Racist media rant angers expats in Thailand

Published:  19 Jun at 6 PM
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An article recently published in an online media site widely read by expats living and working in Thailand has angered readers with its racist tone.of a recently published article.

As an online English language media outlet regularly read and respected by expatriates in Thailand, Asian Correspondent has long been well regarded for its coverage of events and news stories relevant to those living, working or retiring in the Southeast Asian country. Sadly, a recent article seems to have destroyed its image for a proportion of its readership, as comments received after its publication made it clear a number of expat readers considered it as racist, stereotyped, anti-European and unprofessional at best. Other comments are best not reported, but it’s clear the majority of those in the expat community who’d read the piece were far less than pleased.

The article was based on an interview with a member of the immigration authority, supposedly to determine the reasons behind the recent crackdowns on the country’s expat population. Beginning with a paragraph outlining Thailand’s place as an attraction for expatriates from the West, the blog deteriorated into an attack on Western expats as a whole. Alcoholism and heavy drinking by expats was the first issue, suggesting that expat drunks experience anxiety, sickness and depression as a result of overindulgence, with boredom and a lack of cultural awareness the main cause. The statement that no programmes are available to help with alcoholism, either in the Thai or the expat community, seems to have ignored the existence of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings taking place all over the country every week of the year.

Foreigners, the article continues, are operating scams, frauds and passport or credit card scams across the country, quoting the source as saying expats commit the crimes and Thais and the country itself get the blame. Bars owned by foreigners were also up for attack as regards correct visas and work permits, their use as a front for illegal actions and the ignoring of investment laws. In addition, the source reported that many expats are using the lack of Thai police checkups to conceal criminal activities back in their home countries, also adding that many expats on retirement visas are living hand to mouth.

He ended on a high note, saying many foreigners’ actions can be considered as ignorant or rude, and seemed to resent the fact that many expat retirees have the gall to actually die in Thailand after escaping from debt or a failed marriage in the home country. Setting aside the possibility the source may have had a seriously bad day at work before his meet with the blogger, it’s not difficult to understand the anger and resentment of expat readers of a formerly respected media outlet.

However, should the source be stating the above as a representation of his and his colleagues’ perception of Thailand’s expat population, perhaps it’s time for those expats who’ve invested their lives, money and goodwill into their Thai experience to look further afield to a country where they’re respected and valued for their positive contributions.
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