Expats in Romania praise the country’s development

Published:  25 Oct at 6 PM
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Massive changes in Romania during the last 15 years are much appreciated by the country’s expat community.

According to long-stay expats in Romania, far-reaching developments have taken place in almost all sectors, and they’re looking forward to even more positive innovations over the next decade. Closer ties with Europe, the expansion and modernisation of the road system and the strengthening of the Romanian economy are the most appreciated changes noted.

One expat explained that basic infrastructure changes had resulted in far easier day-to-day living and far less challenges as regards driving in the country. Motorways, bypasses, surfaced roads and regular maintenance have replaced the need to buy a Land Rover rather than a regular car, he said. Even the types of cars available have changed from the ubiquitous Trabants and ancient Dacias to a good choice of modern motors, and lorries no longer emit choking diesel fumes.

Consumption has changed literally beyond recognition, with shopping malls no longer a novelty and supermarkets stocking canned goods, imported delicacies and much more easily found. Some may miss the old-style counter service, but most love the convenience and availability of European foodstuffs and fresh, imported fruit.

Another long-stay internet entrepreneur who arrived in the country 15 years ago said he’d felt the change in vibes as soon as he'd settled in. He noted the peoples’ new-found pride and optimism was being translated into getting things done and embracing the modern world.

Economic expansion and increased business opportunities were also noted by other expats who’d arrived at around that time. Integration with Europe and the EU still continues and includes increasing flights to Romania from the Gulf States and Turkey. Expats who came during the reconstruction of the country are now living in a land with a European outlook and increasing confidence as a nation.

As regards the future, everyone who gave their opinions is hoping the expansion, modernisation and economic improvement will continue. Most consider Romania's huge, untapped potential will result in further economic development leading to the country's finding its rightful place within Europe.
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