Brit expats on Cyprus urged to apply for residency by December

Published:  4 May at 6 PM
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Since the turn of this year, the coronavirus has dominated the media, displacing Brexit as a major threat to British expats living in the EU.

Even the most enthusiastic leave voter couldn’t have imagined any happening which might distract attention away from Britain’s EU divorce. Now that the pandemic is a threat to lives, economies and the very structure of modern-day life, those expats still fearful as to their rights to stay in their chosen home countries and travel at will are even more scared they might not live to experience Brexit and its effect on what’s left of the British economy after the virus departs.

One indication that life after the virus isn’t going to get any easier comes with the discovery that some 31,000 Britons in Cyprus still may not have the required registration enabling them to stay on the island after December 31 this year. In total, Cyprus is home to around 70,000 British expats, with those still unregistered or with outdated registration documents being urged to put matters right or face a €2,500 fine and possible deportation.

It’s also estimated that some 5,000 of those without current, legal registration may well need assistance in collating and completing the required documentation. These people may have issues with mobility, live in remote locations or face other problems which prevent them from complying with the law. One demonstration of how essential registration is was laid bare by the pandemic, in that permanent residents trapped overseas by the worldwide lockdowns and flight bans would have had problems applying for registration from overseas.

For those needing assistance, the Cyprus Residency Planning Group is there to ensure no-one need be concerned about the act of residency. The group is composed of volunteer residents and professionals, and is a free service supported and funded by the British Foreign Office, meaning it’s there for every expat who needs its assistance. Another reason for registration is the MEU1 card offering access to the island’s national health system, and those who’ve lived on Cyprus for more than five years can get permanent residency status and the MUE3 certificate.
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