US expat in Thailand solicits funds to reconstruct 9/11 attack

Published:  18 May at 6 PM
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Entrepreneur Paul Salo’s video details his scheme to prove or disprove once and for all the conspiracy theories surrounding the tragic event.

The movie purports to showcase an important project designed to reconstruct the horrific terror attack on the Twin Towers in all its ghastly reality, using a second-hand Boeing 767 to fly into a similar, hopefully already derelict, building. According to Salo, who's at present living in Thailand, the plane will fly at 500 mph directly into the building, recreating the impact and conflagration and its effect on the structure.

In order to test his theory, he’s attempting to raise $1.5 million via crowdfunding on Indiegogo, although his initial request via a local English language website was for the heavily discounted amount of $300,000. He stated he wanted to do it on the cheap, adding that should he not get the larger amount, he might have to scale down the type of aircraft and the height of the building. As he’s only raised just over $100 to date, he may have to settle for a small drone and a very large box of Lego bricks.

In case prospective contributors are worried about the fate of the plane’s pilot, Salo’s intending to use the auto pilot to direct the plane into the building. He’s also planning to sell front-row seats for the spectacle at around $5,000. For those unable to stump up the funds, cameras in the plane and the building will stream real-time footage of its progress. Experts, he adds, will examine the plane and the building to ensure the set-up is representative of the originals.

Conspiracy theories exploded onto social media after the horrendous terror attack, and are still a popular topic 15 years after the event. The Michael Moore documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, fuelled the flames of of controversy as it made much of suspected links between the Bin Laden family, the Bush family and the US government.

The news of Salo’s wacky project first broke on Coconuts Bangkok, a lightweight and often light-hearted English language website aimed at expats living and working in Thailand’s capital. The report called Salo ‘delusional’, adding that conspiracy theorists in general should be filed in the same box as ‘faked NASA moon landings’ and ‘Elvis is alive’. Most readers would agree with Coconuts’ description, but one thing is certain – the real truth about 9/11 will never emerge into the public domain.
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