Survey reveals top ten countries with great weather

Published:  3 Aug at 6 PM
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One of the main reasons for emigrating from colder northern climes is the weather, with decisions spurred on by visions of endless sunshine and luxuriously warm temperatures.

The latest expat survey is bound to be of interest to those looking for the perfect outdoor life in the sun, as it identifies the top 10 countries offering the best of the world’s weather. Respondents numbered 14,000, and 195 countries were covered, as well as the relevance of great weather in the choice of destination.

Unsurprisingly, 45 per cent of British expats said their choice was strongly influenced by the weather, a 16 percentage point increase over and above the global average. Other nationalities where weather was a strongly persuasive argument for a particular destination included the Swiss, Irish and Belgians. Although it’s sensible to prioritise factors such as job security and safety, the emotional decision to prioritise climate and good weather is mostly seen in expats from northern countries.

As a result, Cyprus, Greece and Costa Rica were high on the top ten list, with other Mediterranean countries as well as Mexico, South Africa and Kenya also in the running. Costa Rica got a swathe of votes for its climate, with 71 per cent of resident respondents highly satisfied with the tropical weather, resultant lifestyle and friendly locals.

The weather on Cyprus was favourably rated by 69 per cent, with the island’s history and culture, its safe environment and interesting social circles also mentioned. Greece topped out Cyprus as regards climate satisfaction, with 76 per cent of expat voters praising its weather to the mostly azure skies. The variety of leisure activities combined with the environment won praise, although the country’s present political and economic woes caused concern for many respondents.

Malta won out in the survey’s Working Abroad section as well as in the subcategories of work-life balance and job satisfaction. The country’s weather, of course, was much appreciated. Spain and Portugal were also popular for their climates, leisure activities and expat communities, but failed in the jobs category.

Mexico was especially popular with US expats, reaching number 2 in the survey for its climate, job security, career prospects and friendly local people. South Africa, although praised for its weather, was slammed for the lack of personal safety as 31 per cent rated it either very bad or bad.

Two other African countries, Uganda and Kenya, did well in the rankings, although Uganda’s political instability and violence cancelled out the effects of great weather and fun people. Poor transportation, sub-standard medical care and a troubled economy were all criticised. Kenya’s cultural richness won praise but, like Uganda, personal safety was a serious concern, as was the country’s soaring cost of living.
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