Survey cites France as better for expat students than UK and USA

Published:  5 Jan at 6 PM
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A recent survey of international students from world countries has found France to be more popular than either the USA or the UK.

The new survey, carried out on behalf of Campus France, examined the experiences and perceptions of some 14,000 international students already studying in the country or planning to do so. The results indicate France is now one of the most popular world countries for university education, topping the UK, Germany and the USA. Students loved France’s ‘cultural radiance’ and appreciated the country’s economic situation.

Unsurprisingly, the international students surveyed rejected the USA for its election of Donald Trump as its president, and viewed the UK negatively due to the potential effect of Brexit on their rights to remain and continue to study after March next year. Around 92 per cent of respondents would recommend a French university to their friends, and 93 per cent are totally satisfied with the education experience. A similar percentage was happy with the value of their degrees, and 88 per cent were satisfied with the quality of the education they received.

On the negative side, complaints were made about France's high cost of living, and the notorious French bureaucratic administrative procedures didn’t win any prizes with students. The cost of accommodation drew negative comments, as did the lack of opportunities to find work in France after completing degree studies. Favourable comments were made about the slower French pace of life, a respite after cramming for exams and endless studying. T

he French lifestyle is as popular with expat students as it is with expat retirees and those running small businesses. Living on a budget is possible, even in Paris, as local markets are easily found and sell vegetables and fruit at far less than the supermarkets. Of course, French wine is a fraction of its cost in the UK and USA, and integrating with local students is fun and can be inspiring. Speaking French is a challenge but practice makes almost perfect in a fairly short time. All in all, studying in France is an experience the vast majority of overseas students wouldn’t have missed for anything.
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