Affordable Malaysia becoming a favourite with relocating expats

Published:  19 Feb at 6 PM
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Tagged: USA, Australia
Expatriates in Malaysia are more than happy with the country’s comparatively inexpensive cost of living.

Malaysia is increasingly popular with expat professionals from Western countries, mostly due to its lower cost of living including healthcare and private education. A recent survey revealed many thousands of newly-arrived expats are far happier then they were in the home country as well as better off financially. Finding accommodation, setting up schooling and an excellent healthcare system are all bringing smiles to expat faces.

One Australian expat told local media his home is far larger than his Australian house, and although the standards of Malaysian international-style private education and private healthcare are only slightly lower than in the home country, they’re far more affordable. He and his family are now taking holidays in other Southeast Asian countries and they’re eating out far more often than when they lived in Oz. Generally speaking, Malaysia’s sun, surf and generous relocation packages are the best news for would-be expats looking to reduce their stress levels and benefit from a new lifestyle overseas.

Malaysia is racing up the ‘best country for expats’ survey tables, simply because settling down is far less complicated than in most other expat relocation hubs. Over half of the new arrivals now have larger properties than they had back home, just under a third now have more domestic help and a good number retorted they can now give more to their favourite charity. Most found it easy to make new friends and enjoy their new social lives more now they’re settled, and almost half of new arrivals took more physical exercise than they did in their home country.

It’s not just parents who love their new lifestyles, it’s their children as well, as just under half reported they’d made new friends as soon as they arrived. Setting up childcare and schooling is straightforward as wel as being far less expensive than at home. it seems Singapore, number one in the survey, might well need to up its game to prevent Malaysia from eventually taking over at the top of the list.
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