US expats unite to see off Clinton and Trump

Published:  22 Mar at 6 PM
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Wherever in the world US expats have taken root, and whatever their political preferences, the 2016 presidential primaries have fueled more overseas partisanship and participation than in many past elections.

The reason behind the swell of involvement in taking up expat electoral rights seems to be the unprecedented rise of Republican candidate Donald Trump. From his style of debate to his campaign promises, he’s unlike any previous candidate in living memory. Added to concerns over the economy, immigrants, Isis, Russia and North Korea, Trump’s controversial self-promotion has created the perfect storm for expat electoral involvement on a vast scale.

The results of the overseas Democrat primaries showed a strong leaning towards Bernie Sanders as an alternative to front runner Hilary Clinton. Polls were conducted via email, snail mail and fax, with expats in over 170 countries taking part. A total of 34,750 voters selected Sanders, even although Clinton is widely expected to win the nomination and is already far ahead of Sanders on points.

Possibly taking their lead from Swedish politicians who shunned Trump and strongly favoured Clinton in a media poll, a massive 72 per cent of US expats in Sweden rooted for Sanders, leaving Clinton with just 28 per cent of the vote. Sweden’s branch of Democrats Abroad will send eight super-delegates and 13 delegates to the party’s National Convention, more than those attending from Wyoming.

Representatives of Democrats Abroad confirmed the unprecedented world-wide turnout and are expecting the trend to be repeated at the November presidential election. Total numbers of Democrat expats who voted in the worldwide primary exceeded 2008’s overseas primary voter numbers by more than 50 per cent.

Worldwide, Sanders garnered 69 per cent of all votes cast and gained nine pledged delegates, with Clinton trailing at 31 per cent and four delegates. In Israel, votes for Sanders totalled 249, with Clinton only taking 160. Japan’s expat voters gave Sanders a massive majority of 87 per cent and expats in Egypt awarded him 89 per cent of total votes cast.

The only countries where expat voters came out in favour of Clinton were the Dominican Republic, Singapore and Nigeria. It remains to be seen what Republican Americans living overseas decide to do about Donald Trump, but one thing’s for certain – the results will be very interesting, especially as his only serious rival is a conservative Christian straight out of America’s Bible Belt.
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