New Canadian immigration guide highlights Queen, marriage and military

Published:  3 Apr at 6 PM
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The brand new guide produced for immigrants to Canada will focus on the country’s relationship with Queen Elizabeth, the Canadian armed forces and their role in defending the county and acceptable marriage customs. '

The tome, entitled Welcome to Canada, is twice the size of the previous guide and contains 146 pages. Personal experiences as migrants and lots of colour photographs enliven the guide’s pages and give it a welcoming tone, totally unlike the 2007 version, and it’s available as an e-book, at Canada’s major arrivals air hubs and through settlement service operators.

It can also be downloaded online at the immigration website. For the first time, reference is made to marriages of convenience, or marriage fraud, and human trafficking, following a crackdown on both activities in recent years, and states clearly that marriages between Canadian citizens and foreigners undertaken simply to gain entry into the country are illegal. The human trafficking section is equally upfront, referring to it as a terrible crime involving children as well as women being sold for sex.

Strong language is also used to describe ‘barbaric cultural activities’ such as honour killings, forced marriages, female circumcision and spousal abuse. A section on family law highlights polygamy and states that only one marriage partner can be brought into the country by immigrants.

An entire section is devoted to the country’s connection with the British Royal Family, especially the Queen, with coloured photos of Her Majesty and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The section on the Canadian armed forces mentions their service in both World Wars, and recommends learning more about the country’s military history.
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Oakvilleonca wrote 7 years ago:

It is long overdue in terms of expressing clearly what our expectations are of immigrants. Newcomers should not expect that some of their traditional ways are acceptable in Canada. We are more than just a convenient passport location.

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