American expat reactions to Trump presidential victory

Published:  9 Nov at 6 PM
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Tagged: USA, UAE, Jobs
For American expats across the world, the climax to the most contentious presidential election in living memory is a huge step into the unknown.

In spite of heroic efforts to galvanise the world-wide US expat vote, today’s result has been mostly met with incredulity, horror and fear across many countries home to US expats. The impossible has happened, and no-one knows for sure what the future will hold.

In London late last night and early this morning, confidence that common sense would prevail faded fast as more and more states fell to the Republican candidate. Hundreds of US expats met up at a central London sports bar, expecting to celebrate a Clinton victory signifying a return to normality.

As state after state fell to Trump, supporters said they felt betrayed, and when the devastating final result was announced they could hardly believe it. Chair of Democrats Abroad Robert Ranelli told reporters the only reason for the debacle seemed to be that Americans bought into Trump’s view that Washington needed shaking up.

Across the world in Bangkok, the same confidence gave way to dread as the returns kept coming, overturning polls as well as the belief that the ugliness of the campaign season would fade when Clinton won. Early this morning, the Roadhouse Barbecue was crammed with sad faces hunched over laptops and smartphones desperately searching for any positive news and finding none. As the horrible truth struck home, mobile devices were replaced by large glasses of bourbon.

UAE expats expecting the nightmare to end with a Clinton victory gathered together Wednesday morning at a US Election Breakfast courtesy of the American Business Council. As the outcome became ever clearer, many said US voters in rural districts and the rust belt had put jobs before trade without even considering the cost to the country.

As the news hit the financial world, the markets plunged, although a slight recovery took place after Trump’s acceptance speech, which appeared to contradict many of his campaign rants. Anti-Trump protests are already being reported, the US dollar is in decline and world opinion is that the world’s most powerful nation is now in dangerously uncertain times.
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