Expat Blog Awards 2012 Winners: El Salvador, England, Fiji, Finland, France

Expat Blog Awards 2012


Welcome to the Expat Blog Awards 2012 winners' page for the following countries: El Salvador, England, Fiji, Finland, France.
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El Salvador
Life in the armpit (gold)
A view of life in El Salvador told from the angle of the wife of a deportee, forced to up root and start over in a 3rd world country. One fan says: The writer is refreshingly honest about all her trials and tribulations of living in El Salvador. With a little humor mixed in, it is very entertaining and educational. This blog is at the top of my list of favorites.
What's Up El Salvador (silver)
A few months ago my husband and I made the choice to move from the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States of America, to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. We say: Brilliant blog. It’s packed full of useful information on the first years of school, tax law, elections, the beach and so many other topics. El Salvador doesn’t have the best of reputations for safety, so we particularly loved the blogger’s comment "People do terrible things. More people do really kind and helpful things" after describing what happened when her car broke down.
El Salvador from the Inside (bronze)
This blog is about living in El Salvador, from the inside. While here, I have not been living in a gated community nor traversing the realm of well to do and upper class social circles. We say: Although this blogger has left El Salvador, her posts provide a probably unique portrait of life in El Salvador, not just for an expat, but for the locals, whose poverty shocks her, but friendliness constantly moves her. Shopping, earthquakes, insects and so much more are all covered here and there’s humour too!
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Britishette (gold)
A blog about my tips as a mom as a fashion addict and as an expat in London One fan says: I love Britishette's blog! I love her style and sense of humor and unique take on the everyday life of a stylish, jet setting, tech savvy mom living in London. She inspires me.
40 blog Spot (silver)
A blog of a self proclaimed Yummy Mummy living in London One fan says: Such a great, honest, insightful blog. Not only do we learn about Muriel's funny viewpoint of being an expat, we also learn a bit about French and British culture. Awesome! Laura
Vegemite Vix (bronze)
I moved with my three kids, my dog, cat, a guitar and twenty boxes of books, from New Zealand to North Hampshire in the UK in August 2008. One fan says: Vix has a wonderful sense of humor and I frequently squirt coffee on my keyboard when reading her posts. As a Kiwi adrift in the rain soaked United Kingdom I do feel her pain and love reading about how she's trying to adapt to England's soggy climes.
Oh, the places we will go (honour)
A blog about an American Expat in London, England married to a Brit and exploring Europe. One fan says: This blog definitely deserves an award! I stumbled upon it quite some time ago and I can't tell you what a difference it has made in my personal journey of becoming an expat and moving to the UK. Her pictures are gorgeous and I love her writing style. Like others have said I have laughed out loud, cried, and dreamed of going to the places she visits. I have followed along and gained strength from watching how she has handled moving from another country. I have loved visiting and exploring all the wonderful places she visits and it has inspired me and encouraged me to get out and explore as well. Selena is so deserving of the recognition and I look forward to her continued success.
Quintessentially English (honour)
An American expat from Las Vegas living in England. Trying to learn about the customs, habits and cultural differences of the English. One fan says: Great blog. Always check in on a regular basis - gives me a taste of home plus I enjoy Erin's writing style. Love following her unique expat journey. Good job!
Mrs.B (honour)
After living in Estonia, US, Germany and Australia, I have now lived in London for the past 6 years. One fan says: I have been following Mrs. B for years through the evolution of her blog and her life. Her posts are thoughtful and thought-provoking; her photos are beautiful!
A Passport Affair (honour)
The Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of an Expat in London (by ExplatLondon) One fan says: What more could you want from a blog. A well-informed person, sifts through all there is to do in a location and then provides detail on what works and what doesn't...all with awesome pictures. I have forwarded this to people who live in London and are British and they even use the information.
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Fiji Diaries (gold)
I'm a Californian who now considers my home to be Hagg Bank in the beautiful county of Northumberland in England. Until recently I was on the path to work for the National Health Service for the next 20 years, but have given it all up to follow my husband, John, to Fiji. We say: An entertainingly written account of an expat’s arrival in Fiji and her new life, including some really interesting photos and a great recipe for roti with potato curry!
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Diary of a British Expatriate in Finland (gold)
Diary Of A British Expatriate In Finland offers travel Filand guide and Finland information,view Finnish people,Finnish Customs and Finland culture We say: Greg Barr’s blog is a fund of information, all categorized, on expatriation to Finland. His "7 things not to miss in Finland", "guide to Finnish beliefs", "Immigrants, Immigration to Finland and Finnish people" are just some of the invaluable posts on Helsinki and Finland. He also provides assistance to anyone wanting to play on-line poker in Finland!
Life in Finland (and beyond) (silver)
Odds and sods of a Canadian-Finn in Finland We say: It may be described as "odds and sods", but in fact we found enough interesting posts, including on "Fun facts about Espoo"- with some superb photos, "New bridge being built", "public drunkards", elections and even about the difficulty of buying deodorant (as opposed to antiperspirant) in Finland , to whet the appetite of any would-be expat or visitor to the country.
Willie Lahti (bronze)
My home is Jyväskylä-located in the heart of Central Finland. A few years back I left the States to move here. Sometimes I notice things. We say: This is a comprehensive blog embracing a huge variety of topics, even including posts on landscape sheep, tarring wooden boats, the famish Finnish mämmi, as well as more conventional topics such as Finnish history, music, design art… - in English!
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Little Pieces of Light (gold)
Musings on food, art, music, books, travel and la belle vie in Paris / la vida loca in Buenos Aires from a global girl who lives in both One fan says: A genuine pleasure to read! Been an expat my entire life, lived in 10 countries to date including Paris, and your blog has been the greatest tool to exploring Paris' true character. There is a plethora of stuff out there (travel shows, guide books, etc) all which cover the same basic things. Your approach has been refreshing. Smart, witty, romantic, poetic, beautiful...heck all the reasons why we fall in love with Paris and the French. Thanks for the laughs!
From Paris to Pureza (silver)
Some love and everyday daydream plus little things in between. Some lux and some not. From Paris and elsewhere. Love, Cynthia One fan says: Fun, young, exciting, and informative, all into one blog, it's a must-read! I adore how you still support your local Philippine brands, I find a lot of humility by doing so. I wish you a good adventure not just in France but in your wonderful life! Good luck!!
Sara in Le Petit Village (bronze)
I arrived in Le Petit Village on the 26th September 2009. It was a Saturday morning. Before that flight to Nice, I had spent six years in Dublin working in the downward spiraling banking sector. One fan says: Sara's blog is awesome! I always look forward to reading what's going on in her corner of Provence, the tales of the LPV villagers, happy moments, funny moments, Fifty's stories, and so much more. In my opinion, she's a very talented blogger and without her stories our days would be a little more blah. Thank you Sara!
Tales from the Chambre de Bonne (honour)
Formerly the diary of a heart broken gal wandering the streets of Paris after a broken engagement, Tales from the Chambre de Bonne continues to follow the "Blog Opera" of a brazen Italian-New Yorker trying to find her way home in the City of Light. One fan says: I have only recently discovered this blog (thanks to Expats Blog itself!) and cannot believe that I lived through my first couple of years in France WITHOUT it! Ella Coquine writes with such wit, honesty, and humour that it's impossible not to laugh, cry, and everything in between alongside this amazing writer throughout her Parisian adventures. And despite all the crazy things that come her way, she maintains an optimism and a courage that are simply contagious. You only need to flip through a couple of her posts to understand what I mean. Ella, I really hope to be able to meet you one day in person in Paris! In the meantime, I'm by your side through all your wonderful stories. Best, Milsters (Little Pieces of Light)
Oui In France (honour)
Oui In France: Musings on life in France, my dog and everything else... takes a look at expat life from the Loire Valley. One fan says: I was delighted from Day One when I stumbled into Oui in France! I have learned so much about the French culture and customs through her blog, I have salivated over photos of delectable food, I have laughed and been educated and entertained. I LOVE HER BLOG!
Lost In Cheeseland (honour)
Lindsey is a Philadelphian expat who fell in love with a Frenchman and moved to Paris. One fan says: I love Lost in Cheeseland - put it on my blog roll so I can always make sure I get the updates. Lindsey, the author, is a clever writer and amazing photographer. She is totally clued in to the Paris scene and I can always count on her for news on restaurant openings and current events. I am an expat like her and so relate to a lot of the issues she covers such as struggling to find your identity in a foreign city, returning home to US and finding it difficult to fit in, etc. Go add Lost in Cheeseland to your RSS reader now!
Paris in Four Months (honour)
Paris in Four Months - Follow me on my move to Paris where I discover Parisian life, delicious food, a lot of pastries and the beautiful city itself. One fan says: This blog is outstanding with the professional photos from all over Paris and the information connected to those. The author walks you thru Paris with warmth and detailed information, pin pointing interesting and not so well knowned spots in Paris and her favourite restaurants, bars, cafés, boulangeries, shops etc. Also you can tell she really loves the city. It shows in her writing and in her pictures. No one does it like her.
Peter's Paris (honour)
Peter Olson is a retired Swede, living in Paris since 1974. One fan says: Peter's blog is one of the best I've come across, for he goes to extraordinary lengths to research and communicated details of Paris, and elsewhere, that we would have a hard time finding without his excellent assistance. And if you ever have the chance to meet Peter and walk with him through the streets of Paris, don't miss it, he is a great guide, and a great guy!
Aussie in France (honour)
I'm an Australian-born translator from Townsville, North Queensland, living in France since 1975. I love sharing my experiences of living in Paris and Blois in the Loire Valley! One fan says: Whether you're a Francophone on the other side of the world or an expat in Paris, Aussie in France is a delight to read. The intelligent posts are flavored with humor and provide helpful insights about life in France.
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