Expats to be subject to airport health screening on returning to Kuwait

Published:  6 Aug at 6 PM
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A proposal to subject all expats returning to Kuwait after time overseas to airport health screening has been put forward by lawmakers.

MP Mohammed al-Dalal has presented a proposal that all returning expatriates should be subject to health screening by medical examiners before they’re allowed back into the emirate. The MP is suggesting allocating a building close by the international airport to be updated and refitted to serve as a medical examination centre. Al Dalal is also in favour of all expatriate workers undergoing further medical tests whilst renewing their visas, giving the reason that a number might be suffering infectious diseases which pose risks to families and society in general. Should any incomers be found to be infected, he said, they should be vaccinated, treated and deported. The reaction of expat professionals who regularly travel on business outside the emirate hasn’t as yet been reported.

Questions are also being asked about expats employed by Kuwait’s Investment Authority, with one lawmaker forwarding a request for details such as salaries, privileges and designations pertaining to expatriate workers in the authority. Concerns were made about the authority’s Kuwaitization of workers in the emirates, with more details about the nature of expat-held jobs and employment contracts requested. Also requested were details of precautionary measures being taken to prevent information leakage and a lack of confidentiality.

Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, high ranking members of various Arab tribes are being forced to take on jobs such as pumping gas or flipping burgers in an attempt to deal with declining finances and the soaring cost of living. Increasingly, Saudi Arabian nationals are being forced into low status jobs simply to be able to afford petrol for their gas-guzzling cars as oil-funded subsides are increasingly being withdrawn. According to local media, jobs such as owning a food truck and selling burgers on the streets have acquired a kind of respectability as younger Saudis unite behind the need to prop up the Kingdom’s economy.
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