Expat wives worst nightmare in Southeast Asia

Published:  6 Apr at 6 PM
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Tagged: Money
Of all the fears and uncertainties felt by expat wives whose husbands have dragged them to relocation in South-East Asia, the worst is losing their man to a local slant-eyed beauty.

All the major Southeast Asian cities have a reputation as sex central, with their red-light districts a hotbed of girly bars, prostitution and fleshpots offering everything a Western man could possibly desire. Add to this the undisputable fact that Asian women are mostly beautiful and seem submissive, and it’s no wonder that Western wives panic when assignments such as Singapore, Bangkok and Manila are given out.

Tales abound of wives being deserted by their often ageing and fattening spouses in favour of a hot local bar girl fresh out of the countryside and ready to ensure her future and that of her family. Bangkok is perhaps the most infamous location, with entire districts given over to the pleasures of the flesh, catered for by a huge selection of the world’s loveliest and most predatory young females.

One thing is certain, these girls know exactly how to get their man – especially considering that the majority of their victims are over the hill, overweight and less than over-endowed with masculine charm. As expats, the only thing they do have is the one thing the girls are looking for – money, representing security for themselves and their poverty-stricken families in the countryside. It’s all about marrying up, a cultural syndrome highly respected in Southeast Asia.

Across the world and across the centuries, females have always been seen as tradeable commodities. Western views have changed, but in Asia life tends to go on as it always has, albeit with the addition of the latest smartphones and a host of Facebook friends from all nations. Many believe that, if expat husbands fall for the sweet talk it’s their problem, but it’s the expat wives who are left to deal with rejection and the erroneous thought that they’ve failed in some way.

Old, male hands at the Southeast Asian expat game tend simply to smile when they hear of yet another fool who’s just been parted from his money in favour of the Asian relatives, boyfriend or even husband who’s been lurking in the background all along. Expat women who’ve lived in the region for a while also smile, but for totally different reasons.
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