Dental fees now included in expat healthcare charge increase

Published:  18 Oct at 4 PM
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As the row over increased heathcare fees for expats rumbles on, expats’ least favourite female MP Safa al Hashem weighs in with her joy at hearing dental services are to be included.

The recently-elected Kuwaiti MP’s other suggestions include taxes for expats walking on Kuwait roads, so it’s no surprise she is overjoyed about expats’ dental charges being raised in line with other medical services. In a statement yesterday, she said the Kuwaiti health minister has revised dental charges for expats as a prelude to releasing them as a law. Writing on her Twitter account, she denied the exclusion of dental work from the overall increase in healthcare charges which began early this month.

Al Hashem’s justification for the increased charges as against those protesting over the decision was that those who disagree are simply protecting the vast profits of medicine marketers. The sellers, she said, are not at all concerned over the health and wellbeing of Kuwaiti nationals. To be fair to the all-male remainder of Kuwaiti MPs, she is regarded by many politicians as a racist targeting expatriates in the emirate.

The dental charges row started with a group of dental practitioners not best pleased with a ministerial decision to exclude dental charges from the general expat heathcare charge increases. Claiming the official department is well aware of the high cost of dental equipment and materials used, they said supplies were costing the country millions every year. Accusing the official concerned of not immediately cancelling the no-charge increase decision, they implied anotherm unnamed reason behind the decision.

Influential Kuwaitis are increasingly concerned over the continued attacks on expats as the cause of all Kuwait’s problems. One well-known writer criticised certain parliamentarians for targeting the expat community with abnormal proposals because they felt foreigners should have backed their opposition to the government during the election campaign. Many lawmakers, she said, behaved as strong opponents to the government and are turning on the expat population because it didn’t join in.
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