Dubai US expats astounded at shameful rhetoric of election campaign

Published:  17 Aug at 6 PM
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Tagged: USA, Citizenship, Dubai
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s provocative utterances have overturned the traditional tone of American presidential elections in which at least a modicum of respect for the office itself was evident.

From Trump's Mexican border wall through banning all Moslems from the USA and his latest veiled reference to the second amendment as the solution to Hilary Clinton, this is an election like no other in America’s political history. A world away in Dubai, as well as in every US expat community on the planet, bewildered expats are stunned at the way the entire election process has been dragged into the gutter.

Comments range from refusals even to vote at all as a protest, through disgust at the manner in which the two candidates are abusing each other to the appalling damage being done to the country’s image overseas. Dubai-based ship captain Ray Clevinger believes neither candidate is fit to run the country due to both Trump’s indiscreet, offensive rhetoric and the responses it’s caused as well as Clinton’s ongoing email scandal.

An expat from New York stated he’s appalled the whole world is terrified of the prospect of a Trump presidency, adding he believes the race has severely damaged America’s reputation and that of all its citizens. The general opinion amongst Dubai-based US expats is that the race to become the leader of the free world has degenerated into, at best, a bad joke.

At worst, according to one disgusted US citizen, the most powerful country in the world will have a con man as its president. Many in Dubai say there are two ways to look at the situation, with both bad. Firstly, Clinton smiles before stabbing you in the back, while Trump forgoes the pleasantries and just stabs you in the heart. Whoever wins, Dubai expats believe an impeachment at some stage is likely.
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