UAE expat wives now allowed one year post-divorce visa

Published:  19 Oct at 6 PM
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UAE-based expatriate husbands subject to divorce proceedings can no longer use their sponsorship powers to threaten their wives.

Expatriate wives sponsored by their husbands need no longer fear having to leave the country at short notice when divorce proceedings are under way. A new UAE law aims to protect divorcees, widows and their children by guaranteeing them at least a year’s visa extension. UAE lawyers are happy to report that husbands holding visa control over their wives will now no longer have the power to wreck their lives by terminating their sponsorship.

Lawyers believe the new one-year visa represents a humanitarian approach by the UAE government to the protection of expatriate female spouses caught in this situation. The move, they say, has been made in the best interest of wives and their children as well as widows as it allows them time to decide on their next moves in order to rebuild their lives. UAE advocates are well used to the unpleasant fact that husbands can cancel spouses’ visas or use them as leverage during messy divorce cases involving finance and child custody.

Divorce as a legal process takes time in the emirates, especially when there’s a custody dispute, with the new law aimed at relieving pressure on the women affected. The one-year visa will also give women time to find jobs in order to secure their futures in the region. One female lawyer told local media she sees a high number of divorces where the husband is attempting to use his sponsorship power to his advantage. Overall, the change in the law will allow women to make the best decisions for their own situations.
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