Advantages for expat professionals working in Kuwait

Published:  15 Dec at 6 PM
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Tagged: Citizenship
Kuwait has lately been getting a seriously negative image as a destination for expat professionals, but a recent article in the Kuwait Times puts it in a far brighter perspective.

Kuwatization, restrictions and extra charges, prejudiced lawmakers and blame for all Kuwait’s woes including its demographic makeup seem to be the norm nowadays, with expats who’ve spent some years giving of their best to help the emirate grow not at all pleased at the unwelcome developments. However, a recent article published in the English language Kuwait Times gives an objective alternative view.

The author, a columnist for the paper, begins by stating Kuwait is a haven for expats, giving her reasons for the belief. Her first point is Kuwait’s tax-free status for everyone including expatriates, a rare advantage in today’s world of ‘if it exists, tax it’. Neither citizens nor expatriates need to pay tax, nor is there any VAT charged, at least until 2019.

Kuwait, she says, is a family-oriented society, with high standards as regards children’s education and a focus on family life. This, she believes, may lead some expats to feel very lonely as there’s not much singles-based social life outside the work environment. Cohabiting isn’t the answer as it’s not allowed in the emirate, a fact which often leads to both men and women expats falling in love with Kuwaitis and getting married.

Another benefit as regards living in Kuwait is that internet access is free as well as being open as regards accessing international sites. Videos, long-distance calls and endless messaging as well as social media are all free, unlike in many Western countries where they’re costly or Asian nations where they’re monitored or blocked entirely. There’s no need to pay for a VPN, as it’s not necessary.

Accessible medical services for all is another benefit on the list of Kuwait positives, although free treatment for expats was changed recently to include charges for medical services after expats from certain countries began bringing in their visiting relatives to take advantage of free treatment. Even so, she says, the charges are reasonable and the care and expertise is more than satisfactory. Her final point is that Kuwait is a safe place for expat families even although crime does exist.

She ends by saying a few people criticise the country for its lack of development and restrictions on nightlife and drinking alcohol in public. We’re a desert country, she adds, where life is often hard. There’s no place in the world, she says, where there’s no discrimination based on colour, religion and race, and Kuwait remains a good expat destination in spite of political uncertainties and difficult circumstances.
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