "yes please"!
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Our Dear Lady Expatriate (gold)
All about living an adventurous, successful, and oh-so-lovely expat life! I'm an expat who is living and teaching in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. One fan says: As an expatriate living in Cambodia I can tell you that Ashley's blog is filled with useful information that is relevant to every day life in the country whether you are a tourist or a resident. If you want accurate, reliable, and useful information about life in Cambodia presented to you in a very witty, fun, and enjoyable format, then my suggestion would be to read her blog regularly. She won't steer you wrong.
Inside Cambodia (silver)
Welcome to Inside Cambodia... a photo-blog that shows the everyday life in the Kingdom. I created this blog on my fifth year in Cambodia One fan says: Very nice blog! It's always a treat to read what you've written, zarah. gives a fresh perspective on everyday topics that seem random and ordinary. Thanks for giving us the inspiration and your time in writing interesting topics here. Looking forward to reading more!
LTO Cambodia (bronze)
A barang in the Land of the Khmer We say: After laughing at “To build a road”, we were really fascinated by the series of posts on the death of King Father Sihanouk and amazed by the photos of the moon! A huge variety of topics are covered, including the Khmer New Year, Amayana Murals, Cambodian legends and a timeline on Internet freedom, but, throughout, the posts exude a genuine empathy for the Cambodian people.
Cambodinucks (honour)
Cambodinucks - Scott and Sonia Fraser pack up for a two year stint volunteering in Battambang Cambodia. We say: Absolutely riveting. It’s not only educational in the best possible way, but at times humorous and illustrated by some beautiful pictures. A must-read blog for anyone interested in Cambodia.
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Tales from a life without borders One fan says: Aisha's insights into expat life in Canada are entertaining, insightful and extremely well-written. I thoroughly recommend her blog to anyone who wants to know more about the cultural differences between Brits and Canadians. I also find her posts about Islaam particularly illuminating and helpful for anyone wanting to go beyond the stereotypes of muslims portrayed in the media.
Correr Es Mi Destino (silver)
A French woman in English Canada: pictures, stories and travels. One fan says: I enjoy Zhu's blog tremendously. It provides the right balance of shared personnal experiences and useful tips and information about living in Canada, more particularly in Ottawa. It also is a great source of anecdotes and information on various travel destinations, with amazing pictures to boot! Definitely a winner in my book.
K and K Adventures (bronze)
Karin and Kieran are a British couple who recently became Toronto locals. Explore Canada with us One fan says: Love reading these darling's blog over my cup of afternoon tea, reminds me of the time when I lived in Canada.
Moving to Saskatoon (honour)
Saskatchewan - the land of living skies One fan says: Absolutely love this blog, it's interesting , fun and highly entertaining but most of all its so well written. I look forward to each update immensely. Well done!
Toronto Newbie (honour)
I'm Charlotte Santry, a UK-born journalist from London who moved to the fantastic city of Toronto, Canada, in July 2012. One fan says: I am a huge fan of the Toronto newbie blog! It is one of the best blogs I have come across. When I found out I was moving to Toronto with work I started trying to find out about the area - fun things to do etc. This was the best online source I found. Not only is it informative but it is written in a really readable and witty way too. Thank you Toronto newbie for your excellent and informative blog. :-) Keep up the good work.
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Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Blog (gold)
Cayman Islands Blog, detailing an expats experiences of moving to and living in the Cayman Islands. One fan says: Being from the UK myself, I enjoyed reading this blog, it's very family friendly, and has plenty of interesting photos of family and events in the Cayman Islands. You've got my vote!
Barlow's Cayman (silver)
Gordon Barlow has lived in Cayman since 1978. One fan says: I always enjoy reading Gordon's blog. Insightful and interesting information and always makes me think. Good job.
Cayman Expat (bronze)
The adventures of a Canadian expat in the Cayman Islands We say: A lot of posts, some very informative such as those on car inspections, health care, the job market and people falling off boats and some describing some of the colourful events to be enjoyed on the islands including one on the Batabano street festival, complete with colourful photos and videos.
Living in Grand Cayman (honour)
A light natured blog about life and events in the Cayman Islands. Over 250 posts since 2007 and new posts +-2/month. Always positive but often about stuff not commonly seen by tourists. We say: Cayman Island dogs, kite surfing, diving, a solitary pelican, a turtle farm and energy generation – just some of the myriad of topics embraced in this blog authored by this very active expat.
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