US expats overseas protest the Trump presidency

Published:  22 Aug at 6 PM
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US expatriates all over the world as well as US citizens in the home country are joining together to protest the damage being caused to America by the Trump presidency.

A recent weekend of protests in the USA and many favorite American expat locations made it clear not everyone is supporting the chaos in the White House caused by the election of Donald Trump as president of the USA and world leader. Amsterdam, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, London and many other world cities saw gatherings of expatriates making their feelings felt in no uncertain manner. The worldwide American expat community is some eight million strong, and every single US citizen has a vote.

Expat activism against Trump is now a phenomenon, having begun as soon as the results of the 2006 presidential election were announced. Generally, few believed Trump would win, with the shock waves hitting every expat community as well as the wider world. The present-day rise in activism is being discounted by Trump supporters in the home country, but could transfer to enough votes in 2020 to bring down the present regime and its leader. Many overseas Americans are closely following news related to the upcoming mid-term elections, desperately hoping for a turnaround in voter sentiment.

Buenos Aires-based expats Emily Pittman and Lena Muldoon organised a small but effective protest in the city, held outside the US Embassy and attended by many in the city’s US expat community. Emily teaches English to Chinese children and is frustrated that there’s so little she can do to make her and her community’s feelings known. Democrats Abroad have been active in the city since earlier this year, and now have enough members to be recognised by Democrats Abroad International.

The organisation has seen an uptake in activism since 2017, with several international cities including Sydney and Guadalajara holding anti-Trump rallies and continually assuring its members their vote can make a huge difference, both in the mid-terms and in 2020, should Trump still be president by then. Previous elections have proven strong expat votes can swing even a presidential election, giving hope that in 2020 America can wash out the stain of the present administration and become a respected state as it was in the past.
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