New Cambodia three year multientry visa aimed at expat residents and tourists

Published:  22 Aug at 4 PM
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Tagged: Visas, USA, Thailand
Cambodia seems to be finally waking up to its potential not only as a tourism destination but as a home for expats looking for long-term residence in a friendly, warm country.

Following an announcement that retirees can now purchase a retirement visa without the need to also purchase a work visa, it will soon be possible for expats to be granted a three-year multi-entry visa suitable for retirement or for those working regularly overseas. The new visas should be up and running by next month, although no guidance as to cost or where they will be issued is as yet available.

According to Cambodian Minister for Tourism Thong Kon, the new government strategy is expected to attract visitors and expats from all countries. Business people and those employed on overseas contracts such as oil and gas workers, he said, would be allowed to exit and enter as many times as they wished during the term of the visa. Expats and tourists can also apply for a two-year visa on the same terms, according to the minister.

Although the visa seems to be initially aimed at regular tourists, it’s likely to be very attractive to long-term expats at present living in Thailand who’ve had enough of the constant tightening of visa regulations by the military government. Both the two- and three-year visas are also expected to be attractive to investors in Cambodia’s improving economy and, according to the ministry, those experienced in training and social development will be especially welcome.

At the present time, visitors from ASEAN states are allowed up to a month’s stay, with tourists from the EU and USA also allowed a month. Those with business visas can renew them every year, but up until now there has been no specific visas for long-stay expats in retirement.
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