Expats in Bali enjoy the challenge of finding a job

Published:  17 Jul at 6 PM
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For many adventurous holidaymakers, a first visit to Bali leads fairly swiftly to a life-changing decision – becoming an expat in that exotic destination.

Packing a bag, booking a flight, upping the credit card limit and arriving as an expat searching for a job can all be the result of a holiday in this beautiful location. However, whilst it’s true that Bali is a dream destination, it’s also a tough place to actually land a job as an expat. Whether you’re prepared to do anything just to get settled or even if you’re an experienced, qualified professional, you’ll cost far more to hire than a local, even if he or she is less suited to the job. The only answer is to just keep trying.

The obvious target for native English speakers is to attempt to teach your admittedly tricky language to a classroom full of confused kids who don’t see the point unless their parents are part of the tourism sector. If you’ve a good degree in your native language and a TEFL qualification, high schools and universities might at least provide more receptive pupils and, if you’re lucky enough to land a position at an international school, you’ll at least get a decent salary. You’ll have already discovered the refreshingly low cost of living, meaning you can sit back and enjoy life.

If you just happen to be a certified diving instructor, you’ve arrived at the perfect place to share your skills, but the pay’s abysmal and the work is seasonal. Bali is one of the 15 top world spots for diving, so you’ll have plenty of competition form other expats as well as locals. A PADI or SSI certificate will help. If you’re determined to integrate into the local community, working in the hospitality sector is the way forward. General managers and qualified, experienced chefs are always needed and are often expatriates who came and just couldn’t bring themselves to leave.

If you’ve experience in construction above and beyond refitting your home country kitchen, Bali’s construction sector never sleeps, although jobs for expats are mostly in the senior construction and project management range. Basic language skills are as important as qualifications and experience, and jobs with foreign-based companies pay best. Obviously, Bali is the place for yoga and wellness, with a huge number of yoga studios welcoming experienced practitioners at all levels and in all disciplines. Checking out the annual Bali Spirit Yoga Festival can get results.

If you haven’t clicked with any of the above, starting your own business may be the best way of all, especially if you’ve a talent for writing and blogging. Travel news and articles are popular, and starting a YouTube channel including affiliate marketing can reward you financially. If you’re a techie with a great new idea, Bali provides co-working spaces, reliable, fast connections and the possibility of support for your start-up.
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