Inexpensive expat boltholes for living the simple life

Published:  1 Feb at 6 PM
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For those looking to abandon their home countries in order to live the simple life, comparing relative costs of living is a crucial part of the process.

Most surveys of expat destinations relegate costs of living to sub-forum status due to the fact that the majority of yearly comparison reports are aimed at expat professionals with relocation packages. However, totals of monthly utility bills and housekeeping costs are essential for would-be emigrants who’re planning on rejecting the 21st century concept of conspicuous consumption.

Comprehensive cost of living details also have primary importance for UK citizens existing on the meagre state pension. Many decide to head for warmer Mediterranean climes in order to save money on heating, whilst others who enjoy crisp, cold winter weather decide on one of several eastern European states known for their reasonable costs of living. Wherever such expats finally hang their hats, the general cost of living features high on their agendas.

Spain is an ever popular home from home for British expats, especially pensioners who’ve sold their homes to finance their future. Accommodation, transport and food are all significantly cheaper than in the UK, and the warm weather lowers fuel costs.
For adventurous expats, the Philippines is the perfect hideaway as regards cheap food, rents and real estate prices – all of which are at least 50 per cent less than in Thailand’s expat destinations.

Vietnam, a relatively new kid on the expat block, is now enjoying its reputation for offering the least expensive lodging and food costs in the region to new arrivals from the West. Its neighbour, Cambodia, is another southeast Asian country worth exploring for its inexpensive living costs and ultra-friendly locals. Cambodian infrastructure is developing fast, with the country now attracting disenchanted expats from Thailand who’ve had enough of the ever-changing long-stay visa laws and the increasing cost of living.

Eastern European countries including the Ukraine, Hungary and Romania all have their fair share of foreign residents looking to live economically whilst enjoying their historic surroundings. Costs of living in the region are far lower than those in London, Paris, Brussels and other hi-so hotspots. However, due to Brexit, it’s now unsure as to how long eastern European destinations will remain open to UK expats.

Source: Business Insider
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