Irish offshore island offers sanctuary to disgruntled US expats

Published:  25 Mar at 6 PM
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A picturesque Irish offshore island eager to increase its population is inviting Americans dismayed by the possibility of a President Trump to come and join the tiny community.

The island of Inishturk may only have 58 residents right now, but it makes up for its lack of humans by a plethora of natural beauties and charming waterside homes. When Mary Heanue, one of its officials, heard that some US citizens were prepared to become expats rather than submit to a Trump presidency, she saw the perfect way to increase the island’s population.

According to Mary, Inishturk is a far better option than the usual boring move to Canada for Americans disenchanted with their country’s political peculiarities. She feels that the trickle of would-be expats might well become a flood if the Trump nightmare becomes reality, with Canada becoming less than welcoming to such a large number of expats.

For the warmth of a genuine Irish welcome, she suggests, Inishturk is the place, adding that the island is a fabulous environent in which to live. Natural beauty, friendly neighbours and traditional Irish social life await those willing to take the plunge, and expats can be sure the 58 residents will soon known their names and all about them.

Of course, adjustments would have to be made, with the first being that there’s no real use for a car to get around the tiny, ocean-side town with its white-painted crofters’ cottages. The island is set nine miles off the County Mayo coast, with the wild North Atlantic pounding its soaring cliffs and rocky shoreline. For trips to the mainland, O’Malley’s Ferry is the way to go, with the pretty red and white boat leaving every day and returning the same day.

US expats may find winter a little trying unless they’re arriving from the USA’s northern region, but summer is a delight, with swimming in the sea, fishing, walking and roaming the hills and valleys of the tiny islet. US citizens can stay in Ireland for three months without a visa, giving just enough time to decide whether a permanent move is the best idea they’ve ever had.
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