Finding the best options for renting overseas accommodation

Published:  4 May at 6 PM
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Whatever the reasons behind your emigration, finding and renting the best property for your needs is a priority.

Choosing a location is the first move towards finding a suitable home, whether you’re relocating for work reasons, retiring, studying abroad or simply unhappy with what’s going down in your home country. Thanks to the internet, familiarising yourself with a choice of locations and their proximity to your work or other needs is fairly straightforward, as is checking what’s available in the local rental market. Whether you’re looking for a city-based or rural relocation, checking on rental charges can also be done online.

In just about every popular expat destination there’s a wide choice of property sizes and styles, with picking out the best for your needs easily done via a search of local real estate agents’ online sites. Once you’ve got the basics sorted in your mind, it’s time to slow down, rent temporary accommodation or book a convenient hotel and check out your chosen location. At this point, AirBnB is your friend, and your new temporary landlord might well be able to give you tips on more permanent accommodation as well as identifying trustworthy property agents.

Booking a long-term overseas home online isn’t recommended, especially if you’re planning to settle in a well-known tourist area. Rental scams are regularly reported, starting with shots of apartments which seem too good to be true for the rent asked. Applying by email results in requests for upfront cash or a bank transfer deposit and, once it’s sent, the tempting website disappears, as does your deposit. By using a recommended local real estate agency, you’re protecting yourself from this and other scams.
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