Expats in Vietnam praise government efforts to control the pandemic

Published:  14 Apr at 6 PM
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Vietnam joins the growing international movement to make life easier for expats trapped due to anti-pandemic measures.

One of the toughest aspects of becoming a long-stay expat in Southeast Asia is the necessity of keeping up with ever-changing visa requirements. Since the pandemic took hold, expatriate residents all over the region have been fearing xenophonia, deportation, blacklisting and other official and unofficial measures destructive to their lifestyles in their countries of residence.

At the present time, Vietnam seems to have been a wise choice for Western expats due to its comparative lack of prejudice and hatred of foreigners when measured against several of its neighbouring countries. Late last week, the Vietnamese government affirmed its support for schemes aimed at the repatriation of expats whose residence permits have expired. For most expats, overstaying in the region is a major concern as it can lead to deportation and the loss of jobs, homes and the chosen lifestyle.

Vietnam’s declaration on objective overstaying due to the pandemic’s effect on flights reassured those trapped in the country on temporary residence permits that penalties would not be imposed should the overstay be less than 10 days. The state’s Immigration department will only handle emergency cases, but added those who’d deliberately flouted the law as regarding foreign residence will be expelled. In addition, the Ministry of Transport has signalled it will accept responsibility for all expat repatriations.

Vietnam, it said, is known to provide favorable conditions enabling foreign diplomatic missions to protect their citizens as well as helping their nationals who’re facing difficulties in getting back to the home country. The spokesperson added assistance for expats attempting to return home will continue to be available. For those with the correct visas who’re determined to stay, coronavirus tests and quarantine expenses will continue to be met by the government, leading many expats to post that those living and working in the country should stay rather than head back home.

Many are praising Vietnam’s government and its peoples’ seriousness as regards enforcing and taking protective measures and obeying new rules shown to have been successful in controlling the infection rate. Although some expatriates are planning to leave once the pandemic has run its course, many more are determined to stay.
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